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Who are masters of British Paedophile Rings ?

The elite British pedophile ring is unfortunately not a myth. From the early 80’s we heard of a pedophile ring in Kincora Boys Home in Belfast created by the British secret service of MI6. Later it was orphanages in Wales then Scotland and finally Jimmy Saville. Today everything possible is done to cover up the biggest scandal of all. The implication of the royal family in this pedophile ring.

The pressure is building with the mention of Blair, Mandelson and Labour’s involvement in child abuse and murder. The Conservatives are being exposed without the names being taken to the police yet.

William Milton Cooper maintained that Icke is a Disinfo Agent as is Alex Jones, as there were certain subjects they would never touch.

“The trouble with Icke is that he’s been listed as a member of the Isle of Wight Freemasonic club; his ex-wife is a total fruitcake with neon MK-Ultra programming written all over her blog profile and Icke get’s his information via his psychiatrist to the stars, who is also his handler."

“As he was a BBC employee before his ‘road to Damascus’ experience, it follows that he fits the profile of a disinformation agent by pointing the finger away from himself and handlers whilst also ‘exposing’ truths.”

Pedophiles are linked to heroin trafficking, he claims.The Royal family is a fraud since 1852. The judges and lawyers are involved with drug trafficking.Hallett said Prince Philip is a known pedophile.The political system runs on shame. They film politicians doing unspeakable acts, and hold the threat of exposure over them.The tendency to pedophilia runs inter-generation within families, which is why they often chose politicians from the same families.

Greg is from New Zealand originally, and is absolutely not a disinfo agent, although some of his stories seem a little too incredible. Yet how can the world be explained, unless there is someone powerful enough to control the media, the legal system, the military and the banks?


In that same time frame, with Peter Williams arriving to England on the 27th of August 1979, Lord Louis Mountbatten was blown up in his boat. Now Lord Louis Mountbatten was part of the ‘Triumvirate’, which was the heroin trafficking ring run by Prince Philip.

Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Philip Lord Louis Mountbatten, now part of the ‘Triumvirate’, the heroin trafficking ring run by Prince Philip

Also by Lord Porchester, Prince Andrew’s father, and Lord Plunkett, who died in 1975, and that’s Prince Edward’s father. With Lord Plunkett dying, Lord Louis Mountbatten was invited into the heroin trafficking ring, and he qualified, because he was already compromised, because he was a long standing paedophile, and Lord Louis Mountbatten considered the mentorship of his nephews and grand nephews to be the same as sodomy.

The first man to escape out of Colditz, first or second, Airey Neave, who was a lawyer and British MP, a man of note and influence, and Margaret Thatcher’s bondage lover.Peter William’s QC is Prince Philip’s agent in New Zealand. Prince Philip’s wife owns the Court buildings and owns the Judiciary.He Airey Neave was trying to clean up the heroin trafficking ring and he got to Lord Louis Mountbatten. So Lord Louis Mountbatten was on a target list of Prince Philip’s to be killed. And it looks like Prince Philip gave the ₤2 million pounds to the mafia, who gave it to Peter Williams, who found it in a suitcase on his hotel bed, and then went around eliminating those who could jeopardise his case.

Irish voice: “I tell you, it’s like what happened to the world over the last twenty or thirty years:

Greed, greed and more fucking greed, cheap money in Ireland, it is a tragedy what happened.When I exposed Peter Williams QC as being in charge of paedophilia in New Zealand, being in charge of heroin trafficking in New Zealand, and his partner being in charge of Methamphetamine trafficking in New Zealand, a Police Inspector called Winston West, who was in a full motor cycle suit, helmet, on a motor cycle, came alongside of the car I was in, which was a very small Honda Civic, jumped on the bonnet, ripped the wiper blade and arm right off the car, and he ripped the rear vision mirror right of the car, and then fell on the ground with his arms and legs in the air, like a dog wanting to get patted. There were two detectives here, two there, two there. Two minutes later an ambulance turned up, picked him up, took him to the hospital. No police chased me, nothing. It was just Peter Williams saying he had total control over the police doing any hits that he wanted.

I went to the Auckland District Law Society and got the payment schedules for the murders. They went through the bank accounts controlled collectively by Terry Clark, Peter Williams, Eb Leary and Billy Boyd.Terry Clark was convicted, his death was faked, he was given plastic surgery and a new life. Eb Leary was charged for laundering drug money twice, convicted twice. Billy Boyd was convicted, supposedly sent to prison for six months, but he may have spent a maximum of three nights on the Wardens couch. Both were struck off for about 19 years.

On the other hand Peter Williams was not charged, was not sent to prison, and was made a Queen’s Counsel lawyer, and I am absolutely certain that is because Peter Williams was trafficking the heroin and doing the contract killings for Prince Philip, who was the head of the Triumvirate, the head of the heroin trafficking ring. And those who supply children to Prince Philip for paedophilia qualify for entrance into the triumvirate heroin trafficking ring.

Peter Williams had so much work from people, who have been had for trafficking heroin and other drugs, that he had to give that work to other lawyers. With the notoriety and the leading people in New Zealand being heroin traffickers and paedophiles and contract killers, we have a case where ‘there is absolutely no justice whatsoever coming out of the New Zealand judiciary’.

If Hallett was broadly right, maybe not in every detail, as he has the tendency to embroider, and enjoy a good yarn, then the media will be doing all it can to lay trails, towards people such as Lord McAlpine, Tories, Jimmy Savile, other show business perpetrators, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, anyone in fact, except the people who lie at the very top of the pedophile pyramid, the Royal pedophiles, which all sources seem certain are highly active in this regard.That is ultimately what this is all about, protecting the Royal family from exposure.If they get into the firing line, the power structure that holds us all in check, starts to unravel.

As for Icke, I still might give him some leeway, and have respect for much of his work, not that I understand it all. He has to survive, and the price of his survival could be to play a double game. So goes for all sources.We just have to tease out the picture from the sources we have.

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