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An investigation is to be launched into the serial killings carried out by the British agent known as Stakeknife and other Crown agents secretly inside the Provisional IRA. The Police Ombudsman’s Office is examining allegations that British military intelligence, directed executions of ‘informers’ by their own spies, operating within the IRA.The inquiry by the Historical Investigations Directorate is focusing on the role of the double-agent known as Stakeknife, who ran the IRA’s counter intelligence section.

At least 20 such killings are to be investigated in of the most sinister aspects of the conflict.Stakeknife has been identified as Freddie Scappaticci, a republican who fled Belfast after being named as a double agent, more than a decade ago. Scappaticci was a close friend of the former republican leadership above. He has always denied working for British military intelligence and continues to deny being Stakeknife.

Relatives of those interrogated by the IRA have recently launched compensation cases against the British government. Some have argued that genuine republicans were executed as ‘informers’ in order to protect other British spies. In some instances, the families of executed ‘informers’ have alleged, that their loved ones, were set up, simply to provide cover for the British government’s most important double-agents, inside the IRA.

The ombudsman’s office has written to Kevin Winters, one of the lawyers representing the victims, to confirm that a “thematic approach” inquiry is under way.The allegations include claims, that some killings could have been prevented and that people were subsequently protected from investigation and prosecution.

There has been growing pressure by the victims for a full-scale inquiry into Britain’s handling of spies within the IRA. Winters met the ombudsman this week to discuss the investigation. In a statement released afterwards, his Belfast law firm, KRW Law, welcomed the development. It said other official agencies had, until now, been reluctant to look at common themes such as the use of informers and the mechanisms of collusion involved.

KRW Law said: “The initiative of the ombudsman ... makes sense on resource grounds and more importantly on the grounds that in identifying the thematic links in ‘complex’ investigations, initially regarding the operation of the RUC, the extent of collusion will be revealed and the nearer victims will be to fulfilling their quest for truth, justice and accountability.”

A former British military intelligence officer, Ian Hurst, has publicly offered to give evidence about the role of Stakeknife to the ombudsman. Hurst has previously provided information about the British agents involved in the loyalist murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane. Hurst, who served in the murderous ‘Force Research Unit’ of MI5, has confirmed that in many cases, republicans accused of being informers, were ordered to be killed, simply to protect the double agent’s reputation.

The Anthrax Coverup Exposed

By Paul Craig Roberts

Update: Both Senator Leahy and Senator Daschle were in positions capable of blocking the neo-Nazi PATRIOT Act. Both senators had negotiated with the Bush regime changes in the act that made it less tyrannical. However, the changes were not in the final draft of the act sent to Congress. Consequently, Leahy and Daschle were resisting the rush to passage. I have often wondered if Leahy and Daschle understood the anthrax letters to be Washington’s warning: “Get out of the way of Tyranny or we will kill you.”

April 18, 2015 "ICH" - Graeme MacQueen’s 2014 book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, has been vindicated by the head of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation.

Four and one-half months ago I posted a review of MacQueen’s book. The hired government apologists, the despicable presstitute media, and the usual gullible patriots greeted the book with screams of “conspiracy theory.” In fact, MacQueen’s book was a carefully researched project that established that there indeed was a conspiracy–a conspiracy inside the government.

MacQueen’s conclusion stands vindicated by Richard Lambert, the agent in charge of the FBI anthrax investigation who has turned whistleblower.

It was obvious to any person familiar with the techniques that governments use to erode liberty by destroying the protection given to citizens by law that the purpose of the anthrax letters, especially the letters to senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle, was to raise the fear level in order to guarantee the passage of the tyrannical PATRIOT Act.

The PATRIOT Act was a decisive blow against American liberty. The act has served to negate the US Constitution in the 21st century and to endow the federal government with unaccountable and tyrannical powers.

In a court filing, Richard Lambert says that as the agent in charge of the investigation he was obstructed and impeded in his investigation for four years by the FBI’s Washington Field Office, by apathy and error from the FBI Laboratory, by erroneous legal decisions, and by politically motivated communication embargoes from FBI Headquarters.

As Lambert has filed a case in US District Court, it will be difficult for Washington to have him assassinated. However, Washington can still use its presstitutes against him.

Lambert says that there was far more exculpatory evidence in Bruce Ivins behalf than there was orchestrated circumstantial evidence against him. Ivins was Washington’s scapegoat after the orchestrated case against Steven Hatfill fell apart and Washington had to pay Hatfill $4.6 million for defamation. Lambert says the evidence was not sufficient for a court conviction of Ivins, who conveniently died or was murdered, and thus could be blamed without conviction.

Scientists have conclusively proven that the anthrax in the letters was advanced bio-weapons technology to which Ivins had no access.

Lambert’s accusations filed in federal court have the capability of exposing the entire 9/11 deception. It will be interesting to see if Washington can again prevail over law and truth and whether the American public will remain insouciant and content in their Matrix existence.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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