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The Irish Peace Process of British Secret Service origin, has been dying a slow death now for the last couple of years, since the Tories came to power in both England and Ireland in the form of Fine Gael. It has served its purpose of defeating the IRA, so it's back to business as usual. The principal reason for it's demise, is that from it's inception lacked the Truth & Reconciliation element of what worked with Mandela in South Africa. It was born and crafted in secrecy. Mandela is generally hailed, as the hero of the South African process but it is my humble opinion, that the real hero was Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose admirers see him, as the man most responsible for the demise of apartheid and who has been active in defence of human rights, not just in his own country, but has also campaigned for the oppressed in the Occupied Territories of Palestine and also campaigned to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, poverty, racism, sexism, the imprisonment of Chelsea Manning, homophobia and transphobia. Ireland does have similar seasoned campaigners, such as Fr. Raymond Murray, but his Church will never give him the profile of Archbishop, because as a truth teller and a person of integrity, he would be far too dangerous in Ireland and would be regarded as partisan by some.We need a genuine Tutu, Jimmy Carter or their equivalent in Ireland, urgently.

Irish bog bodies, mummified for more than 4,000 years by the elements of Irish bogs, are in a peculiar way also truth tellers, killed and deposited in Irish bogs, as part of a widespread cultural tradition of human sacrifice or execution of their time, they reveal some of the dark secrets of our ancestors. Yesterday another body was uncovered in a Co Meath bog, which has been confirmed as that of one of  the Disappeared, victim Brendan Megraw. Mr Megraw, was abducted by the IRA on April 8 1978, executed and secretly buried. He was a newly-wed of 23, awaiting the birth of his daughter, another Irish victim of the centuries old conflict, he died twenty years before the Belfast Agreement in 1998. His executioners, now participate daily in the same activity of which Mr Megraw was accused. I personally am not in a position to judge the rights and wrongs of all of this, but I can honestly say, that as an activist of almost 40 years, in one form or another, all of this has evolved into into a tragic farce of utter hypocrisy.

Serious human rights activists in Occupied Ireland, factor in assassination as a likely fate, with the original responsibility for most of those murders, being at the door of the British Secret Services, albeit executed by their various agents on both sides of their nurtured sectarian divide. Censorship sometimes fails their nefarious activity, while on other occasions, political internment without trial is employed or failing those, ultimately they resort to assassination. British secret service agents, daily manage drug cartels and pedophile syndicates, as their leverages of political power over all of the island and have been doing so, for a very long time. They have thousands of agents, scattered all over the island, penetrating the injustice system of both states, that includes lawyers, police, judges, politicians, media, banking, paramilitaries, drug cartels and freemasonry of the Orange Order. The evidence is there for all serious researchers. I have witnessed  this first hand from personal experience, which I have no problem making public, in any transparent and public forum of truth and reconciliation.

The tools of control freaks, such as manipulation, lying, violence, etc., are often honed to sophistry, in the homes of pedophiles and abusers, which often enables the power craven, to rise to the top of the British class system, while groomed in the process by their mentors, becoming long term pawns, that are often, inter generational for abuse by the Britain's SS. Ireland has been it's test laboratory. In the course of my recovery from alcoholism, I was fortunate enough to attend many different types of 12 step meetings in the Jellinek Clinic in the Netherlands, where I witnessed the full array of horrors, that are used by British colonialism in Ireland. I learned, that I was as sick as my secrets, and in the process, I learned that it is also true of my country. As a result, I am aware, that without Archbishop Desmond Tutu's element of Truth & Reconciliation, the Irish Peace Process has little if any chance of success. Many of the most horrific crimes committed in Ireland, are unlikely to ever see the light of day, because there are considerable resources of both British & Irish taxpayers, being used to keep all of this secret.

All of the serious power nodes in Ireland, have secrets, that would probably destroy their various privileges. From the Irish Authorities's collaboration in the Dublin & Monaghan bombings, that killed so many of their own citizens, to the extent of how Britain's MI5, used operations like Kincora Boy's Home, along with Nazareth Lodge, to both infiltrate and groom, the highest echelons of the paramilitaries and their subsequent political parties, which enabled their Pseudo Peace Process, to become a key part of their imperial policy in Ireland. Yes the Peace Process advocates, will pay lip service to Truth & Reconciliation but 16 years after the Agreement, their is still little prospect of a transparent one. In fact just recently, MI5 have blocked, once again any transparent inquiry. Secrecy is ingrained into all of Britain's bureaucracy, for them secrecy is power, as it is in their legacy in Ireland and in their client states of Commonwealth. It is rotten from top to bottom, with crimes against humanity both within and without of their own jurisdiction and is copper fastened with the Freemasonry of the Orange Order along with it's Gombeen equivalent in the south.

Commoners as they are called by their Majesty, rely on her old media networks, such as the BBC World Service, stuffed and vetted by MI5 agents and paedophiles, to stay misinformed along, coupled with rampant censorship in both Her own Kingdom and Ireland. Informed citizens from Hong Kong, to the Ukraine, to Occupied Ireland are daily witnesses to their disinformation. 
I personally was banned again at their behest, from Facebook last night, because of the post below. Truth tellers with any influence in Ireland are censored by assassinations, such as the journalists Veronica Guerin and Martin O'Hagan. Lawyers such as Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finnucane along, with human rights activists too numerous to mention.

Only a people's movement, the length and breath of the island of Ireland, will remove this cancer once and for all in it's entirety. It needs to be replaced with a completely transparent system of Government by the people for the people, who use their head and commonsense, to distinguish between self-serving, leaders of patriarchy and humble servants of the people. Gandhi proved this was possible peacefully, in a subcontinent, much larger than Ireland. Obviously as a result of the censorship of Facebook last night, in closing my account, an important platform has been removed. I can only hope people will read this, research what I write and verify it for themselves, share it, agitate, educate and organize, in a peaceful intelligent way and convince, their respective acquaintances in the paramilitaries, that their is a more intelligent way and that right now their activity is actually counter revolutionary in the present context. As Mairead Farrell, along with her book on Engel's dialectics and her statement affirming, "that our head is our best weapon." So without that platform, I ask you to please try to do your small bit, to make this happen, whatever that might be as Bobby Sands reminded us. You could start by sharing this article if you agree with it's contents. All of our lives, which are all very precious and those of our children depend on you doing it.

Censored Article below;


Londonderry: Man shot in leg 'by appointment'

Sinn Féin councillor Eric McGinley said he understood the man had been shot in the leg "by appointment" during a so-called punishment attack.

A 42-year-old man has been shot in an overnight gun attack in Londonderry.

Police said they were investigating a "paramilitary-style shooting" which happened in the Ballymagroarty area of the city at about 23:40 GMT.

Provisional Sinn Féin councillor Eric McGinley said he understood the man had been shot in the leg "by appointment" during a so-called punishment attack.

He said: "This is a very worrying development as it's the second shooting in this area in just over a month."

Police said they received a report that a 42-year-old man had been shot in the left leg at Corrib Court by a man described as being approximately 6ft tall, who was wearing a balaclava and dark clothing.

The victim was taken to hospital for treatment to his injury which is not believed to be life-threatening.

In a statement, Mr McGinley added: "It's important to repeat the message that there is no place for guns on the streets of our city.

"The community does not want this and the people behind these actions need to stop."

Which guns McGinley ? British Army? PSNIRA?
Continuity IRA? Flegger RA?, RAAD?, Real IRA?,
Official IRA?, ONH?, UVF?, MI5?, SAS????????????

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