Monday, 20 April 2015


British Pedo Politics Rule Ireland. For example, just one British Prime Minister in the last 40 Years, did not engage in Paedophillia. There has been absolutely, despicable crimes and covert operations, that YOU PAY & VOTE FOR, committed in Ireland by this ruling elite. Britain & Ireland, is run disgracefully by Paedophile Rings in the British Government. We are run by a disgraceful bunch of Royal Pedophiles, who have been taking children, to be raped, in the Tavistok Insitute, since 1926 and it is only now, that people, are awakening to the sickest Royal Family in History.

With regard to Ireland, each such predators, are compromised by British Intelligence, in such a way, that whoever they have evidence on, that could expose them, they have total control over their actions and they own them, for the purposes of the British elite and their rule of lawlessness in Ireland, protected by their Officials Secrets Act, copperfastened by their secret courts. They may also groom potential victims at a young age, to become nodes of power an influence in the future, which includes Irish policing.

Generally, we regard blackmail, as a means of extracting money, but when British Intelliegence, have the evidence on an Irish politician, lawyer, judge, prosecutor, prison adminsitrator, or on a President, it is far more valuable. They have the Irish political elite, media, and intelligence agencies under their control, resulting in the current reality, where anything is possible. This is how they create puppets, willing to switch wars, on and off for them, with paranormal, paramilitary, tactics.

These Paedos are also thieving your hard earned money in every concievable way, then use it for Black Propaganda and Op’s. This means that you a british taxpayer, paid to kill Princes Diana and YOUfunded the Yorkshire Ripper. The BBC licence, pays for some of this BLACK PROPAGANDA & BLACK OPS.  STOP PAYING YOUR TV LICENCE IT IS ILLEGAL. Have a look at the Corbett report below.

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