Tuesday, 24 March 2015


"Mr Martin said the events of that Easter belonged to no party but to the whole of the Irish people."

Micheál Martin: Events of that Easter belonged to no party but to the Irish people
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  • Clarke Brian Correct
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  • Simon Peter Mckernan Seems like he's running scared the vast majority of dubliners, joined the cause as a direct response to the brutality of the brits but we should never forget that james Connolly and padraig Pearse had core values that provide inspiration for all of us and we should return to those values rather than merely ritualising them and then carry on as if nothing happened!
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  • Clarke Brian The heritage of the Rising belongs to everyone of Ireland and every part of Ireland, wherever they are. It is also part of the International and no one, particulary from a non-republican party, has the right dictate otherwise.
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  • John Patterson Is this the same Irish political class who for a hundred years turned their backs on the uprising because they where embarrassed to be linked to it....he same people who sent their armed special branch men to beat us at Wolfe Tones commemeration.....there shitting themselves because their gonna get hammered at the election
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  • John O'Sullivan Shame Feinn would not hijack the Rising, would they?
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  • Clarke Brian Thsy'd hijack their own family, if they thought they'd get a free ride!
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  • John Patterson I dont doubt they will use it to enhance their political position...and why shouldnt they...its good politics.
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  • Clarke Brian In fact they already hijacked their own families for free rides, so they should be kept well away from any commemorations, never mind trusted with driving the country! Anyone in their right mind, would not vote for paedophile enablers!
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  • John Patterson Thats YOUR opinion Clarke...and opinions are like assholes..everyones got one...lol😅😅 but you see the polls tell a different story than the narritive you espouse...and we see the morning after the election will we not....Of course you can vote FF--FG..to your heats content...the very people who drove the country to the brink of economic collaspe..
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  • Clarke Brian That is not my opinion, that is the Law. Anyone who enables child rape is as guilty as the perpetrator. Child rape is the most serious crime imaginable.This is what the Catholic country of Belgium thinks about it!https://youtu.be/xjHhK4dijAw

    The case surrounding the Belgian...
  • John Patterson Clarke why are you using examples from Belgium to make some point about Ireland? Thats nonsensical..Belgiums judical or religious traditions have no meaning in Ireland. As for the sexual abuse of young people im in agreement with you. We should have th...See More
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  • Clarke Brian Brussels is the capital of Belgium and it also is the Capital of the EU. The video clearly demonstrates the serious nature of Child Rape, and how corrupt societies, politicians and police cover this most serious of crime up. Anyone with a heart, can se...See More
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  • John Patterson Gosh your making a lot of assumptions there Clarke.. Again i say to you your going of on a tandent over your use of a youtube video that has no relevance to Ireland whatsoever. I agree with you however that indeed yes the Irish political class for 4 de...See More
  • Clarke Brian Any political party that has enabled Child Rape, is not fit for Public Office, period. As regards how the perpetrators are treated, frankly I am not too bothered. It appears you are prepared to vote for a Political Party, who would enable the rape of your children.What a sick country we come from, as a result of our country being raped for 800 years by the Royalty of Rome and Britain, while PSF continue to collaborate with them.
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  • John Patterson I guess we can agree to disagree...😅😅😅
  • Clarke Brian This is the resignation speech of Brendan Curran, ex IRA, ex POW, a PSF councilor a few days ago.It clearly demonstrates both the undemocratic nature of PSF and their cover-up of Child Rape, and you want these people to run our country? https://youtu.be/3pmEiyDx9Qo

    Ex Sinn Fein Councillor Brendan Curran’s stormy exit from Newry and Mourne...
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