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Recently I received confidential information about the perverted reasons, as to why Jimmy Saville spent Christmas with Margaret Thatcher and her family. If Enda Kenny and his Blueshirts want to set up an official inquiry about it, I will do my best to help them. I did not publish the material, because it is not Margaret Thatcher's children's fault, that they were born into a very, very, sick family, no more than it is Gerry Adams' fault, that he was born into the Addams family or that RAAD were born into the Martin McGuinness family in Derry. This inter generational sickness, that was passed on to Margaret Thatcher, from her perverted father, has become endemic, in their sponsored Orange Order scum state of British Occupied Ireland, which Britain still mentors with billions in taxpayers money, sponsoring their Freemasonry brethren in their Orange Order state in Ireland.

The Irish Peace Process is currently on its deathbed, having been strangled and abused like an Orange Order goat, enabled by both the Conservative paedophile party in England, and its fellow satanists, in the blueshirt regime in Dublin, many of whom themselves, are secretly initiated into the Orange Order, abusing the poor culled goats, of the annual Poc Fair in Kerry. You know, it is not by accident, that the last couple of Irish Crime Ministers were born in the Bog of Allen and the Mayo Mountains. They too have a long bastard pedigree, stretching back to the first satanic masses of King Billy and his offspring, since 1690. Now of course all of this might be great craic for the perverted participants but anyone with a ounce of humanity in them, would spare a thought for the poor, defenceless, abused, victims. 

I would appeal to all of the Animal Rights Groups worldwide, who have enabled or ignored the plight of Irish children and animals, to at least spare a thought for the poor abused Irish goats. I would ask all of the dog and horse lovers in England and the anti-foxhunting lobby, to at least do a search on the tag, in the picture above, of these two unfortunate, abused boys of your Empire. You're a sick man Brian, I hear some of you say but Irish politics formerly drove me to drink, it's not happening again and Python has saved my insanity. Any of you who have anymore issues, I refer you to Vanessa Redgrave, who raped my virgin Irish mind of it's innocence, with her international Socialism. Now for all you silent, sicko enablers of this scum state and abroad, please, at least lift you lazy, deviant, finger, to check out the tag in the picture above and investigate the sad predicament, of the two innocent legally abused boys, of the scum Orange Order state.

Many would say that education and transparency, are the only real solution to this generational perversion in John Bull's other island. However the two scum states in Ireland, exercise draconian censorship and interment, without a proper trial, as their solution to hide, the real issues causing these crimes of hate. What would you do if you were a young Irish teenager, born with the blood of Irish rebels flowing through you veins in such as society. Turn the other cheek, as their thousand annual parades, that murdered many of you're ancestors, bang their Lambeg drums in front of your house and place of worship singing the following?

Oh, croppies ye'd better be quiet

and still

Ye shan't have your liberty, do 

what ye will

As long as salt water is formed 

in the deep

A foot on the necks of the croppy 

we'll keep

And drink, as in bumpers past 

troubles we drown,

A health to the lads that made 

croppies lie down

Down, down, croppies lie down.

Below is an explanation from the Urban Dictionary, along with a former article celebrating the Glorious Twelfth earlier this year.

A common way to incorrectly spellbestiality.

Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal.
Thems farm boys sure luvs them the beastiality!
by Omniverse March 29, 2003

Words related to beastiality

Sexual relations with animals. Snakes, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats... etc. Hard sex with hot-sweaty farm anamals
Len don't watch this stuff you sick person
by poo June 25, 2003
hot steamy sex with an animal
Lindsey do u actually like doing that to the poor cow!!!????
by Ivona August 03, 2004
The act of having sweaty sexual relations with one or more animals. Some find it very pleasurous.
Ex. Letra Bear loves some damn good beastiality. She likes to download the hot movies.
by Allie February 14, 2005
having sex with a Beastie Boy
as opposed to bestiality which would be sex with an animal
by Marion Barry September 15, 2004
also referred to as "inter-species erotica". The art of performing a sexual act with a member of another species.
Go see the beastiality in tijuana. those bitches chug much ass cock.
by clam toe July 27, 2006
Haveing intercourse with an animal
You commited an act of beastiality when you had sex that animal 
by monet November 04, 2003
to do sexual things with animals
Beastiality turns Jan on.
by Anonymous November 12, 2002
Note: I deliberately spelt this word wrong, as many people are. If you need a definition, see bestiality or zoophile but be warned, those definitions are full of entries by scum (see the 1st definition) who think that it's okay to rape dogs as long as they don't bite. Just because it doesn't bite doesn't make it okay asshole. A horse and a donkey crossbreeding is at least related species. You freaks who'd screw an orca or dolphin should be killed. Likewise, Pedophile (or Paedophile as some latin purists call it. It's not the accepted spelling, but just as valid] is full of corrupt entries by people who think it's okay to rape (or " have mutually consented sex with") a child. Newsflash! Children should not be thinking such disgusting thoughts and it's you freaks that are the problem. Necrophile, or necrphiliac, the scum who dig up corpses and root them, is also corrupted by such scum. I know I wouldn't want my corpse dug up for you to fuck. You can claim it's not hurting people, but it's hurting their relatives. And their memory. And anyone who marks this down, is obviously one of the scum. I may not totally agree with homosexuals. But they're less likely to harm an innocent than any of these freaks. Maybe convert people and irritate them, but real men won't be converted. So it doesn't matter as much. It hurts me saying that, but it's true. So kindly, if you see articles by the freaks aforementioned (not the homos, just the others, unless you really are offended. free speech man.) Vote it the hell down. And any articles against, vote them up. If you have morals you'll do this.And vote this one up so more people become aware of these depraved scum. Thanks, if you read this and agree, only happy to help. Bestiality, Pedophilia, Necrophilia and rape should all be life sentence crimes at least. And anyone who doesn't agree is probably one, so they shouldn't count.
Note that beastiality is a misspelt word.
by Weaselstomper August 24, 2009
Fuckin with an animal
Kevin Cloyd does beastiality all the time
by Perbert Freeches December 30, 2004
slang word for PETA (see PETA)
Wow PETA "reeeeeally" loves animals.
by lama fuckers November 22, 2004
sex with non human animals, bestiality(from a common mistake in spelling and pronunciation)
He was convicted of beastiality and committed suicide in prison.
by The Return of Light Joker May 16, 2008
How people who are too stupid to use a pc without a GUI spell "bestiality".
Oh crap, this computer has a command line interface! Now how am I going to download beastiality off the INTARWEBE!?!
by TripperDay January 18, 2004
Fornication between a human and another type of species.
Mark: Oh gross Jeff's into beastiality!!!
Jeff: What? beatiality's mellow?
by smithmike July 31, 2008
Beastiality: n.
A fun act, generally but not always involving the use of a domestic animal as a form of pleasure. Can also be used as an alternative to being bored or having sex with stupid girls or whatever else floats your boat.
Broseidon 1: What do you want to do, bro?
Broseidon 2: We could go have sex with fluffy over there
Broseidon 1: Beastiality? that sounds cool. DP?
Broseidon 2: Fo sho
Broseidon 1: High five!

fluddy was
by Broseidon, king of the broceanSeptember 06, 2009


A former Orangeman who is a relative of Willie Frazer, accuses his Orange Order order of 'satanic and pagan rituals.' Paul ( Surname anonymous because of death threats) is campaigning in British Occupied Ireland to persuade members of the Orange Order, to throw away their sashes and bowler hats. A born-again virgin Loyalist, he poses a bigger threat to the organisation, than the fiercest residents' groups in Newry.

Paul hopes his revelations, will have a similar effect on the reputation of the Orange Order, as the Brotherhood had on the reputation of the masons. Paul also launched a website to warn decent Christians about the dangers of the Orange Order. Speaking from his home outside Newry, Co. Down,  an area with a strong Orange tradition, Paul explained why he had turned so vehemently against the Orange Order.

I was in the Orange Order and a member of the local flute band. Simultaneously I became a born-again Orangeman and started to question my views and in particular why I was an Orangeman. After the initiation ceremony which involved intercourse with a goat, I contracted herpes, after being forced to rape a goat. Then my wife contracted herpes as well. We both became very uncomfortable and spent most of our time scratching ourselves as we were very itchy, it was very embarrassing. Then I go warts on my penis and sure enough a week later so did my wife and we spent a fortune on creams trying to relive ourselves.

'The more I scratched, the more I became concerned at the rituals and practices inside the Orange Order. The whole secrecy aspect of the Order worried me deeply, because Jesus worked openly and preached in the open. The secret oaths and practices of Orangeism, the exclusion of women and my wife from certain grades, the exclusivity, made me think that they were violating the word of God. Then my wife and I had an Aids test and lo and behold we both had contracted HIV, I blame Willie Frazer for bringing us both down this path.

Paul is also concerned about the rituals of the Royal Arch Purple, an exclusive branch of Orangeism of which he was also a member and he noticed the similarity between the rites of the Royal Arch Purple and Freemasonry, with more several bizarre practices which included:

• Blindfolding a new recruit and making him kneel on a mock coffin while vowing to destroy his own life if he divulges the teachings of the order;

• Tying a rope around the neck of the recruit, who has most of his clothes and one shoe taken from him and has a purple ribbon fastened to his shirt.

• Riding the goat, a ritual which includes sex blindfolded with a goat, in a canvas sheet being kicked and tossed about by the goat that was being raped. Then sworn to secrecy, under pain of death, even from my wife about sex with a goat, Contracting AIDS and giving it to my wife being the last straw. She told me I had to choose between her or the goat and Orange Order.

• Sadistic beating of the candidate across his arse with brambles and, in some cases a whip to the accompaniment of laughter with even the goat bleating in sadistic pleasure of the Orangeman being flogged.

Paul believes the rituals have their roots in evil witchcraft.

'The Orange Order says it defends Protestants but these secret oaths and strange rituals have more to do with paganism and are definitely satanic. I want to inform all Christians their faith is incompatible with membership of an Orange Order that tolerates organisations like the Arch Purple.

Paul claims thousands of born-again Christians have left the Orange Order. He is unapologetic about his campaign speeding the decline of the disreputable Orange Order, still reeling from the scandals of Kincora and its reputation arising from the violence of the Shankill Butchers and the practice of infantiside, Paul plans to write a book on the Royal Black Preceptory, the most elite of all the Orange Order marching institutions. and some say the most evil. It's going to be explosive Paul said. There was no comment from Willie Frazer to date on the matter
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