Monday, 29 September 2014


According to the Belfast Telegraph, which is regarded as gospel by the God fearing people of British Occupied Ireland, a former British police officer, who investigated abuse and child rape of children in Kincora Boys’ Home by British Secret Police MI5, it has been revealed, that the British police never bothered to question the MI5 officer responsible for the intelligence gathering operation, at the Boys home turned child whorehouse.

The ex-RUC man told the newspaper, the Sunday Life that British detectives, were not allowed access to the MI5 officer, to find out what he knew about the rape and prostituting of Irish children, placed at the Orange Order Belfast child whorehouse. He also revealed, how police had some polite interviews, with a a number of leading politicians, in what Britain calls Northern Ireland, including the DUP boss Ian Paisley. Paisley was interviewed, as he knew Kincora housemaster and Orange Order chief, boy rapist and pimp William McGrath personally. Usually the Orange Order, focus on raping goats in their initition ceremonies more than children, although the population is not sure anymore, as they are carefully kept in the dark.

The investigating officers, asked Paisley if he was gay, a question which provoked a cute smile, from the passionate preacher, founder of the Free Presbyterian Church. His poor wife is still trying to figure out why the Church he founded, banned him. The British cop said, that the Kincora investigation team, was initially given the orange light, to speak to an MI5 officer in Lisburn but was then told, that the officer, who was directly responsible for intelligence gathering about Kincora, disappeared. The policeman later said, “We were given a name, but told that this particular officer, was now based in the USA and was not available. Nobody from MI5 ever appeared to give any detail of what had happened inside Kincora or any detail about the intelligence operation or what they knew,” the former RUC/PSNI paramilitary said.

A probe was launched following the death of a teenager, who committed suicide by jumping off the Liverpool to Belfast ferry in transit to a job on the British mainland. When a newspaper wrote, that he had taken his life, because of the sexual rape and abuse he endured at Kincora, a criminal investigation was forced on the then Chief Constable Sir Jack Hermon. It resulted in the convictions of leading Orangeman William McGrath, who was an MI5 ‘asset’ with wardens Joe Mains and Raymond Semple.

The former detective, who remains anonymous, in fear of Orange Order assassination, said it was clear from all police interviews, that child rapist McGrath would not give any information, “McGrath was cold and never admitted anything. Whether McGrath was an MI5 asset, we were never told, but we never got to speak to the man, who might have been his handler.”

British Ex-army intelligence officer Brian Gemmell, said he was ordered to cease investigating about sex abuse allegations at the boys home, because McGrath worked for MI5 and senior members of British the establishment. He also said that loyalist Red Hand Commando leader John McKeague was also an MI5 agent, after being filmed and blackmailed in a homosexual act. Most politicians in British Occupied Ireland, are believed to be blackmailed by the British in a similar fashion, to force them to support the Union with Britain. Police investigation detectives were forced, because of a public outcry, to interview many unionist political figures and Orangemen, as well as Loyalist politician Joss Cardwell, who subsequently committed suicide. Ian Paisley was asked, very politely, if he had ever visited the home and if he had ever had any personal or intimate contact with McGrath.The final question put to Ian Paisley during his interview was ‘Are you a homosexual?’

“The boys were ready to bolt for the door, expecting an explosion of anger from Dr Paisley but he just erupted into a huge belly laugh.”
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