Friday, 2 January 2015


Currently in Britain, macabre, black humor, concerning holocausts, reflects the consuderable shift to the right in politcs. Irish jokes have always been used, as an expression of racism and prejudice, often used with politcal intent. This has taken a new turn recently, with the commisioning of a comedy series by British Television, on the Irish holocaust and another for American audiences, about an Irish American, alcoholic in the US.

The Irish Holocaust, which cost more than 6 million lives, has always been censored from Irish history books and the media, while revising it, simply to a famine, because of the failure of the potato crop. It was in fact a socially engineered genocide, by the British Government, to get rid of the native Irish from Ireland, as part of their colonization of Ireland. Alcoholism is rife and a serious issue, with all colonized indigenous peoples, after the the destruction of their society, such as the aborigines in Australia, native Indians in both north and south America and the many native tribes of Africa.

The British used a combination of censorship and mentored historians, who they often put through third level education, for credibility purposes, to then rewrite the history of their colonies, in the same way, they mentor the rise of politicians, to rule their colonies for them. As the old saying goes, history is written by the victors. I would strongly recomend all people of Irish ancestry, to check the following website, for the truth about the Irish holocaust and to share it with ffriends, as like this blog, it is partially censored, by agents of the British Crown.

Psychosis is a condition of the mind, and is a state often described as involving a "loss of contact with reality". I often quote Brendan Behan's statement,"Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis." - Brendan Behan. Growing up in Ireland and having several Jewish firends, I believe there is considerable evidence, to support Mr Behan's prognosis, and it's is not surpising is it, when you have lost more than half of your ancestors from genocide, something any person aware of their history, would not find particulary funny, I assure you dear reader and is particulary provocative. for anyself respecting Irish or Jewish person. The song below, tells one story of one Irish immigrant about it.

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