Wednesday, 19 November 2014


 As a former member of Provisional Sinn Fein, I have been waiting a long time for some indication that they were willing to stand up to the the British. This is a welcome step in the right direction, hopefully they will walk their talk. Kelly & Murphy should know as well as anyone, that the reason the sun never set on the British Empire is because He couldn't trust an Englishman in the dark. At the end of the day, an internal solution in the North will not work. I have just seen the Cait Trainor statement of resignation, where she put her Republican Principles before Personalities. We need more Republicans with the balls(women have them too) to do the same, while sticking together under the umbrella of the Republican Movement and family, while still sticking by our own interpretation and principles. Life is short and if we cannot learn from our mistakes and remain true to ourselves, it simply becomes a waste of precious lives. We need a genuine Truth & Reconciliation forum like the South Africa model, to unite us in the common cause of Ireland. We also need as best we can as Republicans to stick together as much as is possible, to achieve victory. This is the main lesson the English learned from the previous Roman Empire, which Ireland still has not learned and it is critical to victory. The British are always working, especially in the dark to divide and conquer!. The Republican Movement needs to find some sort of unity, while still keeping our Principles to achieve victory! beir bua!

As of today 19th November 2014 - I have regretfully resigned my position as Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin and withdrew my membership from the organisation.
Republican Sinn Féin have recently moved away from a position that I firmly believe in, which is non co-operation in any manner with the Parades Commission and RUC to commemorate our Patriot dead, and as such their policies are now at odds with my principles. If I were to remain a member it would be dishonest to both Republican Sinn Féin and myself and would serve no good.
The contemptuous behaviour by some members of the leadership towards me since the Ard Fheis of 2014, when I showed my opposition to this move has been truly startling and nothing short of an attempt to censor me. Attempts were made at the Ard Fheis to remove the motion put forward by my own Cumann confirming that we would not use the Parades commission from the Clar, this was the first anything untoward was made apparent.
Within days of my opposition to rejecting the motion I was castigated, suspended and attempts made to cover this up as a personal rather than a political matter. As a person of integrity and honour I have never been afraid to stand up to those who are unjust and this is no exception.
I wish to make clear however that I feel no animosity towards Republican Sinn Féin. It has been my privilege to have been a member and I have the utmost respect for countless people I have worked with. For my part I will continue to be a political activist and work towards the independence of our Country of which we all hold so dear.
Cáit Trainor

Remember Remember the 10th of December

Remember Remember the 10th of December , the day that the Government Fell ,
And we lent them a hand with a final demand that would see them all go to hell !

With a ne'r by your leave nor a tug at the sleeve for the things that we asked for right !
While they blackened our name and tried to defame us with talk of violence and Fight .

Well , a fight they have got , and one that is not , of the type they tried sell to the press ,
And our numbers will swell and we'll see them to hell in the wake of their own sorry mess .

And it won't be a few that wash that whole crew right out of the Dail you can bet ,
For the days now are numbered for those that encumbered the People of Ireland with debt .

So now God please save us from those that enslave us and help us to stand up with pride ,
And banish the ones that dance for the huns and got there because they have lied .

We need faith in ourselves and to find that which dwells way down in the depth of our soul ,
A bond that unites and takes us to hight's of virtues that we can extol .
So now can't you see united of course ,
we can make this small country a place ,
Where the riches bestowed are a gift not a load to be taken for profit by force .
So Remember Remember the 10th of December the day that the Government Fell ,
They are weak we are strong it is time they were gone and it's probably just as well .
For they rule by ' Consent ' and the promises lent to the will of the people they serve ,
Now we've seen through their scam it is time they were ran and get just what they deserve .
For they lied and we cried and we let it be known , that this pain it is too much to bear ,
But from ivory towers they spend what is ours and they do it without any care .
And they don't feel our pain as we stand in the rain , sometimes you would think it's no use ,
But take heart Ochone for you stand not alone , and we'll take no more of their abuse .
If we take back our Isle then fortune will smile on a people united and strong ,
But divided we'll fall and dance to their call and that would be terribly wrong .
We don't do this just , for our own selfish gain , we do it for each generation ,
For the ones still to come and the ones too long gone that we hold in great veneration .
When your children grow up and they ask you............................... "Where were you , on the 10th of December " ?
Don't let it be said as they put 'YOU' to bed , that ..... "I'm sorry I just don't remember " !
So ....Remember Remember the 10th of December , BRING OUT FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS AS WELL ,
And let it be known in every town ' TWAS.......
Raymond Whitehead : Nov 2014
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