Thursday, 10 July 2014


A former Orangeman who is a relative of Willie Frazer, accuses his Orange Order order of 'satanic and pagan rituals.' Paul ( Surname anonymous because of death threats) is campaigning in British Occupied Ireland to persuade members of the Orange Order, to throw away their sashes and bowler hats. A born-again virgin Loyalist, he poses a bigger threat to the organisation, than the fiercest residents' groups in Newry.

Paul hopes his revelations, will have a similar effect on the reputation of the Orange Order, as the Brotherhood had on the reputation of the masons. Paul also launched a website to warn decent Christians about the dangers of the Orange Order. Speaking from his home outside Newry, Co. Down,  an area with a strong Orange tradition, Paul explained why he had turned so vehemently against the Orange Order.

I was in the Orange Order and a member of the local flute band. Simultaneously I became a born-again Orangeman and started to question my views and in particular why I was an Orangeman. After the initiation ceremony which involved intercourse with a goat, I contracted herpes, after being forced to rape a goat. Then my wife contracted herpes as well. We both became very uncomfortable and spent most of our time scratching ourselves as we were very itchy, it was very embarrassing. Then I go warts on my penis and sure enough a week later so did my wife and we spent a fortune on creams trying to relive ourselves.

'The more I scratched, the more I became concerned at the rituals and practices inside the Orange Order. The whole secrecy aspect of the Order worried me deeply, because Jesus worked openly and preached in the open. The secret oaths and practices of Orangeism, the exclusion of women and my wife from certain grades, the exclusivity, made me think that they were violating the word of God. Then my wife and I had an Aids test and lo and behold we both had contracted HIV, I blame Willie Frazer for bringing us both down this path.

Paul is also concerned about the rituals of the Royal Arch Purple, an exclusive branch of Orangeism of which he was also a member and he noticed the similarity between the rites of the Royal Arch Purple and Freemasonry, with more several bizarre practices which included:

• Blindfolding a new recruit and making him kneel on a mock coffin while vowing to destroy his own life if he divulges the teachings of the order;

• Tying a rope around the neck of the recruit, who has most of his clothes and one shoe taken from him and has a purple ribbon fastened to his shirt.

• Riding the goat, a ritual which includes sex blindfolded with a goat, in a canvas sheet being kicked and tossed about by the goat that was being raped. Then sworn to secrecy, under pain of death, even from my wife about sex with a goat, Contracting AIDS and giving it to my wife being the last straw. She told me I had to choose between her or the goat and Orange Order.

• Sadistic beating of the candidate across his arse with brambles and, in some cases a whip to the accompaniment of laughter with even the goat bleating in sadistic pleasure of the Orangeman being flogged.

Paul believes the rituals have their roots in evil witchcraft.

'The Orange Order says it defends Protestants but these secret oaths and strange rituals have more to do with paganism and are definitely satanic. I want to inform all Christians their faith is incompatible with membership of an Orange Order that tolerates organisations like the Arch Purple.

Paul claims thousands of born-again Christians have left the Orange Order. He is unapologetic about his campaign speeding the decline of the disreputable Orange Order, still reeling from the scandals of Kincora and its reputation arising from the violence of the Shankill Butchers and the practice of infantiside, Paul plans to write a book on the Royal Black Preceptory, the most elite of all the Orange Order marching institutions. and some say the most evil. It's going to be explosive Paul said. There was no comment from Willie Frazer to date on the matter
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