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The concept of people thinking and speaking freely and free to come to their own opinions, particulary about political matters, is censored and controlled in many subtle ways in both parts of Ireland. Under British common law, seditious libel, a crime, punishable by life imprisonment, loosely defined, allow the British , to suppress dissent. The term "seditious libel" refers to any attempt to bring the monarch and British government officials, such as British Sinn Fein into contempt and ridicule, promoting discontent between the British government and the Irish people, or inciting people, to change the Irish scum states. It does'nt matter if what is said is true, it's purpose is the stability of the mongrel DUP Sinn Fein junta and its standing within the Irish population. Sedition is the "notion of inciting by words or writings disaffection towards the state or constituted authority". Sedition complements treason. Treason frightens commoners, sedition frightens intellectuals.

The British had what they term, a Glorious Revolution, in 1688, with the overthrow of the Catholic King James II of England by a combination of deception, English Parliamentarians and the Dutch stadtholder William III of Orange. After his successful invasion of England, with a Dutch fleet and army, it led to his taking the English throne. While causing grave problems, that still linger in Ireland, it did lead to a period of limited enlightenment in England, which included a British Bill of Rights, accompanied by Magna Carta, the Petition of Right and the Habeas Corpus Act 1679, which  became the foundation of British Law. However because of racial prejudice and Orange Order bigotry, the native Irish, were regarded as "white niggers, "in Ireland and either sold to the colonies as slaves or treated as second class commoners in Ireland, a lot of which still persists today.

During this time, the strongest support for the evolution of free thought and speech was written in Cato's Letters, published in the 1720s. Here is a key quote from one the letters, “SIR, Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as publick liberty, without freedom of speech, which is the right of every man, as far as by it he does not hurt and control the right of another and this is the only check which it ought to suffer, the only bounds which it ought to know. This sacred privilege is so essential to free government, that the security of property and the freedom of speech, always go together and in those wretched countries, where a man can not call his tongue his own, he can scarce call anything else his own. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of the nation, must begin by subduing the freedom of speech, a thing terrible to publick traitors.” - Cato #15.These letters, written during this era of British history, were well read in the North American colonies and formed the basis for the establishment of free speech in the American colonies in the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately this has never happened in Ireland.

The introduction of politcal internment in August 1971 in Ireland and the British slaughter of unarmed, Civil Rights demostrators on Bloody Sunday in 1972, in conjunction with the introduction of the Kitsonian Military Reaction Force, a British Army death squad, with cars loaded with heavily armed undercover soldiers, using drive-by indiscriminate shootings of unarmed civilians, followed by British created covert groups, including the infamous Force Research Unit, were all part of Britain's imperial evolution, from it's activities in it's colonies and the British Army’s modus operandus, during it's war, intheir test aboratory of the North of Ireland. The military mastermind behind it was, British death squad expert,, General Sir Frank Kitson GBE, KCB, MC & Bar, DL. On the basis of his experiments conducted in Ireland, he became Commander-in-Chief of British Land Forces and Aide-de-Camp to the British Queen, which were all part of much bigger international ambitions of the British, which ran far beyond their war in Ireland. Their imperial evolution, into the creation of counter gang activity and False Flag events, created their now standard terrorist narrative, that justifies the destruction of most of Human Rights, in British Law, including speech free of censorship.

Coupled with the Monroe Doctrine experiments in South America, the special UK/US relationship, today exports it's intelligence, hardware and it's Imperial experience, to their worldwide Empire. Interrogation torture, experiments conducted with their Guineapigs of Internment in Ireland, were copied in Abu Graib and elsewhere. Counter gang experiemnts in Ireland, are used today in the Middle East and further afield. False Flag operations in Ireland, are copied in the US. All of this State sponsored terrorism, forms basis for their terrorist narrative, that is the basis of the abondonment of Human Rights, that enable torture, recently revealed about the CIA. It was all researched in Malaysia, Kenya and Ireland by Kitson. It is still being researched in the form of politcial counter-gangs, post "Peace Process" in all of the island of Ireland and elsewhere, today. Censorship of 'trolls' is an example of it's subtle justification for censorship, coupled with incessant disinformation and propaganda, from the mainstream Corporate Media presstitutes, along with astroturf politcal societies and parties, they bury the truth.

The British started to learn the basics of sticking together and their modern warfare, from the invasion by the Romans, who taught them the value of close military formation, practiced on the rugby playing fields of Eton. It was taken to specialist levels, at their Military Academy at Sandhurst, incorporating doctrines, such as, 'The Art of War' from the ancient Chinese military treatise by Sun Tzu, an ancient military general, strategist and tactician. It is a work of 13 chapters, each devoted to an aspect of warfare. It is the definitive work on military strategy and tactics of it's time. It has been the most influential of China's Seven Military Classics, of the last two thousand years, it remains even today a handbook for many International Corporation business tactics, legal strategy, etc..
The  British Military Academy at Sandhurst, has trained most of the leaders of it's former colonies and Commonwealth of today, from the pool of rich kids of their international establishment, they all feed from the same trough and stick together. 

It's tentacles reach deep into the West Brit, establishment in both parts of Ireland, it extends worldwide from Egypt, to Asia to the still covert W.A.S.P. powerbase in the U.S.. It is sometimes called the lilluminati, Old boy network, Old money, often with direct lines of ancestry, to the same few old  bourgeoisie worldwide. Whatever it is called, it is an inherited reality, from the extended old Royal families. The basics of it's divide an rule are constant, along with the tactics of the 'Art of War'. With modern technology, it evolves in places like GCHQ Cheltenham and in the NSA.We have an ample supply of information of their techniques, from Wikileaks and it's many subsequent whitleblowers. Information is their power, used in Wall Street, City of London, Washington, the Penatagon, International Corporate Media, the Fed, right down to that little uncensored troll in your social media, while their agents subtly censor, what they term 'trolls' like Irish Blog. We better educate ourselves, on how to read between the lines, with regard to incessant disinformation/propaganda and real facts, identify our friends, develop a culture of practical solidarity and Unite.
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