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"If Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney is right about his claims and the plane is for a fact hidden somewhere in Pakistan, it could mean many things; things that could lead to grim consequences for my country. 

But what it would also mean that there is hope. A glimmer of hope that the passengers of flight MH370 are still alive. 

I think of the many faces I have seen on TV strewn across conference rooms in Kuala Lumpur, waiting for answers about what happened to their loved ones. I think of the relatives who are hounded by the media when they break down. I think of the many pleas they have made to the many governments involved in the search for the missing aircraft. As much as I can’t fathom the thought of the plane being hidden in Pakistan, it is the theory that I, suddenly, most want to believe. 

So if MH370 is found in Pakistan, what would that mean for my country? I can’t say I know. But I know that if it would mean that there is still a slight possibility that hundreds of families aren’t ripped apart, then it would be a burden that I, as a Pakistani, am willing to bear. 

If it would mean that the agony of those desperately awaiting the safe return of their loved ones is put to an end, then I hope that the plane is safe and intact in my country. And I am sure that whatever consequence we will face, it would be a burden that my country, an already over-burdened, crippled nation will bear with resilience. "

Haleema Khan


US author and radio host says the Central Intelligence Agency knows exactly what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew on board. I personally agree, absolutely.
Dr Kevin Barrett told the Press : "This aircraft cannot be just lost.
"It cannot have just disappeared.
"This makes no sense.
"The CIA base in Alice Springs Australia knows precisely what happened to that plane.
"And it is interesting the Malaysian government has asked them and they are not getting any response."
"There is obviously a cover-up.
"It is simply unthinkable that this plane would simply turn, fly off in the wrong direction, be spotted over the Maldives Islands heading for Diego Garcia and just disappear.
"It is something very strange that has happened to this plane."

As a young boy growing up in Ireland, often confronted with confusing situations or realities, I would consult my elders for advice, to be often told, "Use Your Commonsense" something I have always tried to do.This MH370 matter does not meet the requirements of commonsense in the context of a natural reality. I particularly feel for all of the families who besides the normal grief in such matters, must after five weeks be battling with this extended unnatural reality, I am no expert in such matter but I will try to present some of the more enlightened observations on this matter, I personally believe, that all of the evidence would at this stage, have been removed from Diego Garcia elsewhere for obvious reasons. I would like to express my sympathy to any of the extended family of  the victims, whom I still believe are alive in this matter. I present this material, in the sole interest of pursuing the truth of it, in the ongoing legacy of commonsense.

"Let me understand this. No one saw ever saw this plane, No satellite saw anything when this huge bird in the sky was lost and flew for hours across the globe, No one ever spotted or confirmed a single shred of debris from this plane. Now, they hear pings from 6 different sites all claiming to be of the same frequency. Their logic is out of the six sites, five of them are wrong and one of the is the correct thing. Their flawed logic didn't seem to suggest that when 5 of them are wrong, the 6th is also likely to be wrong by the rule of probability. So far, we have heard a bunch of politicians, media men mascarading as absolute authorities on non existent facts. We have not heard a single thing from any scientist, or any one credible on how these numbers are crunched and who crunched this so called data. No one has put their name or face to this process and we are being drum rolled on a daily basis on some pantomime of a story on this missing plane. 

This stinks on many levels. At least for those who can still smell it." 

"Good night people.There's a hell of a lot of stuff that floats from an aeroplane. You'd have thought, given the vast area the search teams have covered, they would have found something floating by now." 

"Rumors I heard in China about the disappered MH370. The captain 

Shah would have hijacked the flight and requested to free the 

opposition leader Anwar who had just been incarcerated. Bargain 

on a reserved radio channel with the Malaysia government would 

last several hours....This is just a bluff"

"try looking in Diego Garcia"

"(it pinged, now it does not, very handy)"

"(are you seriously telling me the US Navy could not find it in 4 weeks??

pull the other one)"

"Michelle Obama was in China for a week in March. I think the US/China relationship is a lot closer than people think. I was surprised a lot more of the TV coverage didn't talk about this more. Then again, little surprises me considering the wild goose chase coverage of this incident. The US navy and military has huge resources in this are and I find it amazing that this plane wasn't tracked as soon as it stopped responding to air traffic control. The US would have been scrambling jets to follow if there could be any 'unknown' threat to their assets in the area. People might remember them accidentally shooting down the un-identified blip on their screens when it turned out to be an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. Flight 655."

"Nothing goes untracked.Hmm ..we saw this scenario coming miles away.. Debris all drifted away, pinger battery died at the last minute...obvious what is coming up next.... Search operation to be drastically scaled back due to lack of "new" evidence.You would think in this day and age and given previous air disasters, that someone would have thought of making a black box recorder that does not stop transmitting after a month or so. If I were a relative of someone on that plane, I would be very very angry. This whole search has been a frustrating farce of false leads and dead ends. This really should not be happening.First of all untill there is at least a piece of debris found i wouldn't say it's "obvious" the people are gone. I'm sure at some point all these efforts will be called off, but untill there is at least some hope to find the black box i don't see how you can say not to look anymore. If not for those people and their families at least in order to understand what has happened so that it cannot happen anymore"

"Pretty sure with the Air France crash they discovered debris within days whereas the black boxes took two years to find. Seems pretty lucky, if these are the black boxes, that they have found them, not only before they found any wreckage, but within days, maybe even hours, of their ability to transmit 'pings' vanishing."

Comments from the Guardian

"As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 drags on without a trace of wreckage at sea, the likelihood of foul play looms larger. One country keeps rising to the top of the list of suspects: Pakistan."

"Ten days after the flight vanished, LIGNET learned that engineers at Boeing, the plane's manufacturer, believed the missing aircraft was on the ground in Pakistan. For several reasons, including al-Qaeda’s presence there, historical attack patterns, corruption, weakness and terrorist sympathies at the highest levels inside Pakistan, that hunch may be right."

"The absence of wreckage suggests a planned diversion, the kidnapping of 230 passengers and obvious ill intent."


MH370 ‘Cover-Up’, Malaysian Opposition Leader

Friday, April 11, 2014 8:47

The Malaysian government is hiding information, Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has stated, as reported Friday by the International Business Times, that also reports on the Taliban holding the 239 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers as hostages in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

(Photo: Anwar Ibrahim (left) with Secretary of Defense William Cohen (right) at meeting in the Pentagon. Credit: Wikipedia)

Accusations of a Malaysian cover-up continue as social media and Internet users along with some government leaders report a government conspiracy and cover-up, offering possible scenarios regarding whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines missing Boeing and 239 passengers. 

Malaysia’s radar system can detect any change of an aircraft’s course, according to Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. 

Ibrahim has been a long-time advocate of greater accountability in Malaysia. As Minister of Education, Anwar was elected as the 25th President of UNESCO’s General Conference. In 1991, Anwar was appointed Minister of Finance. During his tenure as Finance Minister his impact was immediate; Malaysia enjoyed unprecedented prosperity and economic growth. Shortly after becoming Finance Minister,Euromoney named him as a top four finance minister and in 1996, Asiamoney named him Finance Minister of the Year. He refused to offer government bail-outs and instituted widespread spending cuts. These prescriptions saved the Malaysian economy and earned Anwar many accolades, including the Asian of the Year from Newsweek International.

“He added he was ‘baffled’ why the highly sophisticated Marconi radar system of Malaysia was unable to immediately detect Flight MH370′s deviation from its course,” reports International Business Times on Friday. ”He believed it was not possible that the missing plane could have crossed at least four Malaysia provinces without being detected by radar. He was firm in his belief that the ‘government knows more than us.’”

Malaysian authorities reportedly investigated the theory that the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 could have been navigated under the radar to the bases on the boarder of Afghanistan and North West Pakistan believed to be under the Taliban territory.

According to the Independent, Malaysian authorities had requested diplomatic permission. Four hours after the Flight MH370 went missing and lost ground control communications, the aircraft reportedly sent signals to a satellite.

A U.S. official who asked for anonymity, said the signals could have meant the Malaysian Airlines plan was still in the air for hundreds of kilometers or more, accoridng to IBT.

Reports explored this possibility where large areas of the southern half of Afghanistan are controlled by Afghan Taliban, while some areas of northwest Pakistan, adjacent to or near to the Afghan border, are ruled by the Pakistani Taliban.” (IBT) 

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing early on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 passengers.

In an interview carried last Friday, Anwar Ibrihim described the government search and rescue investigation team’s official reports as “not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible” that it could travel across “at least four” Malaysian states undetected, adding: “I believe the government knows more than us”.

“We don’t have the sophistication of the United States or Britain but still we have the capacity to protect our borders,” he stressed.

The radar system, based near the South China Sea, covers mainland Malaysia.

Ibrihim Anwar defended MH370 aircraft’ pilot, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a personal friend, relation, and member of his political party. 

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah has been a human rights worker defending the rights of gays. He has been called a hero by many professionals for a number of reasons related to his expertise and dedication.

“If you say or suggest that the pilot may have been involved, what about the concealing (of information)?” Ibrihim Anwar told the Telegraph. ”He could not have concealed the radar readings. He could not have instructed the air force to remain completely silent.”

The question remains: Who did have the motive and the means to conceal the radar readings and instruct the air force to remain silent?


Personally I believe that the ongoing political treatement of Anwar Ibrahim is the motive for the "hijacking" with> When Anwar was Minister for Finance he pursued pro western Laizzez faire economics and was removed under the pretext of homosexuality and imprisoned. Besides upsetting a large part of the population, it particularly enraged the gay community. Because of  the economic stand-off between the two superpowers of the US and China, Malaysia is key strategic location and country in more senses than one. China has recently given, nominal support to a Petroyuan as opposed to the traditional petrodollar which is critical in the survival of the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Similar moves by Iraq and Libya have preceded an immediate invasion. Russia too along with Iran has supporting an alternative BRICs currency in international trade. I believe the MH370 saga like the Ukraine one, are being used as leverage in this matter. Becuse Ian is a component of this, Israel too, like 9/11 has huge stakes in this matter with considerable political capital invested in the out come. MH370 for me has considerable similarities with 9/11. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has got one, that is mine.
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