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Who here really believes we can win the war through the ballot box? 

But will anyone object if, with a ballot paper in one hand and the Armalite in the other,we take power in Ireland?
Danny Morrison, Royal Sinn Fein


For Preventing the poor women and children of Ireland from being a burden to their country, the United Kingdom and European Union.

For making them beneficial to the economy and to end once and for all the generational rebellions against British Occupation.

In this year of Our Lord 2014, with various, elections in the different bits and pieces, of what is left of our country, and in the context of the forthcoming Scottish referendum for Independence from the British, the same being deprived of the island of Ireland as a whole, save possibly in that little piece, which might deliver a result, which England would approve. In this context after 800 years of Irish bloodshed, in the quest for Irish freedom, I make the following modest proposal, to end the generational bloodshed once and for all, in an non violent manner.

It is also a sad subject for those who walk through the towns of Ireland today, to be accosted by the symtoms of occupation with thousands of homeless beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four or more children, all in rags importuning every citizen for alms. These mothers instead of having useful employment and proper food, clothes and accommodation for their children, are forced to beg for sustenance, with their offspring growing up as thieves for want of work or leave their country in the millions or join the IRA.

After taking opinion from Royal Sinn Fein, the UKIP and other minor parties in the last elections, I believe it is agreed by all parties, that this huge number of children in the arms, or on the backs, and the heels of their Irish mothers is presently a deplorable state of the various kingdoms in Ireland, with yet another great grievance and whoever can find a fair, cheap, and easy method of making these women useful members of Ireland, the British commonwealth and the EU, would deserve a statue set up as a preserver of the nation at the very least.

My intention is very far from being confined only for the women, with professed child beggars it is of a much greater extent, and shall take in the whole number of parents as little else, able to support them in Ireland, with so many demanding our charity in the streets. I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that American style democracy and hookers, will ensure young healthy children, well nursed and a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled as a last resort in a further extreme emergency.

As to my own part, having researched my ideas first hand for many years upon this important subject, and maturely weighed the several alternative schemes of Christian values, I have always found them grossly mistaken in their computations. It is true, that in Jonathan Swift's time, 300 years ago in Ireland, a child just dropped from its dam, may have been supported by her milk for a solar year but that was before tinned milk and other alternatives in child rearing, No!, I propose that the mothers are put to work immediately, as hookers, in a modern democracy or whores as the British Monarchy likes to call them. Then the mothers may certainly get, scraps for their children, by her lawful occupation of being a prostitute and thus bring to an end, the horrific spectacle of tens of thousands of beggars in Ireland. 

Royal Sinn Fein have endorsed my proposal and agree that in such a manner, instead of being a charge upon their husbands or the parish, or wanting food and raiment for the rest of their lives, they shall on the contrary contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing, of many thousands. I have no doubt that Basil McCrea, will also approve and appreciate the many benefits of my proposal

The number of souls in Ireland, is usually reckoned by knowing Americans, as around five million and I calculate there may be about a million wives or breeders, from which number I subtract thirty thousand couples, who are able to maintain their own children currently without sending them out to beg. The question therefore is, how this remaining number shall be reared and provided for, which, as I have already said, under the present situation of affairs, is utterly impossible by all the methods hitherto proposed. For we can neither employ them in handicraft or agriculture, we neither build houses nor cultivate land, with their children very seldom able pick up a livelihood by stealing, till they arrive at six years old, except where they are of towardly parts, although I confess they learn the rudiments much earlier, during which time, they can be properly looked upon only as probationers, as I have been informed by a principal gentleman in the county of Offaly, who protested to me that he never knew above one or two instances under the age of six, even in a part of the Kings County, so renowned for the quickest proficiency in that art.

I am assured by our Irish politicians and merchants, that most Irishwomen and gay men are also salable commodities, along with bisexuals. There is even demand in Belfast and Dublin currently by rich business women, for well endowed men as soon as they come to age, they will yield a good fee for sexual services rendered to frustrated old Irish bitches. Those who are particularly sadistic, may be permitted to flay the carcasses of young men with gay abandon, the skins of which may be licked afterwards by these bloodthirsty cailleach with impunity.

A very worthy person of Royal Sinn Fein, a true lover of his country, and whose virtues I highly esteem, was lately pleased in discoursing on this matter to offer a refinement upon my scheme. He said that many gentlemen of his kingdom, having of late destroyed their pets because of hunger, he conceived that the want of meat might be well supplied by the bodies of young lads and maidens, not exceeding fourteen years of age nor under twelve; so a great a number of both sexes in the country being now ready to starve for want of work and service; and these to be disposed of by their parents, if alive, or otherwise in their democracy, by their nearest pimp. But with due deference to so excellent a friend and so deserving a patriot, I cannot be altogether in his sentiments; for as to the males, my very knowing American acquaintance assured me, from frequent experience, that their flesh was generally a bit tough and lean and their taste disagreeable. 

As to the females, it would, I think, with humble submission, be a loss to the public, because they could soon become breeders and democratic prostitutes with a vote themselves, and besides, it is not improbable that some unscrupulous people from the Unionist parties or UKIP might be apt to take advantage of them or censure such a practice, very unjustly, with cruelty simply to deprive pleasure with their God fearing dictats of perverse sadism.

Royal Sinn Fein have already observed after several unsuccessful attempts in elections, that it would greatly increase the number of papists, with whom to overrun Belfast. In fact I understand that they plan to set up ASU, Active Service Units, for the proliferation of Fenians, with the principal breeders working knocking shops all over Belfast, Antrim, North Down, Fermanagh, Ballymena, Lisburn and Banbridge, The whole nation will be recruited to work and outbreed their most dangerous enemies; and to work every street with purpose and design to deliver the kingdom with good breeding and the absence of many protestants. 

Those who have chosen this noble prostitute profession, rather to leave their country, will stay at home and pay taxes of conscience to a Royal Sinn Fein Government. Secondly, The poorer tenant's wives will have something valuable of their own, which helps to pay their landlord's rent, after their other valuables have already been seized by the bailiffs.All the new money will circulate among ourselves, the goods being entirely of our own growth and manufacture.

All of this I am assured by my very knowing American friend, would be a great inducement to marriage, which all wise nations have either encouraged by rewards or enforced by laws and penalties. It would increase the care and tenderness of husbands to their very productive wives, being an annual profit instead of expense. We should see an honest emulation among the married women, as to which of them could bring the most money. Men would become as fond of their wives as they are now of their footballers and politicians, or if they are Royal Sinn Fein farmers in South Armagh, their cows, or their sows.

Therefore I repeat, and I am sure even  Gerry Adams, after being out in the political wilderness so long will agree with me. Let no man or lazy woman either, talk to me of these and the like expedients, 'till he or she hath at least some glimpse of hope, that there will ever be some hearty and sincere attempt to put them into practice. As for myself, having wearied for many years with offerings vain, idle, visionary thoughts, and at length utterly despairing of success, I fortunately fell upon this proposal, which, as it is wholly new, so it hath something solid and real, of no expense and little trouble, full in our own power, and whereby we can incur no danger or be interned, in disobliging England. For this kind of sexual commodity will not bear exportation, and Irish flesh being of so tender a consistence.

I am not so violently bent upon my own opinion, as to reject any amendment or offers proposed by wise men, or indeed women, which shall be found equally innocent, cheap, easy, and effectual. But before something of that kind shall be advanced in contradiction to my scheme, and offering a better, I desire the author or authors will be pleased maturely to consider two points. First, as things now stand, how they will be able to find food, housing and raiment for the hundreds of thousand of useless Irish mouths now hungry. And secondly, there being around 5 million creatures in human figure throughout this island, whose whole subsistence put into a common stock would leave them in debt more than a hundred billions of pounds sterling, adding those who are beggars by profession to the bulk of farmers, cottagers, and labourers, with their wives and children who are all beggars in effect.

 I desire those politicians who dislike my overture, and may perhaps be so bold as to attempt an answer, that they will first ask the parents of these mortals, whether they would not at this day think it a great happiness to have been sold for food, and thereby have avoided such a perpetual scene of misfortunes as they have since, gooin through the oppression of landlords and bankers, the impossibility of paying rent without money or trade, the want of common sustenance, with neither house nor clothes to cover them from the inclemencies of the Irish weather, and the most inevitable prospect of entailing the greater miseries upon their Irish breed for ever.

I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavoring to promote this necessary work, having no other motive than the public good of my country, by advancing our trade, providing for infants, relieving the poor, and giving considerable pleasure to the rich. I have only one wife left by which I can propose to get a single penny; but she is not Irish and is from a third world country, that can house and feed all of its own people and defend them against foreign occupation.

Note: Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author and satirist, famous for Gulliver's Travels (1726) and A Modest Proposal (1729). This proposal is based on his, where he suggeseds that the Irish eat their own children, is one of his most drastic pieces. He devoted much of his writing to the struggle for Ireland against the English hegemony.

>>>>>> Flash: 'Shindependents Day' as political landscape is transformed

 "Something profound has happened in the people's attitudes to
 politics," said Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald, as results
 came in across the 26 Counties on Saturday.

 "Sinn Fein has not has this strength since 1918," said party leader
 Gerry Adams, recalling the original election under the leadership of
 Arthur Griffith which inspired the struggle for national independence
 from British rule.

 The party made incredible gains on city councils in Dublin and Cork,
 and is set to be the dominant party on both councils. In Limerick and
 Waterford,and in towns and rural areas across the 26 Counties, the
 party doubled and tripled its representation or broke entirely new

 There was also a huge increase in support for independent candidates and
 the small left-wing parties. With 292 out of 949 seats filled by the end
 of counting on Saturday night, Sinn Fein won 81, Independents and
 Others) 77, Fianna Fail 76, Fine Gael 47, and Labour 11.

 After months of fractious debates and contentious media coverage, the
 polls were largely borne out, although the result has still deeply
 shocked the political establishment. In the next Dublin parliament, Sinn
 Fein will now almost certainly be on a par with the two traditional
 conservative parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael -- a radical rebalancing
 of politics in the 26 County state, which for years treated Sinn Fein as
 an irrelevant 'other'.

 The question now is how these three parties with a historic distaste for
 each other can form a government after the next general election in
 2016, and what kind of coalition, if any, can emerge.

 Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has said the day marked a "step change in
 politics". Speaking at the Dublin West by-election count in Citywest
 this evening, where Paul Donnelly came very close to winning a seat, he
 said that the party was open to the possibility of coalition government.

 He said: "We need two things, one is to be in government - a mandate -
 the other one is an agreed programme for government. The second could be
 more challenging than the first. The other parties are now wedded to
 conservatism, austerity."

 He said that the party wants to see a "realignment of politics" which he
 hopes would be "accelerated after this election".

 He said he did not know if his recent arrest and interrogation by the
 PSNI had an impact on the Sinn Fein result.

 Mr Adams said: "What we do know is it galvanised our own activists and I
 would like to think that the way that we responded to those events was
 positive and that that may have helped."

 Mr Adams said that he heard some members of the coalition
 condescendingly dismissing Sinn Fein's gains as "the people giving us a

 He says what has happened is that the people have given 'profound notice
 that that want to quit this type of politics".

 "We're the largest party in Derry, in Belfast, in Mid-Ulster and perhaps
 now in Dublin and Meath," he said, also referring to results in separate
 elections in the north of the Ireland.

 "I keep stressing in my interviews, we want to use our mandate wisely,
 people are hurting.  It's what I'm hearing when I talk to people.  I
 would appeal to people who seek change. I'd appeal to people to join the
 party, we're here to build a democratic republican party across the
 island of Ireland," he said.

 Adams thanked those who had worked to deliver the result for Sinn Fein,
 but admitted there wasn't the "resources, infrastructure or capacity" to
 run the number of candidates or scale of campaign he would have wanted.
 However, he said Sinn Fein will continue to build from their result.

 "I think we have been mandated to change, this is a change of the
 political landscape in this state. Sinn Fein is here and Sinn Fein is
 here to stay," he said.

 Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said he accepted the public's
 "frustration and anger" at coalition policy was being reflected in the
 poll results. Mr Kenny said "it's not a good day" for his government and
 noted it had been an especially "hard day" for Labour Party leader Eamon
 Gilmore, whose party has been obliterated at local and European level.

 He said the electorate had said: "you need to do better". "We will
 redouble our efforts over the next two years to prove politics can
 actually work," he added.

 "And the end of the day it's all about our people. They have spoken
 yesterday (and) the consequences of their decisions will continue for
 the next couple of years."

 The Labour Party, founded by Easter Rising martyr James Connolly, has
 been virtually wiped out at national and local level. However, party
 leader Eamon Gilmore has defied calls for his resignation, although
 accepting a need for a "re-evaluation".


 Meanwhile, counting has concluded in the Six Counties local elections,
 where Sinn Fein's support has held up amid a small decline in the
 nationalist vote. Notable successes for the party on Saturday evening
 was the success of Niall O Donnghaile in holding onto a seat in a
 redrawn east Belfast ward, and in securing five of the six council seats
 in the Collin ward, at the expense of Maire Drumm of rival socialist
 republican party eirigi.

 There were cavalcades in Derry earlier following confirmation of the
 election onto the Derry-Strabane council of Gary Donnelly, of the 32
 County Sovereignty Movement. Mr Donnelly, a prominent member of the 32
 County Sovereignty Movement who stood as an Independent candidate,
 headed the poll in the Moor District Electoral Area (DEA). and was
 elected after the first count.

 Republican socialist Paul Gallagher was also elected onto the same
 council from Strabane, after standing as an independent. Gallagher very
 narrowly failed to win a seat last time out after contesting the same
 ward for the Irish Republican Socialist Party last time out.

 The SDLP suffered a notable decline in its vote, and its difficulties
 were reflected in a bruising exchange among party members at Templemore
 Sports Complex on Saturday morning. The two men involved in the fracas
 had to be escorted from the building by security.

 Meanwhile, DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson has revealed that his party is in
 discussions about an electoral pact with the Ulster Unionist Party ahead
 of next year's Westminster and Stormont elections.

 Of all the Six County parties, the DUP suffered the worst decline in its
 vote. "That's because of the splintering of the unionist vote and that
 becomes more critical when you get to an Assembly election," he said,
 referring to increased competition from Jim Allister's TUV and the UKIP.

 Counting is continuing in the 26 Counties tomorrow morning, and from
 Monday morning north of the border.


 The following is the final result of the local elections in the North,
 with a comparison to the 2011 result.

 DUP (130 seats) 23.1% (-4.1%)
 Sinn Fein (105 seats) 24.1% (-0.7%)
 UUP (88 seats) 16.1% (+0.9%)
 SDLP (66 seats) 13.6% (-1.4%)
 Others (41 seats) 16.5% (+6.1%)
 Alliance (32 seats) 6.7% (-0.7%)

 The following is a final list of SF and other republican candidates
 elected (SF, unless otherwise indicated):


 Mairtin O Muilleoir, Steven Corr, Janice Austin, Emma Groves, Arder
 Carson, Ciaran Beattie, Deirdre Hargey, Mary Ellen Campbell, David Bell,
 Stephen Magennis, Charlene O'Hara, Matt Garrett, Bill Groves, Mary
 McConville, Jim McVeigh, Mary Clarke, JJ Magee, Gerry McCabe, Niall O

 Derry and Strabane

 Sandra Duffy, Tony Hassan, Elisha McCallion, Ruairi McHugh, Kieran
 McGuire, Maoliosa McHugh, Paul Fleming, Mickey Cooper, Eric McGinley,
 Karina Carlin, Dan Kelly, Brian Mcmahon, Kevin Campbell, Patricia Logue,
 Colly Kelly, Christopher Jackson, Gary Donnelly (Ind. Rep.), Paul 'Gags'
 Gallagher  (Ind. Rep. Soc.)

 Fermanagh and Omagh

 Tommy Maguire, Debbie Coyle, Thomas O'Reilly, Brian McCaffrey, Sheamus
 Greene, John Feely, Barry Vincent Doherty, Anthony Feely, Sean Clarke,
 Anne Marie Fitzgerald, Sean Donnelly, Barry Kevin McNally , Sorcha
 McAnespy, Marty McColgan, Glenn Gerard Campbell, Frankie Jerome
 Donnelly, Stephen McCann


 Sean McPeake, Kate McEldowney, Brian McGuigan, Phelim Gildernew, Sean
 McGuigan, Cathal Mallaghan, John Fitzgerald McNamee, Gavin Bell, Dominic
 Joseph Molloy, Sean Clarke, Darren Oliver Totten, Caoimhe O'Neill,
 Catherine Elattar, Peter Joseph Bateson, Linda Dillon, Joe O'Neill,
 Ronan Paul McGinley, Mickey Gillespie, Barry Monteith  (Ind. Rep.)

 Newry, Mourne and Down

 Sinead Ennis , Mickey Ruane, Naomi Bailie, Charlie Casey, Liz Kimmins,
 Valerie Harte, Stephen Burns, Pol O Gribin, Terry Hearty, Mickey Larkin,
 Roisin Mulgrew, Barra O Muiri, Willie Clarke, Sean Doran, Davy Hyland
 (Ind. Rep.)

 Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon

 Keating Garath, Darren McNally, Brendan Curran, Fergal Lennon, Maire
 Cairns, Keith Haughian, Catherine Seeley, Gemma McKenna

 Causeway Coast and Glens

 Philip McGuigan, Sean McGlinchey, Dermot Nicholl, Tony McCaul, Brenda
 Chivers, Cara McShane, Kieran James Mulholland

 Mid And East Antrim

 Hardy Patrice, Paul Maguire, James McKeown

 Newtownabbey and Antrim

 Anne-Marie Logue, Henry John Cushinan, Michael Goodman


 The following is an up-to-date list of SF and other republican
 candidates elected to local councils in the 26 Counties so far (SF,
 unless otherwise indicated), followed by the results
 of the two by-elections also held on Friday.

 Carlow County Council - John Cassin

 Cavan County Council - Noel Connell, Damien Brady

 Cork County Council - Donnchadh O Laoghaire, Rachael McCarthy, Kieran

 Cork City - Thomas Gould, Stephen Cunningham, Mick Nugent, Fiona Kerins,
 Chris O'Leary, Henry Cremin

 Dublin City Council - Daithi Doolan, Cathleen Carney Boud, Noeleen
 Reilly, Micheal MacDonncha, Larry O'Toole, Denise Mitchell, Anthony
 Connaghan, Emma Murphy, Seamus McGrattan, Criona Ni Dhalaigh, Ray
 McHugh, Janice Boylan, Chris Andrews

 Fingal County Council - Natalie Tracey, Daire Ni Laoi, Paul Donnelly,
 Edmund Lukusa, Philip Lynam

 Galway City Council - Mairead Farrell

 Galway County Council - Dermot Connolly

 Kerry County Council - Robert Beasley, Toireasa Ferris, Pa Daly

 Kildare County Council - Reada Cronin, Sorcha O'Neill

 Laois County Council - Aidean Mullins, Caroline Dwayne Stanley

 Leitrim County Council - Brendan Barry,  Padraig Fallon

 Limerick City and County Council Seighin O Ceallaigh,  Maurice
 Quinlivan, Lisa Marie Sheehy

 Louth County Council - Pearse McGeough, Imelda Munster, Edel Corrigan,
 Tomas Sharkey

 Mayo County Council - Therese Ruane

 Meath County Council - Darren O'Rourke, Eimer Ferguson, Joe Reilly,
 Caroline Lynch

 Monaghan County Council - Matt Carthy, Noel Keelan, Brian McKenna

 Offaly County Council - Martin O'Reilly, Brendan Killeavy

 Sligo County Council - Sean MacManus

 South Dublin County Council - Eoin O'Broin, Jonathan Graham, Danny
 O'Brien, Maire Devine, Brendan Ferron, Brendan Ferron, Cathal King,
 Louise Dunne, Fintan Warfield, Sarah Holland

 Tipperary County Council - David Dunne, Martin Browne

 Waterford City and County Council - Pat Fitzgerald, John Hearne

 Westmeath County Council - Una D'arcy, Sorcha Clarke

 Wexford County Council - Johnny Mythen, Anthony Kelly

 Wicklow - Gerry O'Neill, John Snell


 Paul Donnelly (SF) 6,056 (Eliminated 5th count)
 Ruth Coppinger (Socialist) 5,977 (Elected)
 David McGuinness (FF) 5,053 (Eliminated 6th count)
 David Hall (Ind.) 3,803 (Eliminated 4th count)
 Eamonn Coghlan (FG) 3,715 (Eliminated 3rd count)
 Roderic O'Gorman (Green) 1,856 (Eliminated 2nd count)
 Lorraine Mulligan (Labour) 1,505 (Eliminated 2nd count)


 Gabrielle McFadden (FG) 12,365 (Elected)
 Aengus O'Rourke (FF) 8,910 (Eliminated 7th count)
 Paul Hogan (SF) 7,548 (Eliminated 6th count)
 Kevin Moran (Ind.) 5,629 (Eliminated 5th count)
 James Morgan (Ind.) 5,959 (Eliminated 4th count)
 Brian Fagan (Ind.) 4,195 (Eliminated 3rd count)
 Denis Leonard (Labour) 3,290 (Eliminated 2nd count)

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