Thursday, 29 January 2015


"The Path to Wisdom is through Excess and the most Valuable Ingredient of Life, is Experience" Quote of Elders

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have welcomed the International Criminal Court’s decision, to launch an investigation into alleged “war crimes” in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. They have welcomed it, as a “positive and significant step, toward achieving justice and respecting international law.” The Palestinian Authority's purpose in joining the ICC, is “putting an end to Israeli War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

”Palestinians are seeking, to bring perpetrators of war crimes, to international justice, to protect Palestinians from becoming victims of future violations.” Hamas have also praised the ICC decision and called for all effort to bring Israeli leaders to trial. Hamas are prepared to provide the ICC, with documents and reports of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians have waited many years for this.

Irish Blog is proposing, that an Irish Authority of Irish Occupied Territories, legally begin proceedings at the ICC, for a similar investigation in Ireland, to bring to trial, British leaders of war crimes and genocide in Ireland. The proposal recommends, that the following Authority, of trusted Elders, instigate, guide and expedite this matter immediately, at the annual Commemoration March for Justice on Sunday February 1st. 

It is proposed that the Irish Authority, consisting of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, Eamon McCann, Marian Price, Francis Mackie, Kate Nash, Martin Corey and Owen Carron, with possible agreed additions, to transcend party politics. It is proposed that this begin immediately, with a conference call among the Authority elders, to enable members, who are restricted by the British Occupation forces, from attending or traveling outside their local village. The proposal, also calls for a ceasefire, by both British and Irish forces, to enable a civilized conclusion of hostilities, to enable a fair ruling, as per International Standards of Law and Justice.

This proposal is currently censored by various types of intranets and calls for anyone seconding and supporting the proposal, to distribute, share, publish, with family, friends, and the media at every opportunity. It also calls on you, to bring it to the attention of all parties concerned, immediately. It also calls on International support and solidarity to enable the proposal, to have an inclusive, international, platform.


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