Friday, 23 January 2015


Britain's sells a benign approach to foreign policy, which is contradicted by the reality on the ground, wherever it invades. Bloody Sunday in Derry, is only the tip of the iceberg, which evolved into British collusion with loyalist paramilitaries groups in Occupied Ireland, who  indiscriminately assassinated Catholics. This is well documented by Anne Calder's book Lethal Allies. This was further demonstrated, by the way the British Government doctored intelligence on weapons of mass destruction, misleading the House of Commoners, the whole country and indeed the world, of a non-existent threat, posed by Saddam Hussein, which is now being sexed down, in the delayed Chilcott Inquiry.
Britain's foreign policy, is essentially sugar coated deception and malevolence, under the cloak of non-existent democracy, peace, human rights which are their legacy, as Britain now supports terrorism, while violating international law and refusing to be a member of the International Criminal Court, where it would be obliged, to comply with international standards. Ireland being it's first colony, has been a primary training ground for genocide, war crimes and torture, as the European Court, found in the case of the hooded men. Footage of Bloody Sunday, is a more explicit example, of it's normally secret, war crimes
The British government have made this deceptive process an art form, cloaking the reality of their government policy, in propaganda and failing this, sanitizing their atrocities, in Inquiries like the Saville and Chilcott Inquiries. They have taught their proteges in Ireland this art too, to serve the interests of City of London, the Capital of International piracy. Contempt for International law continues, in their neo-colonial era of their Commonwealth, with non-compliance to these international standards of law, there as well. By creating regime change and mentoring compliant juntas, with their terrorist and pseudo-democratic narrative, perfected in Ireland, they install non-democratic regimes, as  they continue their tradition of piracy, for City of London interests, under a thin veneer of civilization, while the reality is brutal and criminally exploitive. 
Of course none of this would be possible, without cultivating a bureaucracy of Britsh 'educated' prejudice, hypocrisy, privilege and elitism, that rationalizes the documented, substantiated, hard evidence of  former secret government files, in places like Occupied Ireland, Kosovo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Kenya, Malaya and Oman. Their deception of genocide, war crimes and torture is there, for any objective researcher to see, as a result of painstaking research, analysis and declassified documents, in graphic detail, that is truly a shocking exposé of British genocide, war crimes and double-standards, that would make even Hitler turn in his grave. The current sick Chilcott joke on Iraq, remains, that he only has to look at the receipts of what the British Government sold Saddam, to know the precise truth, but then that's not the real purpose of British Inquiries, as we all know in Ireland. It's about the eternal deceit narrative of British international piracy, plunder and pillage, slaughtering in excess of the ten million, that already got in their way.
The World is systematically misinformed, about the real role of the UK in the world, with media, such as the BBC world service and mainstream corporate media, coupled with an old diplomatic service worldwide, of it's former overt empire, to ensure, the use of the terms like "genocide"or war crimes are not used, so that bodies like the UN, will not act, on matters such as the Irish Holocaust. Britain's slaughter of tens of millions of people worldwide, is buried, across the entire mainstream political discourse. Anyone who wishes to understand the reality of Britain's foreign policies, cannot rely on the mainstream media. The challenge of any objective historian or truth seeker, is to reconstruct real-life British history, from the self-serving web of British lies and deceit. This article is a call to those who wish to bring Imperial power to account and international standards of law. Britain needs to be brought to book at the International Criminal Court, in order to comply with civilized global standards, so that these crimes against humanity are halted, once and for all. Their latest terrorist narrative, requires freedom activists worldwide, to learn how to use our latest technology intelligently, to overcome censorship and disinformation, so that these crimes against humanity, are exposed to everyone.

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