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The IRA is a non sectarian organization, whose purpose is to achieve a united Ireland. The Orange Order is a sectarian organization, whose goal is to maintain the union with the UK. Both secretly support violence, to achieve their ideals. The IRA is illegal, the Orange Order is not. Commonsense would suggest there is an anomaly, and that it is as inappropriate for the Orange Order to parade, with their paraphernalia through nationalist areas, as it would be for the IRA to parade through a loyalist area in their paraphernalia. A basic requirement of any Genuine Peace Process, would require equality or at the minimum compromise in this matter. 

HM Government

Ban the Orange Order or reform it.

Responsible department: Northern Ireland Office
The Orange Order has for years created segregation throughout the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland. They claim to celebrate religious liberty, but exclude those who do not belong to a Protestant denomination. They celebrate a victorious battle that was won by both Catholics and Protestants, yet they exclude Catholics and see that Victory as a Victory over Catholicism. In today's democratic age, it seems absurd that such an institution is allowed to march freely and to promote it's sectarianism and bigotry. Either ban this institution, or introduce an open door policy, open to anyone regardless of religion to truly represent religious liberty and let it be open to all who wish to celebrate the Victory of the Battle of the Boyne and support the Union. Only if one of these actions is taken will there truly be Religious liberty and unity in this country.

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Internet Movement, campaigning to disband Freemason hate society of the Orange Order and declare them an illegal organization.
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  2. Orange Order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. The Loyal Orange Institution, more commonly known as the Orange Order, is a Protestant fraternal organisation based primarily in Northern Ireland. It was founded in County Armagh in 1795 – during a period of Protestant-Catholic sectarian conflict – as a Masonic-style brotherhood sworn to defend Protestant supremacy.
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