Friday, 5 September 2014


It's more than 16 years now, since I left Ireland, the last time. It was after the Bad Friday Agreement, trying to settle the ongoing war in British Occupied Ireland. Chatting with some republican friends of mine about Ireland, post agreement, we agreed that the Brits strategy, would likely be, to organize numerous Kitsonian counter gangs, all over Ireland, to create chaos and division and hence Brit MI5 and MI6 control over the population. I realized that such a place was no place for truth tellers or freedom. I had a few bob from a couple of insurance accident cases and decided phukit. Now many will say, for someone claiming to be an Irish Republican, this is not very patriotic, but I love life, particularly the joys of life, and in that sense I am quite selfish.

Now for all you career Irish revolutionaries, who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of the Gael, before you crucify me, you need to remember the bigger picture in Ireland at this time. It was the time of  the Rothshite Anglo Irish bank and Ireland's family silver being sold. It was the time of gobbledegook and Tony Blair, with his Irish players of spin. As  one senior Pentagon official recently put it recently “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale. We bought them. They report to us.” Where did Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office come from?. Where did the private fortunes of so many Irish politicians, involved with Anglo Irish, Shannon Airport and the Bad Friday Agreement get their wealth?

Another important reason I left Ireland, is that in the event of what now appears to be a now likely nuclear event in Europe, whether it be micro nuclear war heads or what, I don't know, I believe Ireland will be a prime logistical nuclear target. Like Anglo Irish, the North,  the elite politicians sold out on the use of Shannon Airport, they made neutral Ireland, a primary nuclear target,  as is the case in British Occupied Ireland, for maritime reasons.

Britain's primary asset to the Pentagon and its own maritime strength are its numerous, Island bases dotted around the world, like Gibraltar, the Malvinas and Ireland, etc., guarding its anus along with Scotland. As in the second World War, the British have always relied on maritime power for both offensive and defensive purposes. This is why, they are clinging on for dear life in Ireland, and why their  history says, they will never respect a Yes vote for Scottish Independence. It rains a lot in Ireland and as  Bob Dylan sang "a hard rain's goin to fall," on both Shannon Airport and British Occupied Ireland. Not a place for someone who loves freedom and is greedy about the joys of life by any means. Perhaps I'll get around to tellin' you about the joys of Phukit, sooner rather than later.

Yet another reason for leaving, was that I had the agony and ecstasy of fathering, a beautiful daughter, who is ninth of my 10 children, by 5 mothers, who in this instance happened to be German. Her Grandfather soldiered with Rommel in the second World War or at least that is my excuse of why it didn't work out. Of course there are several sides to it, I was then 10 years a sober alcoholic and with the benefit of hindsight and now 27 years sobriety, I realize, like the old saying goes, the truth is rarely pure and never simple. I really wanted it to work, primarily for my daughter's sake but reluctantly, I now accept that perhaps it was better that way. Acceptance is easier said, than done though, but fortunately I had then, as I have now, the Big Spirit to help me. There were also other reasons why I left that I will perhaps explain again.

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