Thursday, 5 February 2015


Britain's most recent Dirty War in Ireland, has now lasted more than 45 years. It has been well documented, right up to the present day in hundreds of books, with thousands of articles published and like any war, it has Prisoners Of War, some politically interned, for up to four years on remand, who often have, the prosecution, suddenly dropped, because of non-existent evidence, before trial. Nevertheless they are all political prisoners and Prisoners of War, in Britain's most recent, dirty campaign in Ireland, which has now lasted almost fifty years.These are substantiated hard facts and not a matter of opinion. Britain under the various Geneva Conventions, International Law and European Law, have obligations, with regard to the treatment of those prisoners. Britain also has made previous agreements, with those prisoners, the latest in 2010, regarding their treatment, but with diversionary pretexts, are instead, employing Kitsonian techniques, to try and criminalize these Irish prisoners, then extending the criminalization, to the resistance among the communities they come from, against British Occupation in Ireland. This vicious cycle is as old as their Occupation in Ireland. These techniques are covered in Kitson's book, 'Low-intensity Operations', on how to break peaceful protest in British Colonies, which has now been extended domestically into England and into the treatment of Irish POWs. Essentially it is a more sophisticated version, of their age-old British doctrine and tricks, of divide and conquer.

The latest episode, involved sending in the most sectarian elements of their prison guards, in riot gear, to batter and trample on the heads and bodies of the defenseless, peaceful, protesting, Irish POWs, two days ago. The serious injuries suffered by the prisoners, have officially been denied by the administration, who at the same time, refuse to allow lawyers or families either speak or examine the prisoners. They have put the prison in lockdown and are waiting for the injuries to heal. While these seriously injured prisoners try to recover in isolation and agony, the British will try to exploit their vulnerability, by making all sorts of promises and threats, in order to get a denial from those brutalized, to fit with the administration's official denial of their brutality and to recruit them as spies, within the POWs. There is recorded previous evidence, of British intelligence, prodding the open wounds of Irish POWs, in order to recruit them. While broken limbs, head fractures and jackboot marks, don't heal in a matter of days, an independent medical assessor will not be allowed either. This is another chapter of British brutality in Ireland, which not alone affects POWs but also their distraught, worried, families and further enrages communities, that have suffered centuries of this sort of brutality. It makes a mockery of the pretext, of any credible peace process in Ireland and puts the status of the ruling British junta in Occupied Ireland, in the tinpot category. By the time the prison or prisoners can be inspected, it will be thoroughly scrubbed of all blood and sanitized, as will their official story of lies, which they privately call spin. It confirms once again, if that was necessary, for any enlightened, civilized, citizen of the world, Britain's status, as an International War Criminal.

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