Sunday, 2 November 2014


200,000 march across Ireland. If the Government doesn't abolish water charges - people power will abolish the Government!

Let the Irish Government be warned- if they do not abolish the water charges and scrap Irish Water- then the rising tide of people power will wash away this Government.200,000 people in total marched across Ireland on Saturday Nov 1st- protests on a scale not seen for a generation. A new mood of defiance and rebellion has infected the people of Ireland.Despite the rain people gathered in cities and towns across the country. On some protests people burned their Irish Water application packs. On others they ended with assemblies at major roundabouts and junctions.The Government was already on the ropes- their nervous spokespeople promising reductions in the bill for the less well off and claiming they were going to cap the charge. But we all know that once they got the charge out there in any form they would up the bills once protests dropped.That's why we have to escalate the movement now. December 10th gives us the opportunity to do just that. At 1pm on that day the Right2Water Campaign is calling on everyone to get to the Dail. Stay away from work, walk out of college. Get everyone to the protest.Never again will we allow any Government to shove cuts down our throats and punish our children for the crimes of bankers. The water charges movement can give birth to a whole new era in Irish politics- where instead of the brown envelopes and careerists making all the decisions and laughing all the way to the bank - the people are a factor to be reckoned with.November 1, 2014 - 17:31Topics: PoliticsTags: Right2waterIrish WaterIreland- See more at:

IN PICTURES: Ireland’s Umbrella Movement takes to the streets against water charges

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