Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BBC British Bully sCotland

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London threats have been piled upon chilling warning after warning to Scottish voters in the lead up to their Independence Referendum. There will be no shared currency, no EU membership, Scotland will be kicked out of Nato, England will blockade Scottish oil and then on Sunday the Queen issued an ominous warning to Scotland.

Irish intelligence sources have learned, from a City of London whistle blower, of secret plans already in existence, on the same scale as the invasion of the Malvinas (Falkland Islands), to blockade Scottish Oil, should Scotland vote yes and reclaim its sovereign oil. We have also learned, that London's secret services, are currently working secretly in Scotland to manipulate the final result. Everyone in Ireland, (with the exception of the Orange Order) respects whatever choice Scots make about their own future but we can with absolute certainty, inform Scottish people that London will not respect a free and fair vote!

This bullying has been the history of London towards all independent oil producing countries like Libya, Iraq, Aden, indeed all independent minded ex colonies of the City of London Pirates.

With tension high and just two day to voting , Alex Salmond, has accused opponents of bullying and subterfuge and demanded an official inquiry into disclosures that Royal Bank of Scotland would shift its registered office to England in a Scottish breakaway. Mr. Salmond said, that officials at Britain’s treasury, had been caught leaking information to the media before a market-sensitive announcement, and he described it as a “matter of extraordinary gravity.”
In addition, Lloyds Banking Group said it had made arrangements to establish “new legal entities” in England should voters in Scotland decide Independence.

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