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When Father Rode The Goat
The house is full of arnica
And mystery profound;
We do not dare to run about
Or make the slightest sound;
We leave the big piano shut
And do not strike a note;
The doctor’s been here seven times
Since father rode the goat.
He joined the lodge a week ago —
Got in at 4 a.m.
And sixteen brethren brought him home
Though he says he brought them.
His wrist was sprained and one big rip,
Had rent his Sunday coat —
There must have been a lively time
When father rode the goat.
He’s resting on the couch to-day!
And practicing his signs —
The hailing signal, working grip,
And other monkeyshines;
He mutters passwords 'neath his breath,
And other things he'll quote —
They surely had an evening’s work
When father rode the goat.
He has a gorgeous uniform,
All gold and red and blue;
A bat with plunges and yellow braid,
And golden badges too.
But, somehow, when we mention it,
He wears a look so grim
We wonder if he rode the goat
Or if the goat rode him.

by Greg Campbell

Riding the goat, as everyone knows, is a fundamental part of Orange Order culture, indeed the Orange State of Occupied Ireland is based on it. When I was being interrogated in Gough Barracks by the British, I noticed in the photographs thrown in front of me, that several of the goats raped, were in fact kid goats, and while I try not to be judgemental, I was frankly disgusted. So you can imagine my reaction, several years later, when a very expensive inquiry, in the Blueshirt state of the south of Ireland, found that there was systemic human kid rape in that state also. This is part of the horrific history of the Island, since the foundation of the two scum states, founded by Britain, to look after it's interests by proxy, as in their Commonwealth, after their limited official colonial departure. The secrecy around both human and goat kid rape, served British interests well, in that it is an excellent tool, to manipulate the political, judicial, media, etc., instruments of state, with secret blackmail and mentoring. Grooming and manipulation are essential parts, of the dark art of kid rape, cultivated for centuries, by the secret state of Whitehall in London. 

Let there be no mistake about it, the history of John Bull is a brutal bullying one, of extreme sadism, cultivated in his public schools and executed primarily, in Britain's first colony Ireland, over eight centuries ago. The size of Ireland relative to England, is similar in size but Ireland's total population, is today, one tenth of their neighbour. We can factor in all sorts of equations into this reality but at it's core is the fact, that at the minimum, more the equivalent of Ireland's population today, were victims of British genocide, somewhere in the region of seven million people, which any honest researcher, can confirm for themselves independently. This core fact, is just one of the truths, that can set Ireland free, when exposed, at the International Criminal Court and elsewhere uncensored. If Irish Republicans, put half their co-ordinated energy, into exposing these facts, in our modern age of communication, rather than engaging in reactionary violence, we will liberate ourselves and our people. Of course, it is much easier for me to write this, in my current location with detachment, far from the immediate trauma of conflict, rather than those current victims, caught up, in the web of British Dirty War brutality in Ireland.

Take for example, the many current POWs (Prisoners of War) in Maghaberry, Occupied Ireland. Two days ago the British sent in their Orange sectarian thugs, in the uniform of a riot squad, to quell a peaceful protest, by prisoners, in horrific conditions of incarceration. These sectarian thugs in British uniform, danced on the heads of Irish prisoners and battered them, to the point of serious injuries, then leaving the prisoners, locked up in their cells, in agony, with serious physical injuries, unattended to. They then as usual, sanitized their behaviour, with their considerable PR machine, excusing it on the basis of some graffiti, written on a toilet wall, threatening the prison administration. Now I don't know the complete truth of the graffiti, it could have been written by anyone, but I do know, that the wives and children of the prisoners are currently distraught with worry, about the condition of their loved ones. The communities of the POWs are enraged about this incessant British brutality and bullying. There were protesters from all over Ireland, outside the prison gates in a state of fury about all of this. The families and lawyers  of the POWs are not allowed to communicate, with any of their loved ones, or ascertain their condition, as they are in total lockdown. Now you don't have to be Einstein to figure, that this is not by any means, peace process procedure or to figure out, where this recipe is all leading.

The bottom line is, that Britain is ignoring EU Law, with regard to the treatment of prisoners, indeed I would suggest, they are being purposely and intentionally provocative, to hide even further, behind the provoked fog, of their Dirty War in Ireland, while excusing their own criminality and bullying in Ireland. They have signed up to European Law and are obliged to honour their commitments, both to that Law and a 2010 Agreement with Irish POWs. Now, once again, they are going down the Thatcher route, and Irish Republicans know from, decades of experience, exactly where that is leading. Having being through the trauma of the last 10 Hunger Strike deaths of Irish POWs already, Irish people, never want to experience that trauma again. It is a life changing event for whole communities. The fact is, that the island of Ireland is a very sick place, as a result, of centuries of all of this, coupled with, corrupt, proxy, administrations, based on kid rape. International help is badly needed, to help resolve these issues and help people recover from the damage British genocide has done to the Irish psyche. Other than the International Criminal Court, this writer, cannot see any other honest broker, who can help resolve this, in the absence of any honest, native, politicians who seem to be all dehumanized, but I am more than open, to any other possible solutions, wherever they come from, that are realistic and considered.

I recommend you check the video link below.

The War Prayer

By Mark Twain

O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst,

Video Markos Production

Twain dictated it around 1904-05; it was rejected by his publisher and was found after his death among his unpublished manuscripts. It was first published in 1923 in Albert Bigelow Paine's anthology, Europe and Elsewhere.

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