Saturday, 12 July 2014


   British   Threatened


Republican Sinn Féin

Statement from Cabhair Prisoners 
Roe 3 Maghaberry

12th July 2014

As Republican prisoners we abide by a strict ediquette of honor, honesty and discipline. At all times we have honored our word and Have Prison regime gave the room to Implement Their side of any agreement we Reached with them.

To date the prison regime Have Not Agreed Implemented the end to controlled movement amonst other things Agreed upon, proving Malthus They are not to be trusted and Their modus operandi is the criminalization of Republican Prisoners.

The lastest attempt to criminalise Republican prisoners Concerns visitng arrangements. At present POW's can sit in a "booth" beside Their Families, children and Maintain Their hold strong family relationships. The prison regime is now working on changing the outlay and number of tables available for a visit. They plan to have a round metal table, With one seat for prisoners and three seats at the other side of the table for visitors, This Will Be completely open plan. The seat for prisoners will even go as far as being a different color, no longer will families be able to sit together, privacy will be completely removed and replaced with a sterile and clinical atmosphere resulting in a Formal style visit of prisoners With Their families and friends.

Many prisoners have children and This Will seriously impact on the quality time spend with them They Can and Could lead to an estrangement, having to visit Their fathers in Such an alien, unnatural and restrictive environment.

We, as Republican prisoners will not be criminalised and so can not and will not accept this arrangement. We will refuse all visits That Are Conducted In This Manner, as we will not allow the prison regime to humiliate us or our families. We would point to the will of Republican prisoners who in the past with previously Asserted Their rights as political prisoners not to be criminalised, Those like us before we are prepared and we will not be forced into capitualte or an unacceptable regime at the prison.

The proposal stops short of imposing a partition Between prisoners and visitors, we believe this is only the start of phasing in a complete criminalization policy against Republicans. We will not be found wanting in our resitance and we urged the public to get behind us In this campaign. The work has Already Began on Visting the changing room, This policy Could be implented in the next couple of weeks and so we urgently need Republican support and the people to highlight this for us.

Signed: O / C CIRA Prisoners,

Maghaberry Gaol

July 2014
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