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The Palestinian Authority learned from it's mistakes, that it wasted too many years, trying to get justice at the UN, and within the various attempted accords with Israel. We Irish need to learn the same lessons, without wasting more time and energy, where it will not happen. The only place Ireland will get justice, is in the Hague, at the International Criminal Court. It is the responsibility of the Irish Authority of Elders, to execute this process immediately, before others start taking matters into their own hands. 

Careerist politicians in the north will not do this, they have vested interests elsewhere. Britain is buying time for all witnesses, to these events to pass on. Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them or have their children repeat them. The legacy of not dealing with our inherited British genocide in Ireland, is generations of more bloodshed. 
Anyone who cares to research this, will find  ample evidence. 

It is the responsibility of elders and leadership in Ireland and indeed in 'Britain,' to ensure this happens, in a timely manner in an objective Court, with a mandate to prosecute and restitute. That place is the ICC and the International Court of Arbitration, if need be thereafter. The names of the elders suggested by Irish Blog, are in a recent previous post, please notify them.

In the absence of a Press Release, the following are comments of People, who Marched for Justice, on the Bloody Sunday Commemoration, in Derry yesterday.

Anonymous A

Bloody Sunday march was a credit to the organisers, the video they showed was absolutely fantastic. Clare Daly speaking blew me away, she is awesome for a politician lol the lady from USA Patrice was brilliant and her chant was the highlight of the day. plenty of photos taken with a few suspect people paying particular attention to me, who needs the special branch eh? A great march all in all and a testament to the hard work and determination the committee put in every year

AboNymous B

It was great hope the Families get their Justice soon...

Anonymous C


Anonymous D

Stalkers lol take it as a compliment. Bless their hearts...

Anonymous E

 The love one another and release the shackles chant def got to me.....

Truth about the past is withheld

Journalist and Civil Rights Campaigner Eamonn McCann
Journalist and Civil Rights Campaigner Eamonn McCann

by Eamonn McCann

On Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 Eamon McCann wrote an opinion column in the Irish Times.
He started:
“At the Tory party conference in Birmingham last Sunday, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers said she was hopeful talks aimed at resolving problems to do with public spending, flags, parades and the past would begin within weeks and conclude before the end of the year.
One of the reasons this won’t happen is that the government of which she is part has no intention of allowing the truth to be told about its forces’ role in the Troubles.
The chances of loyalist or republican paramilitary groups making a clean breast of it are slim at best. The chances of the British government owning up are zero.”

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Rundown of inquiry Denounced


Rundown of Inquiry Denounced by Families

The run-down of the police inquiry into the Bloody Sunday murders is just the latest episode in the British State’s avoidance of the truth about its own role in the Troubles.
The new investigation was supposed to be stand-alone. But now it’s to take by far the biggest hit in the cut-backs in policing. That’s a political decision, not a cost-cutting measure. It shows what a low priority is being placed on bringing those responsible for Bloody Sunday to justice.
The report of the Bloody Sunday Tribunal was political. Lord Saville gave all British politicians and the army top brass a clean bill of health. All the blame was put on one middle-rank officer and nine rank and file paras. That finding did not follow from the evidence. But it followed the usual pattern of official inquiries.IMG_4301

accepted no blame

That was the reason David Cameron was able to give his apology at Westminster. He apologised for the murders, but put it all down to rogue soldiers. He accepted no blame on behalf of the government, the British Army or the Parachute Regiment.
In light of this new decision, making the police inquiry meaningless, the double-talk and hypocrisy of Cameron’s apology is even more glaring.
If the powers-that-be were truly sorry for Bloody Sunday, there would be no question of scaling the investigation back. What hope is there now for truth and justice for the families of those shot down by the paras in Ballymurphy six months before Bloody Sunday or the families of the two men murdered by paras on the Shankill eight months afterwards?

IMG_4297 latest chapter in a cover-up

What we have here is the latest chapter in a cover-up which was under way before the smoke had cleared from Rossville Street. It’s the same cover-up strategy seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere that soldiers from major powers are exposed for killing innocent civilians.
The PSNI inquiry had been making painfully slow progress. Now it has effectively been brought to a standstill. This decision was ostensibly made by the PSNI. But there is no doubt whose interests are ultimately served. To whom is Chief Constable George Hamilton accountable in relation to this decision.

 think again

If the Westminster Government or police chiefs in the North think that we don’t have the energy or determination to keep on campaigning until we get full truth and justice, they have another think coming.  Those who believe that there’s nothing left to march for in relation to Bloody Sunday should also think again.IMG_4295

not a narrow issue

This is not a narrow issue relevant only to one community in the North. It is relevant to everyone everywhere who believes that when the State kills its citizens it must be made accountable. The Bloody Sunday issue remains a key test of democracy.

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