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I have learned from experiemce, that when approaching the truth, ir is better to start with myself and my own experiences. I have described in previous articles, traumatic experience from home and my life, relevant to this subject. My parents passed on to me their experience, from Ireland's eternal war with itself and the British Government. It has left a bitter, painful, legacy, that I have tried to come to terms with, in a healthy progressive direction. As a result I believe that it is critical that Ireland has a proper, transparent forum of international standing, to come to terms with it's inherited history, going back to the Irish Holocaust, which was historically, Ireland's most traumatic event and has shaped our modern culture considerably, with all it's ills and graces.

The beat way I can try to explain some of this, is with my pet dog, called Tibet, who is of the Shih Tzu breed and was given to me, as a very young pup, as a present. Like the pet dog of my childhood, which was more of a fox than a dog and one of my joyful childhood memories. Spontanaeity and loyalty, being their most notable characteristic. Relying primarily, on their keen sense of smell and hearing, Tibet my present pet is more aware, earnest and loyal than most humans I have known in my lifetime. Teddy my childood pet, was by far my best firend. Tibet who was given to me as a pup too young to have learned much from it's mother, and has rarely been around other dogs, so it constantly amazes me just where he learned, so much of his behaviour and I can only conclude, it is in his DNA. 

Even at very long distances, at the faintes sound of fireworks, Tibet will run for cover immediately and hide until it is long gone. I am convinced it is connected, with ancestral memories of gunfire, while he fears any expanse of water, to the point, that he has broken his dog leash on the beach, many times to get away from the sea. Like myself he is generally a happy dog but he also, still has his issues. 

When I was young, my mother used to tell me stories, about wounded Irish rebels, that her father used to take across the Shannon river from north Tipperary by boat because, being on the run, they could not get medical help there. Some were gruesome tales, particulrly those shot in the stomach. Unlike these stories, the Irish Holocaust, has long been a taboo subject in Ireland along with it's civil war, where the Irish Government and the Roman Catholic clergy, co-operated in it's cover-up, which was part of the airbrushed, school curriculum, that was part of the great lie. 

Despite the official denial, I frequently had very vivid nightmares, of horses and carts coming around the village and taking cartloads of dead bodies away. When I would awake from the nightmares, I would hear voices calling and see vivid shadows of people, darting around in the light of daybreak. Now if you talk like this in Ireland, they will put you away in some intitution or other and throw way the key, but we did talk about it among ourselves as children. Many years later it indeed was a revelation to learn, some of the real history of Ireland, which confirmed indetail, my vid dreams of the past. 

The lingering pain and longing of these memories, would often hauntt me, in the wide open spaces of the west of Ireland, bereft of it's people, lost to Holocaust and subsequent ongoing emmigration. A lot of our music and  what is left of our culture refelects this. While the old Celtic Church stood with the people, unfortunately, like most of our Irish politicians, the Roman Catholic Church, took the Queen's shilling, to kee the people ignorant, as do our historians of academia, still do today. Indeed it has now permeated, to most of the leadership of resistance, who control the minds of the brave, with a combintio of censorship and a revisionist, non-factual, narrative, caredully controlled to enforce the old order and empower leverage, rather than the voiceless people, of no property.

The reason, all of this is important, is because later on in mu own life, I found myself, caught up in the many contradictory extremes of Irish life. After Bloody Sunday in Derry, where the British army massacred unarmed Civil Rights demonstrators, along with many more around the north, I had a gut reactionary, motivation, to involve myself, which is not a progressive basis, like the dialectic of materialism or the historical lessons of conflict, that would create progress. Having said that, too much analysis, can also be paralysis, so there is probably a balance there somewhere, which only an uncensored dialectic of everyone can deliver.  

Either way, this issue needs to be resolved in an inteligent way, based on facts extablished by the International Criminal Court, from an international, independent, objectibe basis of justice, so we can all move on to a genuine reconciliation and  forgiveness, without exploitative, outside interference or indeed censorious, self serving, manipulate expoitation, which can only exist in such an environment. 

History does repeat itself and until, the lessons are learned. We already have had 800 years of this particular, rithless brand in Ireland. All  people who care about Ireland and humanity are needed, to make this happen, not the same repetitive, control elites, replacing an old set of control eltes, with the tools of censorship and brute force, because frankly, the whole island is in a mess, with all the usual characteristics, of dying civilizations and pillaged indigenous peoples, such as rampant alcoholism, child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, abject poverty, physically, mentally and spiritually, to the point of self destruction and insanity. 

The island is virtually bankrupt in all of these areas  In this environment of emotional incest and island censorship, currently in the grip of corrupt corporate politicians, media, policing, judiciary and material nihilism. It needs help from the free spirits who were forced to leave, along with enlightened, empowerment, from an international of communal solidarity.We simply can't accomplisih all of it on my own. 

We need your help, to carry this message and build a new Ireland of tolerance and equality, on a foundation of truth, justice and forgiveness. We need your, to recruit your friends, to sign the petition below and beat the widespread censorship of the facts of genocide, Holocaust all detailed in the links and videos, below. I offer a sincere thank you, to those who already signed yesterday and I ask you to carry on this good work and try to organize people in this Cause. It is the Cause of the people of no property, who survived, crimes against humanity, it is also the Cause of Ireland. TheTruth can set us Free in an non violent way and we all have a moral responsibilty to engage it, before we would consider engaging in violent conflict, that is destroying so many young llives So, please play your parrt, in whatever small or big way you can?


  • author: Brian Clarke
  • target: International Criminal Court
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Irish Blog requests the International Criminal Court, to immediately initiate an investigation into the Irish Holocaust and the British genocide of six milliom people in Ireland. We believe the the ICC Prosecutor has a reasonable basis to believe, that a crime against humanity, within Irelamd and the Court's juristiction exists and that both war crimes and a genocide has been committed against Irish people. We believe that an investigation, would be consistent, with the principles of International justice. We furnish the following preliminary evidence, as a basis for an immediate investigation.

Irish Blog seeks the support, of all Irish people and political parties, to empower the prosecution of this investigation. We urge all Irish people and political parties, to examine carefully the following preliminary investigation in the link below and mentor the request, that both Irish and British Governments make available, all relevant material, within their juristictions, to help the International Criminal Court arrive at a fair, just, settlement with appropriate restitution to any victim or their next of kin, primarily to prevent a re-occurrence of these crimes against humanity and that all parties recognize, the gravity and consequence of genocide and holocaust. Irish Blog also requests, a ceasefire, by all military and paramilitary forces in Ireland, until this matter, is thoroughly investigated and adjudicated,

you have the power to create change.



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I am Irish (mom and dad)
Michal Mydlarski, Poland
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For my mother's parents. For my brothers and sister in Ireland. For all those brave and courageous men, women and children, who stood their ground. Defended their homes and said proudly who they were, and that their lives mattered. While I cannot be there to stand by your side on this. Know that my soul is there with you. The waters are no barrier between us. For I am there. I am proud and honored to stand by your side. May the wind be always at your back. Godspeed.
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Not only Irish people also in whole so called British empire in past, This empire together with France and Antanta forces when was first world war gave our people and land to Italians. Same happened when end second world war. For me is this genocide. So called big country even now each day doing this around the world and dont forget on crimes who maked in more than 2000 years Vatikan and catholic church.
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It's ABOUT Time! The TERRIBLE and Fully Preventable GENOCIDE against the IRISH people by the British should be fully accounted for and the perpetrators brought to justice! The Irish Holocaust is still deeply entrenched in the minds and hearts of those of Irish ancestry; especially those that reside in the United States where many of our Irish ancestors arrived in Slave boats starving and impoverished. We Will Never Forget!
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