Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Craigavon must transcend politics and borders, according to Professor Piot, in the Davos at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland. Craigavon is a burrough in what the Orange Order, call Northern Ireland, where many people have apparently died of Aids, allegedly because Orangemen ride goats in their initiation ceremony, as one Orageman today admitted off the record, that they give their attention to goats, because they think practising bestiality, is the safest way to avoid getting the disease, and that these accusations come, after a vote this week, to fly the Union Flag over council offices every day of the year.

However members of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals, have appealed to people in Craigavon, to come forward with any information. Locals report that Orangemen are now excusing their activity in the north, to have sex with goats, to avoid getting Aids. Other admissions were made from the apprentice boys off the record, which has been broadcast all over Craigavon, despite any official complaints. Bestiality should be a a criminal offence in the Burrough of Craigavon and charges should be laid under criminal procedure, in terms of animals protection, said one resident in Lurgan, because we don't want our daughters consorting with Orangemen who practice bestiality. She said convictions should be obtained for bestiality, offenders imprisoned and taken off the streets for the sake our daughters. She made an appeal to anyone with information on bestiality, to come forward. 

She wished to remain anonymous, because of sectarian fears, but stressed that charges can only proceed against the Orange Order, when sufficient information is available, to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that this is part of Orange culture. While the Orangeman interviewed, admitted he considered bestiality as safe sex, that he and his brethern had sex with goats up to five times a week. We know all about Aids and ebola, and we are very afraid of it. That is the biggest reason we have sex with goats and most of us like a bit of variety. Goats do not have Aids, but some of our wives have, because we have discovered, that many of them have, as a result of having different toy boys, with many of them coming from Dublin. 

We have seen brethern dying from aids and other diseases, not because of our goats, but because they slept with one another, and infected each other and swapped their wives, who already got it from Dublin. Goats do not have these infections, we would prefer have sex with them. I'm not sick, while I have been accused of being a carrier, but there is nothing I can give to goats or goats can give me. We will not become infected, because our goats were all virgins when we started. We share the same goat only among ourselves, and we will not get other's diseases from Dublin.

However the woman from Lurgan, said these statements, reveal a lack of education, and that Craigavon Council, should launch an information campaign, in the affected areas of Craigavon. Education and prosecution are the key to solving this problem, which originated with the Orange Order. She stated, that we cannot move forward as a Community, without co-operation from the Orange Order and information from their members. We are deeply concerned that the Orangemen, have repeatedly stated, that their reasons for having sex with goats, is to avoid Aids, when the reality is, that it is part of their culture, fostered by the Orange Order for centuries. She suggested urgency by Craigavon Council is needed, to correct this myth. 

The practice also affects goat farming in other areas of the north. Goat owners in south Armagh, complain, that nobody wants to buy goats from the north anymore. Again off the record because of sectarian fears, he stated, that we have learned, these rumours are true and Irish people, do not want to be associated with Orange Order goats. No one in their right mind wants anything to do with them or their cheese or goat milk because they have been contaminated by Willie. I will have to destroy all my goats, he complained. While the Belgian professor in Davos stated:

"Our world is getting more vulnerable to big epidemics, because of population expansion, huge mobility and more intense contact between animals and people,said Prof Peter Piot at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, urging encouraging leaders to take a long-term view. Prof Piot is in charge of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

He said, the threat of Ebola, and other infectious diseases like influenza and Sars, are to be discussed in Switzerland this week, adding "I bet everything I have that there will be other outbreaks. My concern is that when the Ebola outbreak is over we will just forget about it. We need to be better prepared and we need to invest in vaccines and treatment, It's like a fire brigade, you don't start to set up a fire brigade when some house is on fire.

Prof Piot said "There is always tension between the sovereignty of a country and the need to fight epidemics because they are a risk for the world as a whole, so in economic terms, it's a global public good. However Prof Piot, did have some good news to share, particularly for the wives of the Orange Order, adding that he was delighted by the Ebola vaccine trials, currently happening. The Orange Order were not available for comment but one of them, became rather abusive, when asked for an interview, and told our reporter to, F###  off down to Killorglin and investigate what they were doing to the goats down there.
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