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The political parties, whose meetings the Fascist Blueshirts protected, merged to become Fine Gael and members of that party are called "Blueshirts" to this very day. Because the authoritarian group's leader Eoin O'Duffy, was also Dictaor of the Irish police, while also closely connected to fascist corporate sponsored movements on the European Continent, the Blueshirts are politically categorized with the MVSN Blackshirts of Italy, along with the Nazis in Germany, who to this day perform similar functions for corporations in slightly more sanitized but equally ruthless manner. The Blueshirts went to fight for the Fascist, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War after their very bloody Civil War in Ireland, against the people of no property, which continues politically today, in the Irish struggle for the right2water, preventing Ireland's over supply of free water, being owned by a corporation. It rains so much in Ireland, that this farcical enterprise, could only be compared, to the preposterous concept, of an American Corporation, with the collusion of ISIS, selling sand to their own Arabs and denying their own, free sand. This of course is only possible, when the Irish Government and its police force, work for the interests of Corporations, not it's own people, which is fascism.
Over three-quarters won't pay despite revised water charge proposals

Story by Paul Hughes

Over 79 percent of people in Westmeath are still opposed to the introduction of water charges - despite moves by the Government last week to cap charges until 2019.

A WestmeathExaminer.ie poll of some 211 people has shown that 79.1 percent will not pay the water charges, and feel that they pay enough taxes already.

Meanwhile, the sample showed that some 20.9 percent feel that the revised charges are fair, and will pay.

The cap on charges, announced by the Government last week, will see bills from Irish Water of €160 for a one-adult household and €260 for all other households, reduced to €60 and €160 respectively after a €100 payment promised by the Government.

However, protests against the Government have intensified this week ahead of an anticipated monster demonstration outside the Dáil on December 10.

On Monday night, Westmeath County Council became the latest local authority to vote for the abolition of Irish Water.

A motion by Fianna Fáil's Cllr Ken Glynn received cross-party support, although protesters present were alarmed at news that Irish Water has contacted the council seeking information about its tenants.

Fergal Hing from Facebook

It is also about the stench of corruption amongst all county councillers

Dave Lyons from Facebook

Nobody should pay.....

Kat Geraghty from Facebook

It's about cronyism, corruption and traitors.

Linda Dunne from Facebook

And what they are not telling you is ... not everyone is going to qualify for the 100 euro .... but by that time they will have you signed up to Irish Water .... only way to defeat this now is if we all stick together and refuse to pay .... We already pay for our water!!!

Geraldinee Morris from Facebook

If its going to take welfare so long to process the 100 euro what not avoid it by irish water taking it off bill n the welfare processing one payment to irish water

Danny Lyons from

Aw! stop complaining. lol.

Niamh Hogan Dunn from Facebook

all of the above/below...

Eddie Nugent from Facebook

ok, then its a ridiculous question, which annoyed me so much that i did not read the 2nd

Westmeath Examiner from Facebook

It's not a comment Eddie, it's a question, and there are two of them...

Annette Temple from Facebook

It's about this governments ineptitude, lies, fraud, cronyism, lies, deafness, lies and their inability to actually listen to the people they're supposed to represent! Oh and water charges. Dec 10th all roads lead to the dáil!

Anne O Connor from Facebook

Combination of still water ( unconvinced by the supposed protection against privatisation ) and general feeling of betrayal with the government. Not an inch.

Will Tilley from Facebook

It's a combination of both... public revolt against austerity coupled with the pure incompetence on the part of Irish Water for actually running an efficient "company". I wont be paying anyway, that's for sure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the European Parliament, within this dynamic of unity and particularity, yours is the responsibility of keeping democracy alive for the peoples of Europe.  It is no secret that a conception of unity seen as uniformity strikes at the vitality of the democratic system, weakening the rich, fruitful and constructive interplay of organizations and political parties.  This leads to the risk of living in a world of ideas, of mere words, of images, of sophistry… and to end up confusing the reality of democracy with a new political nominalism.  Keeping democracy alive in Europe requires avoiding the many globalizing tendencies to dilute reality: namely, angelic forms of purity, dictatorships of relativism, brands of a historical fundamentalism, ethical systems lacking kindness, and intellectual discourse bereft of wisdom.
            Keeping democracies alive is a challenge in the present historic moment.  The true strength of our democracies – understood as expressions of the political will of the people – must not be allowed to collapse under the pressure of multinational interests which are not universal, which weaken them and turn them into uniform systems of economic power at the service of unseen empires.  This is one of the challenges which history sets before you today.
            To give Europe hope means more than simply acknowledging the centrality of the human person; it also implies nurturing the gifts of each man and woman.  It means investing in individuals and in those settings in which their talents are shaped and flourish.  The first area surely is that of education, beginning with the family, the fundamental cell and most precious element of any society.  The family, united, fruitful and indissoluble, possesses the elements fundamental for fostering hope in the future.  Without this solid basis, the future ends up being built on sand, with dire social consequences.  Then too, stressing the importance of the family not only helps to give direction and hope to new generations, but also to many of our elderly, who are often forced to live alone and are effectively abandoned because there is no longer the warmth of a family hearth able to accompany and support them. 


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