Sunday, 27 January 2008

Gaza Concentration Camp an Irish Perspective

Everyone keeps referring to the Hamas terrorists. What about the state
terrorism of Israel, below is a video that was made by an intelligent
honest Jewish person. It shows that the Zionists in Israel, are doing
exactly what the Fascists in Europe did, more than 50 years ago. Israel
with Nuclear weapons and billions of US tax dollars have been trying to
bully Palestinians for more than 50 years. I am Irish and I do not take
sides, in distant wars, neither am I particularly fond of the Islamic
religion, in fact I detest all religions, I also understand there are
some very fine Jewish people. Two wrongs however, do not make a right
and what Israel is doing is very very wrong, its barbaric, and
inhumane. Its just as bad as what Hitler did and Israel is committing
war crimes, every day it uses warplanes to bomb totally civilian areas.
This latest chapter, using collective punishment of a whole people, by
imprisoning them, starving them, letting them die in hospitals without
electricity, is an en exact copy of what Hitler did in Warsaw to the
Jews. Concentration Camp Gaza is an Israeli war crime without any
shadow of a doubt.

has created Concentration Camp Gaza and killed international pacifists
including, Irish volunteers who wanted to settle this peacefully. You
cannot discuss this matter with Zionists because they are blinded with
racial hatred, of logic and fact. I do not support the indiscriminate
use of Islamic suicide bombers to resolve this either. If Israel keeps
attacking the Palestinian people you cannot blame them, for defending
their families and property with sticks , stones and firecrackers.

solution to all of this is very, very simple, every dog on the street
knows the answer. Israel should return to the Pre - 1967 borders in
their entirety and withdraw from all Palestinian land, including
east-Jerusalem totally and unequivocally. Israel should also give up
all its nuclear weapons with Iran also showing compliance. The UN
should ensure compliance, even if it has to disarm Israel itself and
remove them from the occupied terrortries. The Arab governments should
ensure that these International Jihadists are brought to heel and cease
their activities worldwide, immediately. The USA should withdraw
themselves totally from the middle-east, mind their own business, stop
aggravating the situation and stay out of it.

The alternative to all of this, is imminent World War 3, with Israel as the prime culprit using its illegal Nuclear Weapons..

am sick and tired of this whole problem, it has occupied the News
headline now for more than 50 years and all of my friends are sick of

George Bush is not part of the solution he is part of the
problem. He is not a peace maker, he is a warmonger, guilty of invasion
and war crimes, he should be taken out and shot, for the murder of more
than1,168,058 Arab people. The culture in the US is creating millions
of blood thirsty individuals, who can only make war and cannot make

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