Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Some kids are named after great people or much-loved members of society, not so with political abomination Edwin.
Let me explain. When Edwin's parents were looking for something to call their abomination, they settled on the name of Edwin, a doctor who turned out to be a psychopathic killer in the film Predators. Sorry I just fibbed through my teeth, no, he was called after Edwin Centeno, a Peruvian race walker, who trained while walking on the wild side, on the streets of  LA, walking regularly, to a closet in Hollywood, called 77 Sunset Strip, situated on the more salubrious part of the main drag, between La Cienega Boulevard and Alta Loma, where he met Edwin's fatherM who spent a fair amount of time on the strip.

It became a matter of some personal importance to Edwin Centeno, to locate his partner daily in this famous gay joint. Unfortunately there is no longer a number 77, as all of the addresses have changed digits, but fortunately there's a large brass plaque, where the action, conception and abomination Edwin was supposed to have happened. 

To honour this great occasion, annually after the 12th, Orangemen and the UVF, from all over the Scum State of British Occupied Ireland, make their pilgrimage there on white horses. It was on one such occasion, that Lou Reed first met Edwin.

According to Stuart Bailie, in 1975, Thin Lizzy also travelled there for first time and Phil Lynott wanted to find the very same location but was disappointed to learn, that they were all in the closet in denial about it, after Edwin entered politics. 

In the TV series, Stu's office was next door to a pizza restaurant called Dino's, which did exist when Phil visited, partly owned by Dean Martin, which the ever-romantic Phil, incorporated into the lyrics of his song, 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Thus, in the popular imagination, every Friday night they'll be dressed to kill, down at Dino's Bar & Grill. I wonder if Edwin's God fearing Ulster's parents watched TV, back then?

Lou Reed

Lou Reed who has recently died, was an acquaintance of mine from my time in Amsterdam. He was an American rock musician, songwriter and photographer. Best known as guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter for ‘Velvet Underground’, which spanned several decades. He wrote a lot from personal experience, on subjects rarely examined openly about rock and roll, including sexuality and the drug culture. After his split from the group, he began a solo career and made a hit during ’72 with this song. He married artist Laurie in 2008.  
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