Friday, 24 October 2014

IRELAND OF GERRY ADAMS Rape Truth & Reconcialiation

I am very happy that the granddaughter of Provisional IRA founder Joe Cahill, has finally had an opportunity to tell her truth, as I believe the time has come for truth and reconciliation in Ireland. Since the Conservative Party in Britain and Fine Gael in Ireland have come to power, the Peace Process in Ireland has been dying a slow death. I hope what is currently happening, is not motivated simply for personal and party political capital. I believe a truth and reconciliation process should begin immediately in Ireland, before we tear the island apart further, along the lines of what has happened in South Africa and Rwanda. 

I am willing, to be its first volunteer. Many people from every political quarter in Ireland and elsewhere, would prefer me dead and silenced first, particularly those in the secret services who are using drug cartels and child rape as political tools along with their various agents, under their many flags of convenience. Most intelligent, informed Irish people know who they are but are living in communities of fear all over the island of Ireland. Neither the corporate Irish mainstream media or the various police forces on the island, have taken their responsibilities seriously for various different reasons. It is alien to the sick culture of Ireland, they would prefer exercise censorship and internment instead, for self serving reasons.

I have no illusions about keyboard warriors, I am prepared to walk my talk. Back in 1980 I volunteered for the second time, to join the IRA, prior to the hunger strike of Bobby Sands. I was told at that time by the IRA, that a settlement had already been made, where Irish republicans would be given a political platform in return for a ceasefire. This was long before the Peace Process and subsequent hunger strike, that cost 10 political prisoner's lives. I was told that all republicans were to focus on galvanizing public support for the political prisoners, which I duly did to the best of my ability.

After the10 hunger strikers died, I managed the Sinn Fein offices in Newry for several years. After listening to what I regarded as a Gerry Adams revisionist address at Bodenstown, I again volunteered for active service, because I felt the military campaign was being run down in a non transparent manner. I was blocked and told to focus on the office and my duties as chairperson of Newry Sinn Fein. Shortly thereafter I was approached by two senior republicans from South Armagh, with regard to the trustworthiness of either Gerry Adams and Ruari O'Bradaigh, being the leader of Sinn Fein. I told them I trusted Ruari O'Bradaigh, however I felt I had responsibilities, that I simply could not walk away from immediately, something I came to regret bitterly thereafter.

I have previously covered subsequent events, in a forthright manner on this blog, all of which I am willing to elaborate on, at any truth and reconciliation commission, without compromising other people. The Cause of Ireland is a noble cause, which the long war has tarnished, something in which I too played my part. I am weary of the lies and the secrets that are destroying our people. Establishment politicians in both Dublin and Belfast, along with their so called security apparatus, have many, many, sick secrets of their parts too, in this long war. Enough is enough, we need honest brokers to make this happen. We need public and political support across the country to make this happen but we cannot do this on our own, because our whole island is truly dysfunctional and very, very, sick. We need a genuinely honest outside broker, who is passionate about truth, justice and peace in Ireland.


Child Rape Victim Maria Cahill Interview Link
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