Monday, 2 February 2015


British sources, have again lied to the media, regarding their attack today on Irish POWs, who are peacefully protesting, inhumane conditions, which were attacked  by their riot squad in Maghaberry, on the prison landings. The British stated, there was no violence and that Irish Republican Prisoners are now, locked in their cells, despite considerable serious injuries, that contradict their lies. The attack on the Irish political prisoners by the riot squad, they claimed only involved 40 POWs, however reliable sources from within the prison, have stated that many POWs were systematically brutalized, in an ongoing campaign by the British, to batter and criminalize Irish political prisoners, into submission by their brutal prison regime, that ignores European Law, with regard to the treatment of prisoners. 

One of the POWS, Martin Kelly has just received emergency treatment by a doctor belatedly after he and others were beaten savagely by the Riot Squad. Martin was eventually dragged by his hair, from a large pool of blood in his cell, and is reported to be in a shocking, mangled state, with his head covered in blood and still bleeding profusely, hours after the brutal attack on the POWs. His comrades have revealed, that the British Riot Squad, danced on his head, for a considerable period of time. His arm is broken and his body covered in lacerations. The injuries to the other POWs are not clear, as they are ignored and locked in their cells, without medical examination. There is currently a large protest vigil, by people from all over Ireland, outside the prison gates, awaiting updates, regarding the condition of the Irish POWs.

Britain has a long history of brutalizing and torturing Irish POWs, defying European Law, under which they are obliged to provide, humane conditions. British POWs were always treated humanely in Europe, where even in the Second World War, the Nazi's adhered to International Conventions, with regard to their treatment. However the British Dirty War in Ireland, extends right into their prisons, to include the brutal treatment of Irish POWs, where it is meant to provoke further violence, from their communities, to justify their occupation and brutality, in Occupied Ireland. All of this is a continuation of British prison policy, which previously led to the death of 23 Irish hunger strikers and ominously appears to be a repeat of British savage history, in Ireland.

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