Thursday, 18 September 2014


Irish police have been accused of helping MI6 heroin dealers by providing armed, uniformed, security for drug transactions; offering advance notice of search warrants and using police databases to check for informants. The allegations represent an appalling dereliction of public trust by Irish police who take an oath to serve the Irish public but instead use police powers, to serve Britain's secret service instead.

Many complaints allege that more than 30 Irish police, have agreed to help MI6 heroin dealers, find safe places to sell heroin in all of Ireland's 32 counties and provide early warning, before police execute search warrants, they also provide armed security for heroin deals, while still in their Irish uniforms and patrol cars, and they also check police databases, to identify police informants in both parts of Ireland.

It is important to note here at this point, that not all Gardai are corrupt and many are fine officers of the peace. They also deserve thanks for their assistance with the investigation of some MI6 heroin dealers. However the same cannot be said for the British paramilitary police in Occupied Ireland, the PSNI/ruc, who because of a lack of transparency and democracy, cannot be vetted or trusted by the general public. There are many allegations of collusion by the PSNI/ruc, with MI6 & Orange Order drug dealers in the north.

A confidential PSNI/ruc source, has provided specfic information regarding alleged heroin dealing, being conducted by several PSNI/ruc paramilitaries. The confidential source has for religious and conscientious reasons, provided considerable advice, regarding heroin trafficking into the south of Ireland and told the source, that they believed there were several large scale Orange Order heroin traffickers in the north of Ireland, who for political reasons, wanted to sell heroin in the south, to destroy Irish culture on the island. It is also alleged that MI6 provided the Orange Order with locations in the South, that are not heavily concentrated with Irish police. Additionally, the source revealed that the PSNI/ruc were providing heroin dealers with information, regarding police activity, specifically when and where drug search warrants would be executed.

The criminal complaints allege, that the British provided assistance and protection to the heroin dealers, both for monetary and political reasons and that they have gained political control of most Irish communities, in both parts of the island, as a result. This is also believed to be the case in most of Scotland, where they conduct criminal checks of heroin dealer's associates, to see if those are informants or co-operate with Scottish and Irish Police, so that if the persons are informants that their sponsored heroin dealers, would not engage in multi- million pound transactions with that person. Further, the complaints allege that these corrupted police, provide protection during heroin transactions for which they are paid handsomely.

However Irish communities are starting to fight back and have cleared one city in the south of all heroin dealers. It is believed they have used elements, connected to the Continuity IRA, to send MI6 heroin dealers back to London packing. Many activists allege, that the corrupted police, are also helping Mafia heroin gangs from the former Soviet bloc, with intelligence to intimidate and murder anti heroin activists, trying to clean out all of Ireland, of all heroin dealers. MI6 are known as the Lords of the International Drug Trade with a lot of the heroin, now being sourced from their war in Afghanistan. 

MI6 manage more than one hundred billion Pounds sterling a year drug industry, moving heroin through Afghanistan, to ex-colonies like Ireland and Scotland worldwide, while at the same time managing banking for the heroin industry, through City of London banks. This is how they keep control. So dear readers if they happen to manipulate a No vote in Scotland or this Irish aggregator is not around next week, you know who is responsible.

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