Thursday, 19 February 2015


Sinn Fein leader Gerry Kelly, who last month called for Irish people to become informers to British police, is seriously implicated in new PSNI corruption charges, made by a British Police officer, who is a serving member of the PSNI. Leading media sources, including a British Unionist newspaper, are reporting, bullying and corruption, involving brandy, cigars and wild parties, that implcate Gerry Kelly and senior PSNI paramilitary police officials in corruption. The PSNI officer says he has "witnessed many abuses of power by higher ranks". The revelations are believed to be just the tip of the ice berg, of the PSNI's role in Britain's ongoing Dirty War in Ireland. One senior official, is quoted as saying, that since the force was handed back to a former RUC officer, who has taken charge, the PSNI has descended into, 'depravity' and that it is business as usual for the RUC, who were briefly disbanded, for their part in the Dirty War and their systemic role, in the killing of numerous inncocent civilians. The story, at this stage is just breaking and unti all of the facts, around further revelations are confirmed, they cannot be published for legal reasons but they relate to several wild parties at police headquarters, involving male and female officers, members of the public, that also includes drugs and perverse sexual practices. Below is an article, from today's British newspaper, the Belfast Telegraph. The Newspaper has previously stated, that more than half the Provo leadership, were always agents for the British Dirty War in Ireland, however Irish Blog has not yet, been able to confirm this.

PSNI whistleblower sparks probe over claims of corruption and bullying

Exclusive: Police officer threatened to expose 'deals made over brandy and cigars' in an email to all officers and staff


A PSNI 'whistleblower' has sparked an internal investigation after making claims of bullying and wrongdoing within the force, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

He also threatened to expose "corruption" within the force as well as "deals made over brandy and cigars".

The officer, who joined the police in 2002, said he is now too afraid to return to work and admitted that by publicising his concerns he had "committed career suicide".

His shocking claims were made in an email which he forwarded to all PSNI officers and staff on Friday.

Once senior management was alerted to the existence of the email it was immediately deleted from the PSNI's internal mailing system.

An internal investigation has now been launched into the officer's conduct.

The PSNI said: "The matter is being investigated but the officer has not been suspended or disciplined. Inquiries are ongoing at this time."

In the email, which has been seen by the Belfast Telegraph, the officer said that since he joined the PSNI he had "witnessed many abuses of power by higher ranks".

He added: "I have witnessed bullying from my first week in Garnerville (the police training college) until present day. I am now in a position where it is impossible for me to return to work without fear of continued harassment and other sinister acts aimed at myself."

It is not known if the officer had raised any of his concerns with the PSNI before circulating his email. He claimed, however, that "pushing a bullying and harassment case against higher ranks is career suicide".

"I have already committed this (career suicide) and I now intend to do my best to expose everything that is wrong about the PSNI," he added.

The officer said he was gathering information on a number of issues he had concerns about within the organisation and intends to publish his findings.

"The PSNI like to appear (whiter) than white by coming down hard on Constables and dragging them through the mud.

"They see Constables as expendable and the people of rank have the privilege of protection, leaving them to do what they like and treat people how they want," he said.

The officer added: "This is not a one off and I am not going away. You can still contact me long into the future."

He then signed the email with the Latin phrase veritas vos liberabit, which when translated means "the truth shall set you free".
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