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“Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. A country without a language is a country without a soul.”
Pádraig Pearse

James Joyce like Samuel Beckett fled to Paris and famously said: 'Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages', that "No self-respecting person wants to stay in Ireland. Instead he will run from it, as if from a country that has been subjected to a visitation by an angry Jove." 

"Your music should be abou' where you're from an' the sort o' people yeh come from.—Say it once, say it loud, I'm black an' I'm proud ...—The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads." —Roddy Doyle, The Commitments. There are also claims that Malcolm X said, "The Irish are the blacks of Europe !" but he was talking about the Irish genetic connection to the Moors, by way of Spain. However the analogy is valid. The last large numbers of white people to be sold into slavery, were the Irish with 150,000 sold back in the 1600s, when English pirates sold Irish slaves, regarding them as another species.

Events around the global banking crisis of 2008 and more particularly how it was mishandled in Ireland, have again clarified, that the Irish working class are being treated like the blacks of Europe. Currently Ireland is fourth globally in suicide rates for males age 18-24, according to a 2014 report, with unemployment rates comparable to black ghettos in the States. With the fall-out from the Irish bailout of the banking bondholders, resulting austerity and recession, bringing the Irish economy and living conditions below dozens of 'third world countries, it is another shock to the system. Ireland's current sense of gloom permeates the Irish air and patterns of current behaviour.

The Irish working class 'nigger' status is not just a fact abroad but it is still a reality on their own Island. It is crystal clear for centuries in the north of the island, with their sectarian treatment by the Orange Order culture, as crystallized in exchanges in the last few days, between the racist Gregory Campbell and Gerry Adams, it also true in the south, where the "West Brit Elite" still control society. Allied to a native gombeen class of neo-fascists in Fine Gael, along with colluding Labour careerists. The mafianomics of the corporate bankers and their sponsored native politicians, are denuding Ireland of it's native resources and people, with a ruthlessness, comparable to deforestation. Their instruction manual is the "The Art of War," as they adopt a scorched earth policy, leaving an Irish wasteland that is soulless.  

National Debt of Ireland

Ireland Debt Clock
204,643,296,961 €

Source: Irish Government Data

The Figures

Interest per year:






Interest per second:


Citizen's Share:


Debt as % of GDP:


Interesting Facts

You could wrap $1 bills around the Earth 990 times with the debt amount!

If you lay $1 bills on top of each other they would make a pile 27,767 km, or 17,253 miles high!

That's equivalent to 0.07 trips to the Moon!
Household Share

Household Share: 44,574€

Pope urges a “lonely” “self-absorbed” Europe to recover its soul

2014-11-26 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis called on a “haggard” and “lonely” Europe to recover its role as a world protagonist, its identity as a defender of the transcendent dignity of man, the poor, the migrant, the persecuted, the old and the young, to recover its soul: Christianity.
Emer McCarthy reports: 
In a lengthy address– the first of two on his one day visit to the heart of Europe –  he told members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg that a two-thousand-year-old history links Europe and Christianity, “not free of conflicts or errors, but driven by the desire to work for the good of all”. This “is our present and our future.  It is our identity”, he said
The Pope also urged Europe’s 500 million citizens to see the Union’s problems – economic stagnation, unemployment, immigration, rising poverty levels and a growing polarization -  as a “force for unity” to overcome fears and mutual mistrust.
“Dignity” he said was the pivotal concept in the process of rebuilding which followed the Second World War and led to the European project. Today it remains central to the commitment of the European Union. But Pope Francis warned, often the concept of human rights is misunderstood and misused. 
He pointed to tendency to uphold the rights of the individual, “without regard for the fact that each human being is part of a social context wherein his or her rights and duties are bound up with those of others and with the common good of society itself”.         
Transcendent human dignity – the Pope continued - means regarding human beings not as absolutes, but as beings in relation.  He spoke of a Europe rampant with the disease of loneliness a direct result of the trend towards individualism. He said the economic crisis has worsened this pervasive loneliness and nourished a growing mistrust in people towards institutions considered aloof and bureaucratic. 
The Pope spoke of the unsustainable opulence of selfish lifestyles amid indifference to the poorest of the poor, where technical and economic questions dominate political debate, to the detriment of genuine concern for human beings.
This – the Pope noted –reduces human life to being a “cog in a machine” which, if no longer useful, can be “discarded with few qualms, as in the case of the terminally ill, the elderly who are abandoned and uncared for, and children who are killed in the womb”. This – Pope Francis said quoting Benedict XVI - is the great mistake made “when technology is allowed to take over”; the result is a confusion between ends and means”.
The future of Europe – added Pope Francis - depends on the recovery of the vital connection between openness to God and the practical and concrete ability to confront situations and problems.
The Pope said Christianity is not a threat to secular Europe but rather an enrichment. He said religions can help Europe counter “many forms of extremism” spreading today that are often “a result of the great vacuum of ideals which we are currently witnessing in the West”.
Here he decried the “shameful and complicit silence” of many while religious minorities are being “evicted from their homes and native lands, sold as slaves, killed, beheaded, crucified or burned alive”.
Pope Francis went on to observe that the motto of the European Union isUnited in Diversity, but unity, does not mean uniformity. Keeping democracy alive in Europe means avoiding the many globalizing tendencies to dilute reality.
Keeping democracies alive is a challenge in the present historic moment, he continued, but  it must not be allowed to collapse under the pressure of multinational interests which are not universal. It means nurturing the gifts of each man and woman; investing in families, the fundamental cell and most precious element of any society; in educational institutes;  in young people today who are asking for a suitable and complete education to help them to look to the future with hope instead of disenchantment. 
In areas such as the ecology Europe has always been in the vanguard, the Pope said, while noting that today “millions of people around the world are dying of hunger while tons of food are discarded each day from our tables”. 
He also spoke of the need to promote policies that create employment, but above all “restore dignity to labour by ensuring proper working conditions” while avoiding the exploitation of workers and ensuring “their ability to create a family and educate their children”.
On the issue of migration Pope Francis called for a united response decrying the lack of a coordinated EU wide effort to adopt policies that assist migrants in their countries of origin and that promote a just and realistic integration: “We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast cemetery!” he decried to lengthy applause.
Pope Francis concluded: “The time has come for us to abandon the idea of a Europe which is fearful and self-absorbed, in order to revive and encourage a Europe of leadership, a repository of science, art, music, human values and faith as well.  A Europe which contemplates the heavens and pursues lofty ideals.  A Europe which cares for, defends and protects man, every man and woman.  A Europe which bestrides the earth surely and securely, a precious point of reference for all humanity!
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