Tuesday, 30 December 2014


“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.” William Blake.

I don't know about wisdom but I do know about excess and as people who read this blog are aware, I regularly harp on about a proper Truth & Reconciliation process in Ireland, that we may learn from our past mistakes and move on to a more progressive way of life. I have also harped on about the truth setting us free but I have omitted to include, that with the truth, also comes the requirement of taking responsibilty, especially in public life. Now most ordinary people like myself, would choose the bliss of ignorance, rather than responsibilty, if it were not for the pain, that demands a solution.

One of the difficulties of speaking truthfully about matters, other than personal experience, is that I must remember, that everytime I pomt my finger at anything, other than myself, there are at least three fingers pointing right back at me. An importnat part of being frank for myself, is calling things by their right name, which is often offensive to other people. So I better start with myself and where I come from, before I start offending other people.Though it is termed politically incorrect, people now refer to third world countries, as developing countries. In my humble opinion this new term, is inaccurate, denying history for an econocomic illusion. 

I come from a third world country, on the edge of Europe, called Ireland. While it is no longer overtly Catholic, it remains predominantly so, in it's culture and psychology, outside the sectarian, bigoted Orange disOrder entity, that the British like to call northern Ireland. The reason this is important, is that it is not accidental, that Fascism's cradle in Europe, is the very Catholic parts, like Austria/Bavaria with Hitler, Italy with Mussolini, Spain with Franco.The overtly Fascist nature of Irish life, was exposed by the Blueshirts and covertly by Devalera, as in both the case of sending Michael Collin, to sign the treaty and his death warrant, covertly operating, with draconian censorship to the point, of hiring an English hangman and bringing him over to Ireland to excute former comrades, along the lines of Brit Sinn Fein, hiring the UVF to do their dirty work, when Gerry & Sinead come to power.

Because Catholics from a young age, are programmed, to delegate spiritual matters, to their patriarchal hierarchy, rather than take personal responsibity, this generally seeps into every aspect of their lives, including politics, which elects politcians, who do not take responsibilty, are not accountable and abuse their unlicensed power, to the point of exercising draconian Catholic censorship of criticism, that is culturally acceptable with their Catholic programmed masses. So without the truth and the lessons of our historical mistakes, there, cannot be much progress, despite all the illusions of material accessories of our modern, technological, virtual world, we continue in reality, to live in third world poverty, particularly in matters of the Spirit.

So what the hell has this got to do with Gerry Adams, Sinead O'Connor and AirAsia I hear you ask and as the master spindoctors of our corporate media would patronizingly reply, "That's a very good Question." Well after witnessing a bellyfull of all of this in our corporate media, after previously witnessing dramatic events unfold, in front of my younger eyes in British Occupied Ireland and turning on my TV, to see a totally different narrative later, it drove me to the point of this blog, for my own sanity. Now in the process, I have learned the wisdom of Oscar Wilde's assertion, that the truth is rarely pure and never simple. 

As I write this, it appears that the third Malaysian aeroplane, that went missing in 2014, is in the sea, as a result of Air turbulence, which is particulary severe in this part of the world, during the months of November, December and January. The primary reason for this, is it's proximity to the Equator and the associated trade winds, with severe up draughts and turbulence, which seem to be far more severe in recent years, with the onslaught of massive illegal logging in Indomesian rainforests, and burning the ensuing wildlife.

However the question of management, is also a considerable factor in this reality, as I believe like Ireland, it is third world management, which was also reponsible, for the loss of a plane recently, near the equator in Africa. The culture of not losing face, i.e. censorship, interferes with the chain of command, not just on a flight deck but also in Government. A Commander is only as accurate with his decisions, as is the quality of information, put in front of him from subordinates, along with the wisdom he has learned from uncensored, past mistakes.

One of my numerous ex-wives from a miltary family in Asia, first pointed out to me, when I first came down here, that in Asia, young children are programmed, like Catholics in Ireland, that it is better to loose your life. than to loose Face. This is a very important part of Asian culture, which like Catholcism in Ireland, prevents ordinary people, having access to the truth, so that they might acquire the wisdom of the lessons of experience. In the US, if the weather is dangerous for an air flight, then it is postponed. In this part of the world they cannot economically afford such a luxury or it's reality being a factor in tourist choice. It also has further economic and political implications. 

The second Malaysian flight, that was shot down over the Ukraine, like other airlines, should not have been flying over a warzone and there are obvious political questions, yet to be answered, about all of this. The first MH370 flight disappeared in perfect weather and I have my own ideas, on what happened, but because of current family grief and stress around the latest accident, this is not the time for speculation about this matter. However like Ireland, I strongly believe, that the more than 5,000 immediate, family members, are entiled to nothing less, than the unadulterated truth, about precisely what happened, so that they may reconcile their tragedy and loss, learn the lessons of mistakes and move on to a more progressive way of life. 

I would at his time like to express my empathy, for their considerable grief, loss and frustration, while looking foward to the same truth, that sets my own painful past free. Those in positions of public life, associated with these three disasters, have a particular responsibilty, to transcend their own self interests, selfishness, party politics, in the interests of the victim's families and common good of our greedy, comtemporary, world. Let  us hope, that politcians like Gerry Adams & Sinead O'Connor, along with their groupies, are suffficently patriotic to note, otherwise numerous generations of trauma vistims, will have to be medicated, in one form or another, until the truth sets them free, as Sinead O'Connor knows very well. Please disemminate if you agree, as this blog is mostly censored.
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