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Personally, I have been interrogated more than a dozen times by the British and on just two occasions, I was mistreated, once by Special Branch of Scottish origin and the other by the RUC. The two occasions I was mistreated were in ordinary police stations. In London two Special Branch men, put my cell mattress, up against the door to muffle the noise, which leads me to believe, it was not officially sanctioned. I was also glued to a chair in Newry RUC station and had a sore arse, ungluing myself, to the great amusement of the Orangemen in British uniform there. I put all of this behind me years ago, for the sake of my own Spirit of Freedom, as I do not wish to live my life, bearing resentments. One of the reasons given by the RUC for their behaviour was that civility costs nothing. I was un-cooperative with them, because I do not recognise British Occupation in Ireland. All of this leads me to believe, that London outsources all of its torture, including the current torture of POWs in Maghaberry Prison, Occupied Ireland, to sectarian members of the Orange Order in British uniforms, as well as its numerous agents worldwide.

In 1976, the European Commission of Human Rights ruled, that British treatment of Irish political prisoners, amounted to "torture". The British Government under Edward Heath, on the 2nd March 1972 in the House of Commons gave the following undertaking;  ".. having reviewed the whole matter with great care and with reference to any future operations, we have decided that the techniques ... will not be used in future, as an aid to interrogation... The statement that I have made covers all future circumstances." However as is usual with the British, they broke that promise, during the Iraq War, where the British Army, used precisely the same techniques, which led to the death of POWs there. They have also taught these techniques, to torturers in other countries worldwide, as they appear to have also done, with their sectarian Orangemen, in British prison uniforms in Occupied Ireland. One of the excuses Britain gives, for invading almost every country worldwide, is that they bring civilization to savages. Clearly this is not the case, if you examine even briefly, their own brutal treatment of POWs in just the second half of the last century, alone. They certainly did not bring civilization to Ireland, where they brought genocide and the current scum state of affairs in Ireland. Since I personally started to make this torture public, I too have been subjected to harassment and threats, via social media and with intimidatory harassment, by motorbike gangs, in the early hours of this morning, at the back of my home, which will not deflect me, one iota, from telling my truth, as I have experienced it. Below is a brief summary of British torture, by a non-Irish assessor, for impartiality reasons, of Britain's long history of using torture worldwide.

Writer Mark Curtis has stated, that in 1971 an official British investigation, found that British torture techniques "played an important part in counter-insurgency operations in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus and the British Cameroons (1960-1), Brunei (1963), British Guiana (1964), Aden (1964-7), Borneo/Malaysia (1965-6), the Persian Gulf (1970-1) and in Occupied Ireland (1971)".

The British used beatings, sexual humiliation, hooding, sleep deprivation, and bombarding with white noise.

32 Whites were killed by the Mau Mau during the five-year state of emergency. More whites died in traffic accidents in the capital city, Nairobi.

Kenyans were forced into concentration camps and routinely tortured. Some 150,000 Africans died as a direct result of the British policy.

There was a "constant stream of reports of brutalities by police, military and home guards", wrote Canon Bewes, a British missionary. "Some of the people had been using castration instruments and two men had died under castration."

Other brutalities included slicing off ears, boring holes in eardrums, flogging people to death, pouring paraffin over suspects and setting them alight and burning eardrums with cigarettes.
A British district officer admitted, "There was outright abuse of power and some of the crimes committed were horrific. One day six Mau Mau suspects were brought into a police station in the neighbouring district to mine. The British police inspector in charge lined them up against a wall and shot them."

A mobile gallows travelled the country. Over 1,000 were hanged, their bodies displayed at crossroads and market places.


The British used terror in Malaya.

This involved aerial bombing, massacres of villagers, dictatorial police measures and the "resettlement" of hundreds of thousands of people.


During the state of emergency, from 1952 to 1957, the British army used torture.

Cypriot Nicos Koshies: "They took me to the Special Branch and they started beating me. They took off all my clothes, they tied my hands and feet. They asked somebody to come in. He was taking a stick to put up my bottom, he was putting cloths in water and putting them on my face so I could not breathe, he threw me down and danced on my stomach when he was wearing boots. After 12 days I could not recognise myself."

James Callaghan in the House of Commons: "On 29 June 1957 an inquest was held into the death of Nicos Georghiou. Dr Clearkin said in evidence that bruises in the head were sufficiently severe to have caused the injuries to the brain, perhaps bumping the head against a hard object."


In 1953 a coup organised by the British, overthrew Mossadeq and gave power to the Shah.

British SAS forces trained the Shah's Savak secret police. SAS officers helped train the Iranian army in special operations against the Kurds. The Shah's regime used torture until it was overthrown in 1979.


In Aden, later known as South Yemen, SAS squads used terror against local villages.

An official investigation found that from 1964 to 1967 detainees at a British interrogation centre were routinely tortured. Their eardrums were burst. Others were forced to lean against walls with their fingertips for day and subjected to white noise for hours.


Former detainees in Bahrain have described being beaten, electrocuted, whipped, tied in excruciating positions for days on end, kept awake, starved and having their toenails torn out.

P.S. I could continue with all of this indefinitely, but the above is just a brief summary. If the British keep up with their harassment, I will write a book about all of it and another about their Irish Holocaust. That's a promise and the Irish keep their promises, if they live long enough, in which case someone else, takes up the pen.

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