Friday, 5 September 2014


ROTHSHITES & GOBSHITES - Indymedia Ireland:


The article above was censored by what purports to be Indymedia Ireland, along with another recent article. Both articles are included below. This censorship of two factual articles, is an example of what is really happening under the guise of a failed Peace Process in Ireland, where fascism hides it's ugly face, even in what is known worldwide as Indymedia. I have my articles published worldwide in all of Indymedia outlets, in every country except Ireland. I'm sure fair minded people who read the articles, can come to their own conclusions about how little freedom there is any part of Ireland even those, who wear a liberal mask. Decide for yourself but meantime I brand this excuse for a free press as the Presstitutes of Indymedia Ireland

Senior Pentagon Official ;

“No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office."

We've suspected this for years in Ireland. Why else would Ireland and Britain's health systems, our national assets, built over many generations, with taxpayers contributions, change to U.S. private interests, the very same U.S. private interests which cannot provide proper health care to ordinary Americans. Why else would Shannon Airport, in a supposedly a supposedly neutral country, be handed over for NATO use?

We now have the story above, straight from the horse's mouth of the Pentagon, spilling the beans. Every Irish and European leader and past ministers alive, should be questioned and interrogated on this article, but the mainstream presstitute, whores, won't do it. They'll be allowed to walk away with the money as usual no questions asked.

Colonization was the theft of resources in places like Ireland, the only difference today, is a name change. Resources worldwide are now stolen through the IMF and corporations. Colonization is more prevalent than ever, with none of the wealth shared by average citizens, of even the wealthier states. Everyone is now colonized, enforced by police states, impoverished and brainfilthed by mainstream corporate whore houses of political porn.

How strange then, that Irish people who claim, they would do anything for their children, while at the same time selling out their country, that will be barely inhabitable for the their children. Scameron's other island of Orangemen, Blueshirts and Sellouts.
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