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This site provides an unprecedented insight into the mystical domain of secret societies throughout the world. It looks at their hidden secret society degrees, rituals, secrets and esoteric teaching. It examines, in detail, Freemasonry, which is widely accepted as the mother of most of our modern-day secret society organisations. This site looks at the many so-called Protestant secret societies, which have been birthed by Freemasonry, like the Orange Order, the Independent Loyal Orange Institution and the Royal Black Institution and compares the similarities between these neo-Masonic structures and their ritualistic degrees. For anyone interested in the various secret societies of the world this site will be a valuable resource. It unveils shocking information in regard to these secret societies that has never hitherto been exposed.
This site creates a unique facility for those inside and outside the many secret societies of the world who desire to examine otherwise hard-to-obtain internal material relating to the many esoteric secret societies throughout the world. This informative in-depth resource centre discloses startling evidence about the origins, structures, secrets, degrees and rituals of bodies which have hitherto been concealed from the public gaze. This website will endeavour to examine in an open objective manner the internal workings of these secret societies, and establish their status in relation to the Christian faith and the teaching of the Bible (a book these secret societies so frequently employ).
Royal Black secrets exposed for first time in 212 yrs!

Inside the Royal Black Institution
The Forgotten 
History of the Orange Order
The Royal Black Institution is viewed by many as the respectable face of Orangeism. For years it has paraded itself as a Christian, Protestant, biblical and even evangelical organisation. Despite it outward public face, few know what this Order truly teaches or practices behind its closed doors. Its theology and activities are hidden behind a thick cloak of secrecy (including oaths, passwords, handshakes, secret knocks and death threats). This revealing book exposes the hidden secrets, rites, and mysteries of the Royal Black for the first time in 212 yrs. It examines the hidden doctrines and procedures of the Royal Black Institution from an evangelical perspective. The findings of this book are alarming and will certainly challenge many commonly held perceptions.
The writer W P Malcomson is the author of the popular book Behind Closed Doors (released 10 yrs ago) and has spent 17 years comprehensibly studying the subject. Malcomson is a former member of the Orange , Arch Purple and Black (rising to the highest degree in the Royal Black Institution - the Red Cross degree).
Purchase direct: Inside the Royal Black Institution
Evangelical opposition to the Loyal Orders
Baptist Magazine
The Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland
United Protestant Council reject Royal Black Institution
Reformed Presbyterian Church and the Orange Order
Reformed Presbyterian
Free Presbyterian Burning Bush
Independent Methodist Pastor Paul Johnston
The English Churchman
Barry Smith's Omega Times (New Zealand)
Ulster Christian
Take Heed Ministries (Cecil Andrew)
British Churchman (Johnny Larner)
Bible believing former members renouncing the Loyal Orders
Former Royal Black Deputy Grand Chaplain (Rev. Canon Brian T. Blacoe)
Former Orange Worshipful Master, Royal Arch Purple Worshipful Master, Former Royal Black Lecturer (Malcolm McClughan)
United Protestant Council Chairman (David Carson)
Former County Down Orange Treasurer, Worshipful Master, Deputy Master, and Chaplain - Jackson Blakely
Former County Londonderry Orange and Royal Arch Purpleman Andrew Evans
Former County Armagh Orange, Royal Arch Purple and (Red Cross) Blackman Alex Newell
Former Independent Grand Orange Lodge Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ray Pulman (also former Red Cross Blackman)
Former County Tyrone Orange Chaplain and Orange/Small Purple Lecturer Paul Stewart (also former Red Cross Blackman)
The Orange Order and British Israelism - New!
Orange Order British Israelism teaching
British Israelism - the underlying theology of the Loyal Orders
The British Israelism thinking behind the Orange Order
The Royal Black Institution and British Israelism
British Israelism Exposed
True Israel
Royal Black Institution History New!
For the first time in history we reveal a detailed history of the Royal Black Institution, the Black Knights of Malta and the Royal Britannic Association. We document the origin and development of the Royal Black movement and the origin and development of the degrees. This is a must for anyone interested in "Loyal" Orders history.
The Royal Black Institution history
The Royal Black Institution degrees history
Royal Black Institution degrees exposed in full
(1) Royal Black Degree
(2) Royal Scarlet Degree
(3) Royal Mark Degree
(4) Apron and Royal Blue Degree
(5) Royal White Degree
(6) Royal Green Degree
(7) Gold Degree
(8) Star and Garter Degree
(9) Crimson Arrow Degreee
(10) Link and Chain Degree
(11) Red Cross Degree
The Institution also possesses a final retrospective degree, which is essentially an overview of the 11 degrees that the candidate has traversed.
Red Cross Grand Charge
Ghoulish Black Practices - exposed for the first time in over 212 years
Who exactly are the Loyal Orders?
Evangelical Truth Challenge Freemasonry on RTE
Generational curses?
The Royal Black Institution Oath exposed publicly for the first time.
An Analysis of Roman Catholicism

Behind Closed Doors
This explosive book - Behind Closed Doors - is a must for anyone interested in the Orange Institution, or Northern Ireland, affairs. This amazing book for the first time publicly goes 'behind closed doors' and examines the origins, practices, teaching and symbols of the Orange Order, and more specifically its highly ritualistic Royal Arch Purple degree, from a biblical perspective. It exposes the cancer which is eating out the very vitals of the Loyal Orange Lodge. The book is written by former Orange, Arch Purple and (Red Cross) Blackman - Paul Malcomson
View Excerpts from Behind Closed Doors
View/ Print/ Save a free copy of Behind Closed Doors in PDF.
The Forgotten 
History of the Orange Order
The Forgotten History of the Orange Order chronicles the conflict between the Orange Order and the ritualistic neo-Masonic Royal Arch Purple and Royal Black Preceptory which existed throughout the 19th century. The book is compiled by former Orange, Arch Purple and Blackman - Paul Malcomson

View/ Print/ Save a free copy The Forgotten History of the Orange Order in PDF.
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