Monday, 19 May 2014


Cry God, for Harry, England and St. George’. Shakespeare, Henry V; Act Three.

Will England Ever Learn?

Surreal. Prince Harry, the Queen’s grandson, Princess Diana’s youngest son and third in line to the throne, has been dispatched to South Armagh after a brief visit with his friend Conor Murphy MP yesterday. Apparently he has undergone a course in cultural awareness and customs secretly(also including kicking down doors at 4 a.m., throwing Irish families from their beds and dragging, teenagers into barracks and beating them up, with the odd bit of torture thrown in.) He was spotted again early this morning in some undergrowth at the back of Murphy's house in Mullaghbawn, South Armagh.

When Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana died, Tony Blair at his schoolboy Shakespearean best, spoke with wobbly lip of the People’s Princess. It was hoped, that despite all best efforts, the final chapter in this historic folly which defies utter shame, was not Tony stumbling off into the sunset, for a seat at the giant Carlyle Group table (founded by the Bush and Bin Laden families) and that he be remembered for all time, paying tribute to : ‘The People’s Prince. Well hell NO ! it was not to be, so say hello ! to Prince Harry's Royal Sinn Fein Friend Murphy Mate.

Apparently Murphy of Royal Sinn Fein has been unable to subdue with hurleys and beatings, some of the remaining Unrepentant Fenian Bastard elements in South Armagh, and in the lead up to the election, it is bad PR for Royal Sinn Sinn Fein, with the very real danger of even more murders from beatings happening. Harry's friend Commander Gale said, if the South Armagh natives hadn’t learned by our previous example to behave themselves in a civilized way, then Harry and I, with the help of the Murphy family, will have to spank their bottoms again.
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