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The British Orange Order, ommonly known as the Orange Orger, is Protestant organisation, primarily in the north of Ireland.It was founded in County for sectarian conflict and is a Masonic brotherhood, with an ititiation ceremony known as "Riding the Goat" or bestiality, swearing to continue Protestant supremacy. It adores the Protestant King William of Orange, who won the Battle of the Boyne over 300 years ago. It's members practice many satanic rituals and one of it's best known leaders, is Willie Frazer, from South Armagh.

Cult-Napping: The Truth About Satanic Rituals And Occult Child Abduction

WARNING: This post is a very serious topic that may be hard for most people to believe. Please read with an open mind and an open heart. God bless.

A friend of mine back in college (a Christian now) told me of how he was involved with the satanic occult for many years. He admitted that during his involvement, he was a member of a website used for occultists all over the world. On this site, he explained that there was a section that showed updates of how many children were being kidnapped and used for satanic ritual abuse. It was a truth that was very hard for me to swallow. After much research, I have found that this child abduction phenomena is very real and is becoming more prevalent every year. The scariest aspect of these abductions is that they are being done right before our eyes and we have let it pass us unnoticed for decades. In this post, I will carefully analyze some of the most publicized child abductions and satanic rituals while also showing how the occult powered media has played a large role in it’s growth. Let me begin with the facts:

In the U.S. alone…

1. There are over 300,000 reported abductions every year.

2. There are almost 800,000 reported missing children in the U.S. every year, that is about 4 children a day.

3. Of those missing children, about 400,000 of those cases are reported family abductions.

4. Non-family abductions reported amount to almost 300,000, including kidnappers who are acquaintances or complete strangers to the victims.

The rest are still missing….

One of the more twisted forms of abduction is that involving the own family. Most reported cases of family abduction deal with more simplistic issues such as custody violations. What is not reported, however, are those families who in fact are involved with the occult and use their own children for satanic sacrifice. Here is footage of an old Oprah Show segment interviewing a family occult ritual survivor:

The most important fact to take from this interview is when she stated that her family used “good morals” as a cover for their satanism. Much like fraternal lodges using community service as a mask for their secret occult beliefs, most satanists will use wholesome belief systems (i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism) to hide their evil intentions and dealings in darkness.

Publicized Child Abductions
The Jon Benet Ramsey Case
In 1996, little 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her home cellar, after being reported kidnapped by her parents earlier that day. Even though a ransom note was found, the evidence did not add up to be an outside kidnapper, which pointed suspicions to her own family.
The 9-11 call was made by her mother, Patsy Ramsey, but the dispatcher reported there to be more than two distinct voices from the other line, John (the father), Patsy, and several other unknown males. The autopsy reports also indicated that JonBenet was repeatedly raped/sexually abused by an adult male and sexually assaulted with the use of other objects. JonBenet was also stated to have expressed discomfort in her “private area” two months before her death. She would talk about “scary people in black robes” who gathered around her and stuck things in her “private area”. These findings (even though were not investigated from this perspective) would point to some form of ritual abuse that the Ramsey parents, if not involved in, were their to witness. The CIA investigation diverted the attention from the Ramsey’s to a man named John Mark Karr, whom confessed to the murder of JonBenet in 2006.

Later on, DNA evidence proved his confession to be false as he was never at the scene of the crime. The occult, however, saw that this man had a history of pedofilia with several charges of child pornography and knew that he could be used as a distraction from the family investigation.

Occult Trends – 3 Name Meaning

Most “fall back” men used to cover up murders are known by 3 names. It is a method of name remembrance in Monarch mind control. These figures are generally remembered in history by their name quickly associated by what crime they’ve committed (or helped cover up). This is important in occult numerology as well (3 being a multiple of 6). Here are a few examples of this 3 name correlation:

James Earl Ray

John Wilkes Booth

Lee Harvey Oswald

Osama Bin Laden

John Mark Karr
What makes this story even more horrific, John Ramsey’s first daughter, Elizabeth, had uncovered several vivid memories of satanic ritual abuse during her own childhood. After a suicide attempt, Elizabeth sought for therapy and during her sessions she began to remember. Shortly after her remembrance of these dark memories, claiming to go to the public with them, she was mysteriously killed in a car accident. It is very sad to think that a family would conspire to kill both of their children just to fulfill their own twisted occult rituals.
Government Satanic Ritual Scandals
The Bohemian Grove
In 2000, reporter Alex Jones infiltrated the all-male ritualistic meeting of the world’s elite known as the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove fraternal order has been around since the early 1800’s, being a host for some of the most powerful men in the world from musicians to former presidents.
There have been many rumors surrounding the dealings of what takes place within the Bohemian Grove from satanic rituals to homosexuality and pedofilia. However, this is not the first accusation of child homosexuality against these occult government officials:
In 1989, there was an investigation of a homosexual child prostitute ring being used by many government officials of the Bush and Reagan administration.

During Alex Jones’ infiltration of the Bohemian Grove camp site, he was able to get a video recording of the group performing ritual dances and plays in front of a 40 foot owl statue. The main ritualistic ceremony recorded was the Cremation of Care. First started in 1881, the High Priest of the camp is to play the hero “jinks” to save the other “jinks” from the “spirit of care”. After the play is finished, the High Priest lights the shrine/human sacrifice under the owl on fire causing a barrage of fireworks. Many members of the Grove call it an “exorcising of the demons”.

In the the video footage (above), Alex Jones explains some of the satanic roots of the Cremation of Care. The most important origin of this ritual is the idol that they are using to worship. The 40 foot owl is representative of the ancient Babylonian god Molech which was worshiped by burning child sacrifices on a stone shrine.
Biblical Perspective:
In the Bible, there are many accounts of Molech worship throughout the Old Testament. Here are a few verses about how the Canaanites would sacrifice their children to this pagan god:
“…to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not…” – Jeremiah 32:35

“And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth his seed unto Molech, and kill him not” – Leviticus 20:4
Towards the end of the video, there are many screams of pain and torture coming from the shrine as if there was someone burning alive. If this is truly Molech worship (as it appears to be), then it is safe to assume that these world leaders are in fact practicing in satanic child sacrifice.

Benjamin Franklin & The Hell Fire Club
Benjamin Franklin was not only a Freemason, but he was also a member of the satanic Hellfire Club, known for their mockery of Christianity, drunken orgies, and many child sacrifices. At many of their meetings, the members would get drunk, dress prostitutes up as nuns and have orgies in underground caves. As many people tried to dispel such rumors of this respected founding father, the insidious truth was revealed in 1998. The London Times had reported that workers restoring the Franklin home had found the remains of over 6 children and 4 adults buried beneath its foundation. The bodies had appeared to be decapitated with many of the limbs severed and dissected. This evidence clearly shows that satanic ritual child abuse has been taking place within the occult for many years.

Media’s Satanic Child Ritual Propaganda
Promotion of Sacrificial Gods
The occult driven Hollywood has used many of its films to implicate adverse and subliminal messages to the viewers. In the Spain centered movie, Pan’s Lambyrinth, we see a young child trying to escape her surroundings by finding a fantasy world where she falls in love with a goat-like creature that lives inside of a labyrinth. The goat-like creature is named Pan, which is named after the pagan god of lust, orgy, and pedofilia also symbolized as a goat.

Despite it’s paganistic origins, the film received critical acclaim from all spectrums. Sadly, ChristianityToday even gave the film a 4-star rating. This movie shows the underlining satanic symbolism of the relationship between the idol and it’s sacrifice.

The film Legend of The Guardians is a movie about mythical owls that rise nightly to perform noble deeds. In reality, this movie was made to push the occult propaganda of the child-sacrificing god, Molech. What makes this movie even more disturbing is that it was made for a children’s fan base. This movie is made to give children a positive perspective of the owl symbol, erasing the idea of an owl being evil or harmful to them. It seems that this horrible type of mind (Monarch) programming would make it easier for occultists to perform their sacrifices if their child abductions are comforted by the idols set before them.

Music Influence

In 2006, rapper Ludacris released an album called Release Therapy, which had a few interesting songs on it that could very well be occult related. In the song, “War With God” Ludacris claims to be battling against himself, almost as if he were standing in a mirror. We know that in the occult realm, the symbology of the mirror is a battle of the soul or with an inner demon. The scariest part of this song is that Ludacris raps over a very ominous satanic sample singing direct praises to Lucifer.

I’m sure most of you are wondering what this has to do with occult child abduction. We’ll there was a more publicized record on this album that ended up becoming an anthem for child runaways all over the world, a song titled “Runaway Love”. The song itself, from surface value seems to be very wholesome and consciously positive as it speaks of several stories about young girls going through trauma at home causing them to run away.

Towards the end of the song, however, it becomes very eerie and uncomfortable as Ludacris leads all the children into a dark alley with ceremonial/ritualistic candles. Then he tells them to repeat what he does/says as if it were some type of ritual being performed, telling the young ladies to “run away” with him. Odd? very.
If Ludacris is involved with the occult (as it would appear), then his intentions for such a song can only be meant for evil and satanic purposes. If one were to truly look at the message being presented, it can be seen that there is no point of salvation for these lost girls, but only a direction into darkness. The song also promotes the notion of running away as being positive, which would ultimately increase the percentage of child missing persons reports giving the occult a larger influx of sacrifices.

Underground rapper Charles Hamilton made a song in 2008 called “Hell Boys” about the truth of occult child abduction and its sick and perverse rituals. As I conclude this post, I hope that all of you will be aware of how real the occult is and the wickedness that they perform right before our eyes.



British police claim a criminal investigation they launched into journalists who have reported on leaked documents from Edward Snowden has to be kept a secret due to a “possibility of increased threat of terrorist activity.”

Following Snowden’s disclosures from the National Security Agency in 2013, London’s Metropolitan Police and a lawyer for the United Kingdom government separately confirmed a criminal probe had been opened into the leaks. One of the Metropolitan Police’s most senior officers publicly acknowledged during a parliamentary hearing that the investigation was focusing on whether reporters at the Guardian had committed criminal offenses for their role in revealing British government mass surveillance operations exposed in Snowden’s documents.

But now, the Metropolitan Police, known as the Met, says everything about the investigation’s existence is a secret and too dangerous to disclose. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request from this reporter, the force has repeatedly refused to release any information about the status of the investigation, how many officers are working on it, or how much taxpayer money has been spent on it. The Met wrote in its response:

to confirm or deny whether we hold any information concerning any current or previous investigations into the alleged actions of Edward Snowden could potentially be misused proving detrimental to national security.

In this current environment, where there is a possibility of increased threat of terrorist activity, providing any details even to confirm or deny that any information exists could assist any group or persons who wish to cause harm to the people of the nation which would undermine the safeguarding of national security.

The refusal notice, first issued late February and then upheld by the Met earlier this month after an appeal, cited a series of national security and law enforcement exemptions to the United Kingdom’s FOIA law as justification not releasing any details about the investigation.

The Met said the information requested may have been “supplied by, or concerning, certain security bodies” that don’t have to abide by normal transparency requirements, such as the secretive surveillance agency Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. The Met also claimed that it “would not be in the public interest” to reveal basic information about the status of the criminal probe because doing so “could be detrimental to any investigations that may be being conducted now or in the future.”

The Met carried out the searches for relevant requested information at itsCounter Terrorism Command, according to the refusal notice, which is the unit handling the Snowden investigation. The Counter Terrorism Command operates within the Met’s Specialist Operations department and had a leading role in the Snowden-related detention and interrogation at a London airport in August 2013 of David Miranda, the partner of Interceptco-founder and former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.

When he was detained, Miranda was transporting a batch of encrypted Snowden documents to aid Greenwald’s reporting on the files. The Met seized the material at the airport and three months later quietly announcedthat it had opened a criminal investigation related to the leaks, saying the material taken from Miranda was “highly sensitive” and “could put lives at risk.” A counter-terrorism detective for the force told a court the case was being viewed as likely to be a “conspiracy with a global dimension.”

The Intercept has filed a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the public body that enforces the U.K.’s freedom of information laws, about the Met’s refusal to release information about the current status of the investigation. The commissioner will now look at how the police handled the request and decide whether they should be ordered to hand over the relevant details.

Earlier this week, The Intercept asked the Met to clarify how providing information about the Snowden leaks probe could suddenly pose a threat to national security, given that one of its own senior officers had previously discussed the case publicly. The Met declined to comment.

In an emailed statement issued Thursday, a spokesman for the force said only: “We won’t be adding to the FOI [freedom of information] response.”

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