Saturday, 31 January 2015


It is nonsense to pretend, that the massacres of the Innocent on Bloody Sunday in Derry and other subsequent massacres by British forces in Occupied Ireland, carried out on such a large scale, happened without the knowledge and sanction of senior British officers, right up to the Commander in Chief. Gen Sir Frank Kitson has good reason to hide from the International Criminal Court and will not co-operate voluntarily with any International proceedings. In one of his books he provides sufficient incriminating evidence, of his Crimes against Humanity. One example of his brutality before he came to Ireland, where he writes about his knowledge of a suspected Mau Mau, who was hiding under a basket of clothes. He knew he was there and he plunged his bayonet, into the bundle until he ‘felt the satisfaction of the blade finding its target, while the man howled in pain.’ This is the same sadistic philosophy of British Army training in Kitson's time, where soldiers were taught before they went to the middle-east, to plunge their bayonets into the victim, pull it out and plunge it back in again, to make sure they were dead. While their superiors of the elite, were blooded in their traditional foxhunt as children, with the blood of the fox, smeared on their innocent cheeks. This was the same sadism, coupled with a conditioning of elitist prejudice, which regards the Irish and colonial natives, as sub-human, before going abroad, to build the Empire. Their own working class are brutalized, to the extent, of automatically carrying out orders of murder on reflex, with brutal efficency. Refusal means court martial and up to the second World War, execution.

Gen Sir Frank Kitson was promoted after Bloody Sunday and his Dirty War in Ireland, to Aide-De-Camp to the Commander in Chief of British forces, his Queen. His books and theories have become official British Government policy, which includes using the courts and media, as an extension of Dirty War and a superficial veneer of civilization, to hide Dirty War. Today in Occupied Ireland many Irish freedom fighters, along with many innocents, are jailed for the rest of their lives without a jury, by sectarian judges, with corrupted evidence, from sectarian police, who have a vested material career interest, in finding a conviction. Collaborating, careerist, politicians are mentored for the same reason. Kitsons theories have become, standard judicial, political and media practice, jettisoning hundred of years of an evolved justice system, such as the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus and the right to trial by jury of peers, for any serious crime. Kitson's Dirty War theory, not alone became standard practice, just in the UK military, but also for the US, where he lectured to their war colleges while turning the evolved British Justice System into a Dirty Judiciary, with the help of some False Flags of course. The innocent Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six were wrongly convicted by corrupted evidence in a media corrupted open court, what chance an Irishman or woman, in a secret British military court? The two innocent teenagers in the picture at the top of this post, are just two examples of it, while compromised, collaborators, are calling for Irish people, to become informers to these British Occupation forces???

The centuries of history, of well-documented, British genocide in Ireland, is till happening covertly. The Junta that includes Kelly and McGuinness, are becoming more and more part of the problem, not the solution. It is a mirror image of the crimes against humanity, committed by former British agents in Ireland, called the Blueshirts, to carry on their Dirty Wars on their behalf, after their official departure. McGuinness and Kelly would do well, to consider, how far down that road, they wish to collaborate in future British crimes against humanity, before they too stand in the dock alongside the British at the International Criminal Court, in their lust for the drug of power. I have been told, it will never happen, but I have also witnessed in my own lifetime the folly of using the word 'never.' We are living in a world of rapidly developing communication, where despite rampant state censorship, the truth is outing, with the only glue holding matters tentatively together, being international standards. McGuinness and Kelly are rapidly reaching a point, where more and more questions, will be asked, about the extent of their collaboration, past and present, with regard to British crimes against humanity. Maybe Gerry Kelly was still in Amsterdam or in other British Accommodation and doesn't recall, when they were calling, 'Gerry Fitt is a Brit' on the streets of Derry and Belfast and burned him out, but the street is always watching and never forgets. They may kill Charlie Hebdo not the pen and they may kill the Innocents of Derry but not the Court of last Resort. Arrest Frank Kitson and his collaborating British War Criminals.

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