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A Symbiotic View of Evolution, Politics, Economics

By: ambassadorzot

THE OLD Darwinian theory of evolution that exclusively relies on Competition must be drastically modified to accept and incorporate new evidence that shifts focus to the actions and effects of Symbiosis, to the detriment of Competition.
Predictably, the entrenched academic fan club of Charles Darwin has been very slow to acknowledge the new information.
Because attitudes and activities based upon the old Darwinian dogma have infected many aspect of world culture, especially in politics and economics, strong corrective arguments are urgently needed.

THIS ARTICLE begins with a short discussion of how Symbiosis has been shown to be the fundamental factor of Evolution. We advocate the most aggressive interpretation of the available evidence.
We reject the aspects of the old Darwinism that have been incorporated into excuses for the current bankrupt frameworks of politics and economics.

OUR language reflects strong objections to the entrenched plutocrats, and their shadow employees, who work under the protective cover that a blind devotion to Darwinian dogma helps to provide.
The primacy of Symbiosis in the natural world supports our belief that any hope for a truly civilized future depends on a corresponding change in theory regarding politics and economics.
We may now call upon the lessons of Evolution to endorse the removing, divesting, and disciplining of the pirates who control any part of the world’s governments, armed forces, corporations, bureaucracies, religions, educational academies, and institutions.

EVOLUTION tells the history of Life on Earth and within all of SpaceTime; from the earliest single cell organism, to the most modern and complex creatures that exist.
Humanity has investigated the Epic of Evolution unfolding on our home planet. Utilizing powerful advances in instruments and methods, we have only recently recognized the true nature of the touchstone events that have driven its development.

SYMBIOTIC events have unquestionably been the engine that has powered the greatest advances in Evolution.
Comparatively, the effects of Competition have been minor.

AT THE deepest, most fundamental biological levels, Life is Symbiotic. We are all Symbionts.
Our individual cells are products of Symbiosis and Symbiogenesis. The ancestry of each human cell can be traced back to a collection of formerly separate organelles who bonded together in a seamless, Symbiotic unity.
In order to produce the first advanced, comprehensive, nucleated cell, specialized actors who had become adept at performing novel chemical and mechanical syntheses, interactions, and extractions, were serially incorporated into less complex cellular ancestors.
Formerly separate and skillful experts, these precursors of the nucleus, of mitochondria, of ribosomes, etc., fused together and drove Evolution to a new plateau.
Families of bacteria and viruses permeated the bodies of early creatures, and certain comrades among the invaders facilitated vital tasks in critical ways, eventually becoming symbiotic and inseparable.
The infinity of biological possibilities available to be expressed were conditioned by confronting both the restricting, and the stimulating, aspects of the planet’s physical realities. In turn, by virtue of biological action, the chemical composition of the planet was transformed and made hospitable for higher forms of life, and thus for Humanity.
As we see, a seamless Symbiosis might be imagined to even extend to the interplay between animate Life and the rigid Laws of Physics.
The network of Life throughout the planet has been founded and maintained primarily by Symbiosis at every chapter of the story.

THIS IS also pivotal political and economic news.

SINCE LIFE is based on Symbiosis, we may infer that Evolution favors a political and economic system that is a Human–specific variation of a quasi–democratic, naturally stratified, environmentally sustainable, entrepreneurial, freedom–affirming Socialism, which Humanity has yet to fully fashion and experience.
Of course, our big problem is that we currently have a socialist system that everywhere is being run for the benefit of international corporations and plutocrats, and not for the benefit of the world population.
In the USA, once the absurd fiction of corporate personhood (sic) is abolished, criminally acquired national debt is repudiated, the power to create money is taken away from private banks and returned to government (as the Constitution mandates), and the political system is disinfected, we can begin to reorient our abused American style of Socialism.
We may then work to retake the lead in the Great Enterprise of improving ourselves, our species, and our planet, before the unblinking eyes of the Universe.

THE NEWLY recognized hierarchy of evolution assures us that the most robust and advanced societies will be those who most skillfully administer and exploit the large scale benefits of socialism.
All other important factors being equal, the more backward nations will be hampered by excessive competition and social division.
The first societies to stop allowing the use of the primitive governing strategy of “Divide, and rule”, and replace that unethical system with the game plan to “Unite, and catalyze”, will show Humanity the way forward.
Our future must not mirror the discredited past. We can only hope to overcome our limitations, show an increased capacity to learn, and thereby improve the human condition.
Progress will be rapid, especially if the best examples are not actively sabotaged by the handful of rogue nations capable of attempting to do so.

NOT EVERYONE will easily follow and adapt to the new truths.

IN THE BEGINNING, in a non–competitive time, the first seminal event of Evolution was the appearance of Life on our planet. Whether homegrown, or somehow intra–galactically seeded, an animate single–celled organism appeared in some mysterious manner.
Primitive, the first pioneers did not have a nucleus in their cell, which choked their ability to evolve by specializing or developing variability.

THE SECOND great milestone was also the first Symbiotic “miracle”.
Very early in the timeline, Symbiosis began with the universal incorporation of bacterial and viral partnerships on a permanent basis. Vital functions were subcontracted to the useful talents of bacteria and viruses and became a sustaining and integral fraction of the existence of seemingly discrete and distinct organisms.
Symbiogenesis, which is the merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism, produced cells that enlisted a nucleus and various other new organelles.
These were the radical developments that opened the doors to sexual reproduction, biological sophistication, and the full flourishing of the evolutionary odyssey.
Konstantin Mereschkowsky is credited with the origin of the theory of Symbiogenesis. As early as 1926, he correctly proposed that chloroplasts originated when somehow cyanobacteria were captured and integrated into the genetic structure of a certain archaic protozoan.

WITH THE passage of more time, Symbiosis provided another quantum leap with the introduction of multicellular organisms.
No longer isolated and singular, cells gathered together to produce a superior, communistic super–individual. This allowed Life to make larger, more complex, and more capable expressions of itself.

FOR THE next Symbiotic contribution, multicellular creatures invented a biological fusion of specialized internal structures within an individual body. An interconnected anatomy was formed.
Life developed organs and other confined functional units. Circulatory systems, digestive tracts, brains, organs of remote perception, etc., merged and communicated as a coordinated unit. Much larger creatures, with expanded, integrated powers and potentials, exploded into ecological dimensions previously unknown.

THE Plant Kingdom branched out with newly specialized tissues, such as vascular cells for internal transport or structural rigidity, or leafs and flowers for efficient photosynthesis and sexual activities.
The Insect Kingdom arose with its pheromone producing glands, multifaceted eyes, and throbbing circulatory systems.
Other animals, such as we apes, with hearts, brains, skeletons, kidneys, and lungs, eventually followed and flourished.

SYMBIOSIS is a Fundamental Law of Nature. It is Evolution’s major strategy for Life’s journey within our Universe, and beyond.

Impossible to overestimate, the scope of Symbiosis is so profound and pervasive that it has been taken as unacknowledged “a priori” conditions, until recently.
To neglect Symbiosis in the study of Evolution would be like failing to mention Salt Water in the study of Oceanography. It would be like a pursuit of Astronomy, without accounting for the presence of Space.
Symbiosis has created the Canvas of Life and drawn the lines and gradients that compose the planetary picture.
In contrast, Competition is a secondary tactic of Evolution. Competition selects which colors are currently observed at each dot of the image flickering across the fluctuating surface of the underlying Symbiotic megastructure.
Competition is responsible for relatively minor adjustments on the Killing Floor where Evolution moves and adapts within the Symbiotic universe.

WE MAY illustrate the pattern by examining the whole fabric, and a typical strand within it.
We have come to understand that Evolution, working through Symbiosis, has generated the global habitat. It created the niche for some animal to be the dominant predator of large mammals on the African plains.
Looking closer, such an animal, a large cat from the Felidae family of animals, has evolved to fit that niche.
Rounding out the details, Competition has determined that the lion is currently filling the role, although the hyena is a close second, according to the way we have framed the observation.
Creatures with different physical and social capabilities, like the leopard, or the tiger, the wolf, or wild dog, etc., deserve similar titles within their own micro–niche determined by different geography and prey.

When compared to the fact that it was Symbiosis that created the entire playing field, the winnowing action of Competition almost appears trivial, and certainly idiosyncratic, accounting for relatively minor details over uncertain periods of time, and within limited aquatic, atmospheric, and/or terrestrial regions.

FOR an easy introduction to new biological insights regarding the primacy of Symbiosis in Evolution, we can’t do better than reading the work of Dr. Lynn Margulis; for example, Symbiotic Planet, ISBN 0–465–07272–0

WHEN THE competition–based theory of Darwinian evolution was first published, some of its most enthusiastic cheerleaders were the new industrial plutocrats of the world.
We are aware of the coercion and brutality that accompanied the industrialization of the world, and the greedy consolidation of wealth that occurred under ethically questionable circumstances.
If the suspect industrialists could excuse their most socially, environmentally, and economically painful policies by claiming that Mother Nature endorsed their most competitive excesses, what concern did any objections from exploited people or informed environmentalists merit?
The self–serving rhapsody of praise for ceaseless political and economic competition that primarily benefits the greed class has changed very little over the intervening decades.

WE ARE no longer ignorant of the overwhelming effects of Symbiosis. The most common mistakes of the obsolete Darwinian theory, with its misleading and counterproductive over–emphasis on competition, cannot be allowed to continue being taught and accepted, as if they were true.
We must re–apply our most up–to–date information regarding Evolution to the world’s inadequate, immoral, imploding political and economic conditions.

OVER the past thirty years, the USA supplies a textbook example of a society sliding downward because of an emphasis on the evolutionary tactic of competition, rather than moving upward with the evolutionary strategies of symbiosis and cooperation.
As the American political and business climate has deliberately concentrated wealth and become more right–wing, authoritarian, militarized, polarized, and plutocratic, every broad indicator of societal health has worsened.
Poverty rates, prison populations, infant mortality numbers, educational outcomes, suicide rates, the condition of the nation’s infrastructure, the economic security of the citizens, & the USA’s status in the eyes of the world, have all moved in the wrong direction.

THE only valid evaluation of a civilized global economic system is the condition of the entire world’s population.
Currently, a majority of Earth’s population lives in severe poverty.
That proves the situation is a disaster, no matter how extravagantly the system may be able to reward the greediest handful of economic vampires straddling the planet at this moment in history.

THE gangster bankers and financial parasites who operate the fake, so–called “capitalist” economic and government systems of the planet have oversold competition for a long time to justify their most cutthroat and callous methods.
The harsh logic has been, “If competition is the way that Nature itself primarily operates, then it must be OK, it must be righteous, to actively destroy and diminish neighbors and strangers in any attempts to advance my individual prospects, especially before they do it to me!”
The logically ludicrous term “creative destruction” is a favorite catchphrase of the corporate lobbyists who scramble to defend the system that routinely produces the type of recent economic criminalities and calamities we are told must be endured.

Competition is absolutely valid as a basic Law of the Jungle.
However, once we have attained the social plateau of Civilization, the desirability of wild Competition and it’s chaotic consequences disappears.
While dog–eat–dog is justified in the Jungle, and often tolerated if stuck in a state of Barbarism, this “principle” is not acceptable in large doses and cannot be allowed an easy legitimacy as one of the basic conditions of any true Civilization.

APPEALS to the desirability of unending competition are often attractive among people who perceive that they already benefit by belonging to the most powerful groups and institutions defined by politics, lucrative professions, social affiliations, ethnic identity, or corporate connections.
A sinister emphasis on the predatory aspects of the evolutionary narrative has served the strong, the well positioned, and the most devious of the species.
Their offenses against fellow members of Humanity have been condoned, and given a mantel of moral defensibility by many apologists, some of whom I imagine are at least half–sincere.
Working to ingratiate themselves, packs of pundits, politicians, and even clergy, have argued that the many sins committed for selfish reasons were best viewed as being innate, inevitable, organic, and even oftentimes laudable.
Bloody tooth and claw have been lionized, mainly by the lions, and by jackals, and by vultures, and by blood–drinking flies.
. . . And nothing could be further from the truth about how Evolution best moves forward at the higher, strategic level.

I HAVE always recognized that collective, coordinated, creative action was the best way for our whole society, and our entire species, to advance.
The top gangsters know this too, and they use this strategy for themselves, but they don’t want the mid and lower classes to use this information to their advantage.
Many members of the captured media repeat the propaganda against socialism in any form for the mass populations. Their task is to undercut the wishes of the mid and lower classes by getting enough of them to shun their best means available to press for greater equity.
The gangsters claim that so–called “free markets” ensure freedom and fairness. All the while, the vampires use collective, socialist techniques like trade associations, market regulatory bodies, private central banks, interlocking boards of directors, and even entire governments, to insure the smooth workings of their exploitation of the world’s massive commercial interests.

THE BIG LIES that may go unchallenged in the corporate media often state that government is alwayscorrupt, dishonest, and administered by buffoons.
Some of the most rabid American critics appear to favor anarchy, informing all who will listen that government is automatically oppressive, inexplicably unpatriotic, the patron of the lazy, and even sinful, or “ungodly”.
But this same rabid crowd, like schizophrenics, is always the first to cheer, and the last to question, anyinvasion of a foreign nation. No matter how weak and false the rationale provided by the supposedly reviled politicians and government bureaucrats is eventually revealed to be, and no matter how astronomical the expense, their knee–jerk support is simultaneously aggressive, and yet servile.
Do they believe that the only time government can be reliably trusted to have arrived at an accurate, necessary, and “godly” conclusion is when it engages in invasions, massive destruction of infrastructure in a foreign land, and subsequent occupation?
. . . And all the mayhem may be charged to the nation’s credit card!? For an entire decade, or longer?! A never–ending commitment and a blank check!?
They display a phony “outrage” over government activities that supposedly offend their “conservative” sensibilities. Hilariously, the self–labeled “fiscal conservatives” demand that they never be taxed an additional penny more to pay for the war they claim to support! That’s conservative?! Not in this Universe!
. . . And why don’t these so–called “strict constructionists” of the Constitution ever remember the requirement for a Declaration of War from the Congress before the nation goes to war?!
. . . And if I have damn good reason to question the invasion, or the resulting occupation, the people who are always claiming to be in favor of “small government” have the audacity to suggest that I am the citizen who is acting unpatriotically?!

NO. No way! An unquestioning genuflection to every call for retaliation, war, and invasion is the behavior of a serf; not the behavior of a real citizen.
It’s the right–wing schizophrenics who are behaving unpatriotically, behaving like serfs, financially and morally bankrupting the nation, and destroying their own credibility too.
They howl about extending a tiny amount for Americans who need extra help during a deep recession, but they are cheerleaders for borrowing billions to burn on invasion, occupation, bribery, and “nation building”, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.
While poverty soars at home, the USA has over a thousand military bases all over the world. Nobody, not even President O’bummer (sic), knows where they all are, or what they are supposed to be doing.
Those bases primarily serve the interests of the small number of American and foreign plutocrats, and the international corporations that are supposed to live forever as amoral Leviathans, intended to eventually monopolize the wealth of all nations.
The purpose of national governments has been largely diverted toward being the protector and projector of independent and unaccountable financial and commercial interests.

IT DOES take a necessary and sufficient amount of intelligence to see through the spin that Establishment media, and Fox–like fringe media, outputs each day.
If we approach the facts with clear eyes, we easily observe that a corporate, police–state socialismalready permeates every advanced example of business, government, and nations throughout the world.
We live in a surveillance society. Every phone call, email, and Internet transaction is intercepted and digitally recorded. Citizens are subject to being observed by video cameras every time they step out of their house. Financial transactions are archived in secret computer databases. Blood samples and hair clippings of “free” citizens are subject to being tested and analyzed for forbidden chemical traces any time an employer or the government desires!

THE RIGGED world system is corporate–Socialist when the interests of the plutocrats are considered, but Darwinian–capitalist principles are routinely applied to the projects and prospects of everyone else.
Really free markets do not exist anywhere at any large scale in the corporate world.
Instead of laissez–faire free enterprise, there are secret business alliances, massive government subsidies, “regulations” written by the supposedly regulated industry itself, computerized stop–loss programs to halt unfavorable “free market” swings, manipulated currency rates, financial and social barriers to entry or participation in the system, and laws that legalize actions that were criminal during previous decades.
Fraud, corruption, insider trading, disinformation, and any type of manipulation necessary to tilt the playing field for their benefit is simply what gangsters and vampires do!
The effect is to normalize crime, deflect accountability, limit production, control access, and stockpile benefits among the restricted few that are allowed to fully participate.

ONLY the naive, or the unconcerned, or the complicit, deny the facts. For various reasons, too many people in the middle and lower classes can’t follow the slight–of–hand, and can’t influence the outcome even if they do.
Many potential voters feel so powerless, and are so cynical of anyone’s ability to affect the political process through a single vote, that they don’t bother to participate at any level.
We can encourage these fellow citizens to find another way to express their cynicism. Surrender of the political process is not a good option for any citizen who wants to rescue the nation’s future.

A SIZABLE percentage of Americans are recognized as “low information voters”. They are heavily targeted to vote for bad outcomes by blatant or disguised appeals to their emotional hot buttons, which are usually triggered by economic, religious and/or racist prejudices.

THE RANKS of the angry right are also bloated by those who have imprinted an affection for the authoritarian symbols of the nation that borders upon a sexual fetish.
Their vote is enthusiastically given to the Establishment candidate who dresses in the star–spangled banner, promises to fund every military project that a few retired generals are paid to recommend, takes jingoism to previously unknown locations, places gun ownership above every other freedom granted in the Constitution, vows to persecute homosexuals & poor immigrants, uses code language to indicate a desire to repeal civil rights legislation, and openly testifies that he takes his marching orders directly from a popular higher–dimensional personality named “Jesus”.
. . . And this is not one of those wimpy, hippy versions of Jesus that some of the left–wingers pray to sometimes.
This crusading candidate’s orders come from a fundamentalist Jesus, who he believes will certainly be riding a cloud into Washington, DC, any day now; probably clean shaven, wearing a dark gray suit, a pale blue necktie, and sporting a crew cut.
After establishing residency in some upscale suburb in the USA, Jesus will be nominated by the Republicans to run for president.
The Democrats will copy that tactic, hoping to triangulate the political opportunity.
In our candidate’s imagination, his Jesus will preach that every word of the Bible is to be taken literally and strictly obeyed, except for The Sermon on the Mount, and the rest of the “Nanny State” nonsense (sic) that permeates The Gospels of Jesus and the entire New Testament.
This attitude is a prerequisite for belonging to the “religious right” in the USA. They want the Old Testament to form the core for a revival of dangerous and discredited notions. Thank God, that scheme is not popular among those who occupy the so–called “left” and “center” of the USA’s political spectrum.
The so–called “fundamentalists” seem to yearn for a poisonous past, no matter how absolutely unacceptable their prescriptions sound to a large majority of citizens.
Almost all Americans respect our Constitution, which separates Church & State. Americans also support laws that outlaw slavery, genocide, and human sacrifice, which the Old Testament unambiguously allows.
Scandalously, from highest public office, all the way down to the local school boards, American politics is riddled with such extremist characters who claim to follow the example of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
I’ve read the Gospels, which tell the story of Jesus, and I’m familiar enough with the rest of the Old and New Testament too. In my opinion, I don’t think most of the fundamentalists really know who the hell they are talking about.

OUR PROBLEMS are international in scale and scope. Foreign criminal classes and our own homegrown rip–off artists have created a corporate system that solves the worst outcomes of so–called “Capitalism” for themselves by gathering around a set of self–preserving business Commandments.

Commandment Number One is;
“Profits are private; losses are socialized”.

The recent disasters in a long series of collapsed financial bubbles unmistakably illustrate that first Commandment. The predatory, so–called capitalist systems of both exotic and domestic financial empires have worked to bail–out and reward the pirates.
Their long–range plans are to protect themselves, hide themselves, enrich themselves, and strangle with debt any government that is potentially strong enough to challenge their current control.

ACTING in unison over the globe, teaming–up with allies, there is an attempt being made to poison the concepts of good government and communal action.
When plans are announced by institutions and governments to benefit anything resembling the “common good”, they are attacked as being a danger to the world economy, to general morality, and to suckling babies.
This is a staggering lie which is contrary to the lessons taught by Evolution itself.

VERY difficult for many to admit, there are often appeals to an underlying and persistent racism that simmers among every ethnic faction to some degree.
Remember, “Divide, and rule” is the Machiavellian motto of those who desire to control large populations. Racial tension is a wedge they have always been willing to insert, inflame, and manipulate for leverage.
Emotional religious affiliations present another reliable scab that may be made to bleed when a propaganda program plans to increase social tension to confuse and provoke a crisis.
Also helping to account for the popularity of right–wing, anti–social politics in the USA is an overblown, but haunting fear of the possibility of homelessness and extreme scarcity.
Instead of retreating into hard–core, solitary, “survivalist mode”, a stable social network is the far preferable strategy to counter this very frightening potential threat.

AS IS TRUE for any future path that Humanity takes, there will be formidable obstacles along the way. We know that Human enterprise will climb to peaks, and slide into valleys.
Our environment on Earth, or Space itself, may become hostile to our biological needs.
Decisions of importance to the entire species may be botched by honest mistakes made by those in positions of trust.
There may be traitors within the public sphere who rob and attempt to cover their motives under appeals to fear, excessive self–interest, or manipulated patriotism.
We can best secure our enduring success and survival by shrugging–off, or re–programming, society’s parasites, and recognizing that Symbiosis is the key to a fulfilling destiny for Homo sapiens, and for future generations of all Life on Earth.

IT MIGHT BE useful for me to affirm that I have never been an advocate of an unchecked, authoritarian, and intrusive government.
“The less government, the better”, is not a bad motto, as long as the necessity of government is enthusiastically acknowledged. At any level above the tribal, anarchy of either the left, or the right, will only delight sociopaths.
I am aware that too often, at all levels, local, state, federal and international, government may be inefficient, corrupt, oppressive, even ruthless, and can never be totally trusted.
Ethically, when left on their own with the ability to leverage power, too many humans will fail utterly. When such an ethical failure is wielding governmental power, the crime is multiplied.

SUCH FACTS change nothing. We still live in a barbarous age. Don’t mistake advances in technology as a substitute for all the missing requirements that must contribute to define an authentic, advanced Civilization.
We know that human nature still sports some of the darkest facets of the beasts we are descended from. This is the best reason for supporting the concept of government.
Otherwise, the chaos of the Jungle reigns.

I KNOW many people are fooled by the constant calls for smaller government that come from the mouthpieces of the most powerful members of society.
They merely want to selectively tear at the fabric of law and order, and scheme to operate their circle of affairs under secrecy to maximize their advantages.

GOVERNMENT, like any huge corporation, is a human enterprise that can wield a great amount of power, and it offers temptations to be misused.
We must have confidence that we can learn to work with the tools we have, and not surrender our future prosperity to a silly, superstitious faith in some “invisible hand of the market”, as the market manipulators always shamelessly push us to do.
With citizen participation, public observation, intelligent regulation, and an underlying sincerity & commitment to serve all citizens of the USA, and the world, the good that government may produce can be made, must be made, to far outweigh the bad.

IN CONTRAST, private enterprise, private business, must never be brought under the same degree of public control and accountability as a formal government must be. A sane and robust entrepreneurial spirit deserves to be encouraged to flourish.
However, private interest, by definition, will always tend to place its interests above the greater public good.
Because we are not totally naive about the potential dangers of unfettered self–interest, wise regulations and laws still need to accommodate and escort, for the safety and benefits of all concerned

IN OUR society in the USA, we observe that when corporate interests consolidate at monopolistic or oligopolistic levels to control basic industries like war (sic), energy, finance, media, food, health care, mining & materials, transportation, information & technology, etc., government itself too easily becomes the servant of private gangsters, rather than an expression of the public’s organizing mind and machine, as it is suited to be.

THE ULTIMATE GOAL must be a brilliant balance, walking the tightrope between the prison of excessive government interference in matters of legitimate private and personal freedoms, and the uninformed, uncaring, unaccountable rape of “The Commons” under the disguise of private and personal freedoms.
At this time, the rapists have rented enough legislators, judges, and administrators to have the laws against economic rape in the USA repealed too.
The only solution is to restore the rule of law.
The only rational mechanism to do so is government.

EVERY SOCIETY, every community, every human culture, is based on the cooperative interactions of one human individual with other humans, or groups of humans. Any hope for a sustainable and improving Civilization will be coupled with an increase in social Symbiosis among the underlying communities that make up the aspiring Civilization.
By definition, there can be no Society or Civilization that is founded upon individuals committed to maximum independence and solitude. That is how orangoutans attempt to exist. It is not how humans create a Culture.
The larger and more robust the pool of support that individuals can depend on when we get hammered by circumstances, the better will be our fighting chance to pull through the inevitable pitfalls.
Acting as solitary souls, every loner is destined to find themselves only one serious mishap from an unrecoverable calamity.

IN REALITY, the fiction of “the autonomous individual”, the adolescent myth of “the self–made man”, is a joke.
Most people don’t even realize that the so–called “conservative” admonition to “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” is a physical impossibility. It can’t be done.
Go ahead; try it. Grab your shoelaces and pull.
The well–known phrase is actually a gruff and sarcastic put–down of the simple ignorance of those who refuse to acknowledge that they are unavoidably a small part of a large and, we hope, a welcomingly inclusive family of humanity.
The next time you meet a person who condemns any hint of collective or socialist behavior, and makes the immature claim of being “self–made” and independent, ask them a few of these questions for me.

“Didn’t you have a Mother?”
“Who took care of you as an infant?”
“Where did you go to school?”
“Who gave you your first job? Your first loan?”
“Who did you make your first business deal with?”
“What roads do you regularly drive on?”
“Ever taken a train? Flown on a plane?”
“Got any friends? Family? Ever been in love?”
“Ever been sick? Used antibiotics? Had an operation?”
“Do you ever feel patriotic? Ever belonged to a team?”
“Who grows the food you eat?”
“Where do your clothes come from?”
“Do you use electricity? Have a cell phone?”
“Do you have investments?”
“Where do you keep your money?”
“You’ve never needed . . . a little help?”

I STRONGLY prefer to fashion a life of mutual support among friends, family, and community, than to pretend to myself that I can be a social and economic king, or hermit, wandering through an isolated and dangerous wilderness in the Twenty–first Century.
What kind of person thinks that is a desirable lifestyle anyway?!

IF MERELY all the grocery stores, and electricity companies shut down for just one month, very few “self–made” and “self–supporting” people would still be bragging that they were not dependent on anyone else!

MEANWHILE, don’t envy the gangsters for their excess. As is generally true about people today, very few of them are satisfied, totally secure, optimistic, and philosophically fulfilled.

NO SURPRISE, I am not confident that Humanity will ever have the will, or the talents, to smoothly create and adopt a satisfactory socialist arrangement.
But if it were done peacefully enough, brilliantly enough, equitably, casually, playfully enough, enthusiastically, unhurriedly but steadily, while not ignoring valid and significant objections, and with a flexibility that would allow for national, regional, local, familial, & individual idiosyncrasies, and with a sincere commitment to correcting any mistakes that may happen to be made along the way, I might be convinced to throw–in and give it a go.
Still, even if all those conditions were filled, I might yet hesitate because of the undermining absence of an authentic, definitive, and universally recognized Authority to initiate, orchestrate, and judge the issue on an ongoing basis.
Because Humanity is rudderless, I imagine any such type of Authority may be very late to emerge.
Our actions today will help to determine whether that Authority appears as a blessing born in a seeming miracle, or as a punishment selectively and ruthlessly imposed by military law following a social and economic collapse.

(available at

THE MAIN REASON that I write is because I am aware that I have a unique perspective on Humanity. I feel compelled to produce some record to support which side of these important arguments the Angels are actually on.
Once again, make of it what you will.


Irish Labour Party Budget Tells Youth Phuk Off and Don't Come Back

category international | consumer issues | news report author Tuesday October 15, 2013 20:25author by brionOcleirigh - All Voices Report this post to the editors
....And Don't Come Back
I couldn't help but notice, the difference in one of Ayman Al Gilmore's old parties alternative budget and his government's budget today. He is obviously a me feiner, riding the Irish working class and feeding off old comrades wounds but then that's the story of Ireland, isn't it? The Labour party have no shame have they? They are an obvious gang of fatbarsturds, who people are stupid enough to vote for and are prime meat for a revolution! Anyway here's a summary:
Emigration Budget Ireland
Emigration Budget Ireland
I couldn't help but notice, the difference in one of Ayman Al Gilmore's old parties alternative budget and his government's budget today. He is obviously a me feiner, riding the Irish working class and feeding off old comrades wounds but then that's the story of Ireland, isn't it? The Labour party have no shame have they? They are an obvious gang of fatbarsturds, who people are stupid enough to vote for and are prime meat for a revolution! Anyway here's a summary:

"Executive Summary:

* Due to the failed ideology and failed politics of this government the Irish people, through the Irish Parliament, are no longer free to construct our own budget without big brother IMF/ECB/European Commission dictating.

* As 2/3 of the budget deficit is the result of the bank bailout we must ensure that this never happens again and demand a referendum to place the public good above the rights of private profit..

* Job creation is our central demand – We cannot shrink our way out of this recession.

* The expansion of our state companies is the central plank of our jobs policy

* The nationalisation of our oil and gas and the creation of a State Energy Company is a further step to energy security and long term employment.

* The utilisation of the NBRF to act as a National Employment Investment Fund – to be administered on a commercial basis.

* No reduction in old age or disability pensions or in unemployment benefit / allowance.

* Reverse the cuts in carers’ allowances and conditions

* An equitable tax system.

* A third tax band of 50% to be introduced. The threshold would be set at the level of 250% of the Average Industrial Wage.

* An end to the “Tax fugitive” system

* Introduction of a wealth tax

* Eliminate all non-productive tax allowances and eliminate al tax allowances that are a direct or indirect subsidy to the private sector.

* Oppose residential property tax or Service charges.

* Maintain funding to our public health and education system – end funding to private health and education.

* Completely separate the private and public health system.

* De-bureaucratise the HSE

* End the scandal of a €0.5 billion annual subsidy to private landlords – invest the money in public sector housing.

* Upgrade our private housing stock through a subsidised insulation scheme

* Modernise our water network

* State supervised scheme of re-negotiated mortgage terms for family homes in negative equity and mortgage difficulty."
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Caption: Clare Daly Budget 2013.wmv

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author by davepublication date Tue Oct 15, 2013 23:20Report this post to the editors
They are chasing the small pennies,how about introducing an arts tax for the likes of bono and chaset the big fish.

I notice they applied no cuts to themselves either,the government came out unscathed in all this austerity.

We live in an increasingly and worryingly an inequal society. They are making it worse,and flexing their muscles making a point of not cutting their wage yet cutting ours.

If we had any sense we would all be out on the streets. F##ck the divide and conquer method they are trying on us,f##ck the class wars they are trying to manipulate on us.

We need to unify and point the finger at them.

They didnt even introduce an arts tax on bono and the like,they would get better yields chasing after big fish, they clearly havent thought it through properly enough.

Chasing the small pennies and leaving us one cent away from homelessness.

We need to protest there is one on the 16th im sure there will be other dates - the meeting point is outside the dail . Be there i will!
author by brionOcleirigh - All Voicespublication date Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:33Report this post to the editors
Everywhere we look the banks are calling the shots and causing problems. We need a revolution, nothing less will do and until the Irish people grow balls like Clare Daly the island will continue to be an asylum for work slaves and the elite! Man up Peasants !
Evolution or Revolution??
Evolution or Revolution??
Caption: The Secret of Oz

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author by Derek - nonepublication date Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:52Report this post to the editors
The harsh reality is that the vast majority of people in this 'society' don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. If I was in my twenties, I would sod off pdq. The so called labour party like all other social democratic parties sold out a long time ago. The abolition of the phone allowance for OAP's speaks for itself. Thatcher would be proud of them.
author by W. Finnertypublication date Wed Oct 16, 2013 13:01Report this post to the editors
Reply to brionOcleirigh All Voices at Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:33

"The government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. -- The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the government's greatest creative opportunity. -- By the adoption of these principles... the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity." — Abraham Lincoln

The above excerpt is from an e-mail sent to a group of TDs (Republic of Ireland MPs) on May 16th 2012 which included Clare Daly TD.

A full copy of the e-mail in question -- which is now approximately 17 months old -- can be seen at:

Not knowing very much about Clare Daly (almost nothing in reality), I have often wondered why she (and so many of her TD colleagues) keep on, and on -- and on -- COMPLETELY IGNORING the high-quality and exceptionally valuable information of the "Abraham Lincoln" kind provided above? Particularly when there is such a desperate need during recent years to treat it with the utmost seriousness?

While genuinely hoping that I'm wrong, I can't help feeling that it might be a question of "ALL mouth and NO action"?

Or, is there some other reason? Something more subtle and much less obvious perhaps?

I'd really love to know the truth of the matter.

In any event, I hope that Clare Daly TD and her TD (and Senator) colleagues in Dáil Éireann might SOON prove me wrong regarding my "all mouth and no action" fears regarding the above-mentioned "Abraham Lincoln" information.

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author by brionOcleirigh - All Voicespublication date Thu Oct 17, 2013 08:00Report this post to the editors
I believe Comrade Finnerty the video below demonstrates you analysis is incorrect. Her stance on several issues is non-populist and requires considerable courage.
Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

Related Link:
author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu Oct 17, 2013 13:41Report this post to the editors
Reply to brionOcleirigh - All Voices at Thu Oct 17, 2013 08:00


I have watched the video (which I had not seen before), and I would be inclined to give Clare Daly TD -- and indeed the Russian interviewer who interviewed her -- "10 out of 10" for the important issues and questions raised, and the way Clare Daly responded to them.

However, and in so far as I know, Clare Daly TD has never expressed the SLIGHTEST interest in ANY of the issues that I have raised in my Wed Oct 16, 2013 13:01 Indymedia (Ireland) comment at, and for that I would give her and all the rest of her Dáil Éireann colleagues "0 out of 10".

Your reply gives no clue as to why Clare Daly TD -- and all the other occupants of Dáil Éireann -- are COMPLETELY IGNORING all of the issues I have raised at

Presumably, and among other things, they all intend to leave us all at the mercy of the corruption-and-crime-ridden banksters -- and the corruption-and-crime-ridden-members of our legal profession who facilitate them with unconstitutional legislation (for example) -- so that we, and future generations of ours, can be sunk deeper and deeper into the cunningly contrived debt-slavery of the banksters and their "ruling-elite" accomplices and supporters in the legal profession and in the MSM (Main Stream Media): even though there is national and international legislation ALREADY in place (much of it for several DECADES now!!) which could be used to prevent such criminal abuse.

For those who can see it, it's worth mentioning here perhaps that the much wished for (by some) "Strike on Syria" (mentioned in the Clare Daly interview) appears to have been halted, and possibly fully extinguished (?) with any luck, by the way the Russian Administration under President Putin very skilfully confronted the "Western Warmongers" with the contents of the UN Charter: a part of which (the opening text of the Preamble in fact) I am reproducing in the section just below:

=== === ===

to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and

to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and

to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

The above text in this section has all come from the following UN www location:

=== === ===

Plain, sensible, "open and honest" talking of Clare Daly's kind is an absolute must for any worthwhile politician (in my opinion); but, UNLESS such very worthwhile and sincere talk is powerfully underpinned by clear reference to the relevant national and international law which supports such talk, the "ruling elites" and their MSM friends will easily continue to find ways around it: as they have been doing for centuries now.

My big hope, for "humanity as a whole" that is, is that politicians like Clare Daly will use the law to support their words in future, much much more so than any politicians (that I know of) in the Republic of Ireland and elsewhere (apart from Russia) have been doing to date: and, having due regard for the fact that the "www communications system" makes this much easier to do now than it ever has been before the relatively very recent arrival of "The Internet Age".

In this, it seems to me that the present Russia Administration is setting a very good and timely example that fits in well with the arrival of "The Internet Age", and which the "elected representatives" of all other nation states (including the Republic of Ireland) will hopefully -- as far as I'm concerned at least -- follow and supplement in socially constructive ways.

Who knows what good -- for "humanity as a whole", and for "Life on Earth" generally -- could come from "small nations" and "big nations" providing support for each other in such ways: WAYS which HOLISTICALLY support national and international HUMAN RIGHTS LAW (framed by the UN Charter), that is?

Related Email (to British Monarchy dated October 16th 2013):

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author by brionOcleirigh - All Voicespublication date Thu Oct 17, 2013 13:58Report this post to the editors
William the report below by Stephen Rogers gives me a lot of hope that the Irish people will fight back.
[[quote]]The group, which calls itself People of Éire, said the plenary summons lodged on behalf of a young Cork couple will be the first of a number against financial institutions to be lodged over the coming weeks.
People of Éire said the cases “will seek to expose a number of issues surrounding the economic collapse of Ireland. The cases will deal with a number of different areas, including the damage to the rights of the borrower, the breach of regulatory requirements, the breach of acts and statues relating to company law and financial reporting”.
It also said it expected “numerous criminal complaints relating to individuals within the banking sector will be filed with An Garda Síochána”.
According to Claire Cullinane, one of the founders of Debt Options Ireland, which is a leading body behind People of Éire, said more than 500 people accompanied Macroom couple Patrice and Roy Keating, who are in their 20s, and their 14-month-old daughter Erin, to the High Court yesterday to lodge their summons.
She said that the two-page summons alleged, among other things, breach of trust, gross negligence, non-compliance with the code of conduct of the Central Bank, breach of consumer protection code, breach of accounting regulations, failure to disclose a liquidity or insolvency problem in a timely manner, and breach of contract.
Ms Cullinane said the crowd stayed in the car park to show as much respect for the court as they could.
“The whole High Court stopped,” she said. “All the windows opened in the courts and all the barristers and solicitors came out on the steps and listened and supported us.”
Ms Cullinane said the movement had started out of the need for people to support each other.
“For some, they are in trouble themselves,” she said. “The trouble there is some people cannot even read the paperwork anymore because they have become so overwhelmed.
“For others, they are dealing with illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, and they are afraid of the paperwork running away on them. Local people in their area go in and help them go through whatever it is they need and then some people want to go through the whole way to taking a summons in the High Court and have a justifiable case to do so.
“Others are just happy to be able to breathe again. There is no judgment, it’s whatever people need.”
Ms Cullinane said she set up a training programme to help lay litigants and people in trouble.
“A part of my resumé would be as a therapist and I was seeing more and more people needed all kinds of therapies to deal with stress, but unfortunately they did not have the money to go to therapists,” she said.
“Part of the work I have done over the years is train international governments on stress management and creative thinking. It was time to put the boots on, get walking, and go out to the people rather than waiting for the people to come to me.
“Up to now, everything has been free. Everything within Debt Options is free because lay people were helping other lay people. Now it has moved forward because we have professional solicitors and barristers so everybody has come in as part of the company.
“The new body, People of Éire, has a donate button and everybody all over this country, and even emigrants abroad, can donate anything they want to the fund.”[[/quote]]
People of Ireland
People of Ireland
Caption: People of Ireland begin Criminal Proceedings against Banks

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Sat Oct 19, 2013 17:52Report this post to the editors
Reply to brionOcleirigh - All Voices at Thu Oct 17, 2013 13:58 ...

Thanks for reporting on the "People of Éire" group.

I had not heard of this Group before, and I hope they will be successful in their endeavours.

As I'm still very badly in need of help with my own particular situation, I sent an e-mail yesterday to them in the hope that the contents might be read by them, and, that if they can help, they will contact me.

For anybody interested, I used their "Time for Truth Campaign by the People of Eire" address: which I placed fist-in-line in the Bcc section of the e-mail reproduced at the www location just below, and which was addresses primarily to US President Barack Obama:

The same e-mail was copied to Republic of Ireland Chief Justice Susan Denham, in the hope that it might nudge her into doing something about the contents of the registered letter (in reality a printed and signed copy of an e-mail to her and several of her Government colleagues) I sent to her on September 20th 2013. There's a scanned copy at:

So far, from my viewpoint at least, Chief Justice Denham appears to be COMPLETELY IGNORING the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the registered letter referred to at the www address just above.

How Chief Justice Susan Denham can STILL get away with completely ignoring such information is a very great and growing source of mystery to me.

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" ... the guardians of those rights are also obliged to stick to the principles ..."


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