Friday, 6 February 2015


  • 7 February
    at 15:00–16:30 in UTC

    Dublin, Ireland

    The Anti Internment Group of Ireland will hold a picket this Saturday the 7th of February 3pm.
    At the office of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 48 FLEET STREET DUBLIN to highlight the torture of republican prisoners in MAGHABERRY.
    We are calling for everyone to make the effort to attend and show Maghaberry that we will not stand idly by while Republican Political prisoners are beaten in Maghaberry


In 1966, The Times, of London, criticised the Unionist government of Northern Ireland, famously branding the province "John Bull's Political Slum". Well let me tell you dear reader, after more than 45 years of British Dirty War, it is now a political sewer. Their piss process junta, commanded by their British Viceroyal, stinks to high heaven, of vicious, bigotry and prejudice, with its cutting edge, in the treatment of Irish POWs, in Maghaberry Jail. They regularly use their sectarian riot squads, trying to batter Irish POWs into submission, with torture in their Orange scum state. It is simply impossible, to get justice within their perverted sewer of a blackmailed or mentored judiciary and politicians, created on the back of  raped kids, both human and goats. Don't take my word for it go and check it out for yourselves, I'm tired writing about it in detail.

This Statement by one of the POWs wives can explain the latest attack best:


Wednesday January 5, 2015


Maghaberry Prison is playing a dangerous game with the safety of the republican political prisoners at Roe House. Please join the call for the immediate release of severely injured political prisoner Martin Kelly, for hospital care to his very serious and possibly life-threatening injuries.

On Monday January 2 an unprovoked onslaught by sectarian Riot Squad members commenced at Roe House resulting in the vicious beating of political prisoner Martin Kelly. In the process of invading the landing, several masked and shielded Riot Squad members surrounded Martin and kicked and beat him violently. Martin sustained serious injuries including swollen neck and head, fractured arm, gaping wound at his face, and blood in his urine. Martin was eventually seen at the prison clinic where his arm was X-rayed and confirmed fractured, and had five paper stitches applied to his face. Martin was in process of being sent by ambulance to hospital, when the prison ordered he go through degrading strip search at the gates. Martin rightfully refused this needless addition of humiliation and degradation to his medical care-- in full accordance with doctor's direct orders, not to mention the 2010 August Agreement-- and was sent back to his cell by the prison, where he languishes yet.

This tactic of forced strip searches is not only a tired horse that Maghaberry Prison and the Northern Ireland Prisons Service continues to flog, for seemingly sadistic purposes, but an issue that has been resolved and signed for in contract in August 2010, nearly five years ago to this date. In this case sadism has taken a new turn at Maghaberry, making those who administer torture in the gulags of third world nations no doubt sit up in respect. More disgusting yet, both Director-General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service Sue McAllister, and JusticeMinister David Ford, have denied that this attack has taken place.

Martin Kelly sits tonight in his cell, his paper stitches already fallen out, in exquisite agony from his injuries. His head and neck are dangerously swollen. Martin needs immediate ambulance transportation to ER/A&E for casting to his arm as well as further workup including a CT scan to his swollen neck and head and blood in his urine.

Please use the info below to contact Director-General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service Sue McAllister, Justice Minister David Ford, and Prison Ombudsman Tom McGonigle. Please be aware that Prison Ombudsman Tom McGonigle is currently the only person outside Maghaberry to witness Martin Kelly's injuries first hand. Please see the short sample email text below.

(For more information on the incidents recorded here please see

For full text of the August 2010 Agreement see


Sue McAllister- Director-General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service

Prison Service Headquarters

Dundonald House

Upper Newtownards Road



Phone : 028 9052 2922

Email :

David Ford - Justice Minister

Department of Justice,Block B

Castle Buildings

Stormont Estate

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Phone : 028 9052 2922


Tom McGonigle - Prisoner Ombudsman

Unit 2, Walled Garden

Stormont Estate, Belfast,BT4 3SH

Phone : 028 9052 7771

Email :

------------- SAMPLE TEXT--------------------




Director-General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service Sue McAllister

Justice Minister David Ford

Prison Ombudsman Tom McGonigle

I am writing with my grave concerns regarding the gross medical neglect to MARTIN KELLY, a prisoner at Roe House, Maghaberry Prison. I am distressed and alarmed at first-hand reports of his injuries which include a fractured arm, swollen head and neck, a gaping wound to his face, and blood in his urine. I understand these injuries were the result of an attack upon him by members of the prison Riot Squad, 6 days ago on Monday February 2nd. I further am baffled as to why after being seen at clinic, Maghaberry Prison staff then ordered Mr. Kelly to undergo a degrading and wholly unnecessary strip search on his way to the ambulance; which he refused in accordance with the prison doctor's own wishes. I am further aware that the archaic and perverse policy of strip search at Maghaberry was addressed and declared ended by the August 2010 Agreement-- which the Northern Ireland Prisons Service and Maghaberry Prison co-wrote and signed-- yet Maghaberry Prison seems petulantly unwilling to honor.

Please do not allow this man to die as a result of backward thinking and irrational, seemingly sectarian,vindictiveness. Release Martin Kelly immediately for the urgent medical care he so clearly needs.

Very sincerely,
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