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As this Blog shows, my name is Brian Clarke but as I can personally testify, there is no Saint Brian, so I was christened Bernard and named after my Uncle Brian a priest. However I was censored a few days ago on Facebook and I had to provide identification, after which they changed my name to Bernard, so I hope that has not caused any misunderstanding. 

A few months ago, someone in some technical way, impersonated me on Facebook and sent extremely vulgar messages, to an innocent young woman on an Irish page. The purpose was obvious, political character assassination. The matter was investigated by an independent, trustworthy third party and found to be a matter of impersonation. Anyone who is familiar with me or this blog can come to their own conclusions after that.

I try when it comes to politics, to put principles before personalities but when certain well known, political personalities, portray themselves as freedom fighters, leftists or liberals and then proceed with aping the mainstream corporate media, with rampant fascist censorship, half truths, to silence debate, then it does produce a reaction in me, which I confess, is not always in a progressive direction but we have to stand up for ourselves sometimes and certainly in Ireland. 

Indymedia Ireland, George Galloway, the Pensive Quill, etc.,etc., etc.... to name but a few, are engaged in this activity on a huge scale, when it comes to many Irish people, who try to engage in political debate, in a non secretive way. There is an old saying, that we are as sick as our secrets and this culture of talking out of the side of the mouth, over many centuries, has developed in Ireland, with careful nurturing, by reactionary counter revolutionary forces, such as the British and the Catholic Church. 

Things are starting to change with the Catholic Church after the last Pope was fired and replaced by the new one from Argentina. However the British secret services continue, with both actual assassination and political assassination. There are thousands of Irish victims of this, from people like Parnell, Roger Casement, Daniel O'Connell to many thousands in their graves during the course of Irish history.

In the debate below, it was suggested that I take the matter up with the people concerned in debate.This isnot possible as they are hiding behind censorship, so this is the best best way, that I can explain, while they are skulking behind censorship and afraid of open, honest, debate.

Sheralee Nope still an irrelevant wee man. Fuck off and go back to being a cat.

Bernard Clarke I try not to hate because it has no future but the fascist censorship of Galloway and the Pensive Quill is doing the Brits work for them! Go raibh maith agat Fionnuala

Mairead  He turned his coat to didnt he nuala? Xxx

Mairead  Thsnks nuala xxx

Fionnuala  Mairead he was totally against breaking up the Union, yet he is against other aggressive forms of occupation ? It doesn't really add up x

Mairead  He id a laughing stalk nuala xxx

Bernard Clarke Exactly, the inconsistency of both reveals they are at best chancers!

Tommy  He should be boycotted in Ireland.

  I never liked the man.

Paddy  Fuck off u horriblr little bastard. Even now ur tryin to b noticed instead of crawlin back under rock u came from. Have u no shame?

Fionnuala  Brian he's was forceful in defending a link to a country that is still up its elbows in blood .

Anne  Hes an idiot yet again money talks.

Fionnuala  Tommy I did like him, I thought he was progressive and articulate, especially in relation to Iraq. Now he is singing the praises of the country instrumental in bringing The Iraq war about.

Fionnuala  That's it Anne dosh x

Celtic  He has become a parody of himself sharing a stage with the tories and backing them up was a disgrace

Seamus  mr.Dickhead

Anne  Lol seamus right to the point ha ha

Rebel  The man is a unionist and he did what unionists do he backed the union.

Mary  cant belive it aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Anne  Hes now proceeding to block everyone from his fb me being one of them lol no loss

Mairead  Let him go and fk anne xxx

Anne  Lol

Mairead  Lol xxx

Bernard Clarke Ego can make the best mad. Himself and the Pensive Quill are two mental masturbators!

Anne  Omg Bernard ha ha

Roisin  Wanker!!!!

Paddy  No sittin on the fence wa u Roisin. Lol xx

Bernard Clarke St. Paddy's Fleas - I'm a wanker 


    Roisin Sorry uncle Paddy!! Lol I cannot stand hypocrites & he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories! I'm now actually thinking I was kind calling him that, he's vermin! Xx

    Paddy  U wer bein more than kind lv. Hes a fkin slug! Xx

    Frank  love the man

    Frank  my hero

    Bernard Clarke Love is Blind Frank!

    Frank  must be be big shudder

    Bernard Clarke  more like the shudders below!

Frank dont tell me ar roisin

Frank  oh well


Fionnuala Frank it's the contradictions people have the problem with. Maybe you can explain why he wanted a country to remain unified with England, a country that he accused of mass murder in other countries?

Mairead  Hear hear nuala

Sean Bresnahan Fascist censorship of TPQ? There's a new one

Roisin  He's all for Ireland's occupied 6 counties but doesn't want freedom for his own country?? WTF!! He was also quoted once of saying he would bow outta politics if he ever stood side by side with a Tory so bye then ya snake!!!

Fionnuala  Sean, Mackers put up with me, and although it may have been through gritted teeth, he done it all the same.

Sean Bresnahan Exactly Nuala, this clown has a long-standing agenda when it comes to Tony and can fuck right off. Why do you's think this nut-ball has changed his name from Brian to 'Bernard'? I recall a young girl on the Ruairi O'Bradaigh tribute page stating he bombarded her with private messages asking for pictures of her undressed or something very similar. He should not be free to come on here and run the best of good people down the twisted piece of shit

Bernard Clarke It was checked and found to be scurrilous lies and libel. Check with Criostoir! The Quill admits to being a fascist censor as for Galloway his picture says a thousand words.

Bernard Clarke I did not change my name, Facebook changed my name !

Frank  never knew that

Dezie Cannae Scots. Knew full well all you do is replace one tyrant for another and it doesn't make it any better if they are your own they usually end up with thirty pieces of silver and a plumb job in Europe

Sean Bresnahan I've just asked representatives from Republican Sinn Fein and it was never cleared at all according to them

Frank  scotlanmd tried

Frank  thiy were never goanna win

Fionnuala  Frank they didn't entirely lose. Scotland took them to the wire and as we can observe, they were shaken. Galloway toured the country presenting a pro Union case, why?


Sean Bresnahan MI5 were all over that count like white on rice as the saying goes. As for this other header on here ranting about Mackers RSF are after telling me he's blocked from everything to do with them as he's a total lunatic

Dezie Listen to the message the tories want a regional federation, it would make the UK more competitive, regions in charge of their own fiscal affairs but being torie you could not stand up and shout it out loud, look at Ireland for cryin out loud a perfect poster boy of obedience and compliance, grandsons and daughters sold out the country for quick gain took 8 billion from the UK and god knows how many billions from Europe, the saying that the righteous shall inherit the earth is so true, met a man from donegal who had a rental property in Dublin his comments rent to any one but irish, "the foreigners just want to work and don't have people coming round all the time " were his words.

Bernard Clarke Top Left of Fascist Quill

Sean Bresnahan The people of Ireland never got or took a penny from Britain - the British establishment bailed out their own banking interests in the Irish Free State as they were overly-exposed to toxic debts of their own making

Anne  Think this is going to far bernard people are trying to have a debate here uve made ur point

Sean Bresnahan It was about propping up British financial interests not only in Ireland but in Britain itself - con-job of the century

Dezie Well the irish banking regulator, some joke,and the Laurel and Hardy tag team, and the irish people keep voting for will I or won't I, I think the best of us got deported to oz two hundred years ago. It's almost hereditary the fear that is handed down from generation to generation, maybe a good period of percicution would tidy up this country

Fionnuala   I once listened to Edwina Curry complaining about how much it was costing the 'mainland' to keep the North afloat. Not a word about the fact, we have the lowest wages, the highest food prices and are excessively taxed through tied trade, and rate very high in the poverty, especially child poverty stakes.
Not a word about, how pre 69 there were people, exclusively Catholics living in dire housing and suffering from diseases only found in so called 'Third World Countries.' To say nothing about being denied votes.
The so called mainland bled us dry through trade and aid, just as they did the world over.
Theft, manipulation and murder runs through Britannia and that's what Galloway encouraged people to vote for!

Mairead  Hear hear nuala well put

Sean Bresnahan Hear hear is right

Bernard Clarke Anne you may be right but traditional Republicans as you well know are fair minded people and if somebody wrote the lies above about you, I am sure you would demand an apology. Genuine Freedom Fighters do not engage in fascist censorship or defend it. Irish republicanism is about Principles before personalities. Some of these people need to read the writings of Terence McSweeney about republican conduct. I've made many mistakes myself but an honourable and fair minded man or woman makes an apology when he realizes it. Galloway and the Quill are fair game because of their obvious public inconsistenties.

Anne  Im sure your right bernard but this is for debate not attacking people.if u want to do this put it on ur own page not Anne Devlin then people really intrested can read and comment directly to you.Our page is not for this.

Dezie Hi p yes all that happened, but there has been plenty of time since to make this nation a great place some how I believe God works in mysterious ways, we had our chance during the tiger we took it and blew it.when will these people get it that there is no such thing as a free lunch borrowing billions to pay every day costs while money bags has you by the neck and while you live like that you'll be anyone's whore.

Fionnuala  Brian I think Anne is concerned, that the debate is straying well off topic.
Sean Bres is the very essence of a fair minded Republican.
Both Sean and myself have written on TPQ for years and we have found Anthony to be a very fair arbiter of our opinions.
Neither of us see a connection between the Quill and Galloway and we would be behaving quite unfairly not to point out our experience as we have found it.

Bernard  I contribute to Fionnnuala's photo who has thus far not censored me. People who read this page can decide for themselves.

Sean  Tony Mackers a fascist... I've heard it all. You're as bad as the scum in Sinn Fein who have put this man down at every opportunity. Your shite as the girls have said has no place here

Anne  Bernard I owe you an apology of sorts as I mistakenly thought we were on anne devlins page.But still stand by what I said about personal attacks

Fionnuala  Hi O Donnell, we did not benefit from the Celtic Tiger, or as Denis O Hearn, rightly labelled it the, 'Celtic Kitten.'
How could we make the North a great nation? It's a state enveloped by restrictive trade and aid legislation?
Are you speaking about the 'Free State'?
Our political prostitutes may have benefited but the people didn't.
I might be a good idea if you clarified, where you are speaking about and stuck to facts.

Mairead  Well said nuala


Fionnuala  Too right Anne x

Anne  Very apt lol

Bernard Clarke I thank Ms Perry for the the right to say my piece. People can come to their own conclusions themselves. You are an honourable woman Anne. The last thing I want to say is that Censorship and Freedom do not walk hand in hand, the Nazi's made bonefires out of books in Germany. St Paddy's Fleas say the rest!

Anne  God almighty bernard if mackers censored you should you not be taking it up with him .personal grudges are not of interest to us. Good night sir

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