Sunday, 4 January 2015


Adversity, as I have experienced it, with my own kind of the people of no property, can either bring out the worst or best in people, as both the Irish and Jewish Holocausts will testify. The Gombeen rose from the ashes of the Irish Holocaust, that cost 6 million Irish lives and is one the most detested figures in the country, with the exception of informers to the British. Indeed he is often the offspring of the Gombeen. The Gombeen man will always be associated with the Irish Holocaust. While millions died as a result of socially engineered and enforced starvation during British genocide, the gombeen men made millions.They would approach native farmers, at British landlord prompting, offer the farmer the fare for his family, on coffin ships to America, in return for his farm. More often than not, the farmer had no choice. In this way the British got complete control of Ireland.

In this way the informer, became the gombeen who became the money-grabbing middle-man or front man, who profited from the people's starvation and misery for food, by charging an exorbitant rate, for a ticket, on a delapidated coffin ship, in which they often drowned. While usually Irish, he always worked for the British landlords, who became owners of the country. The Gombeen man, educated his offspring in the better schools, sometimes graduating in Trinity College, alongside the British landlord's offspring. This evolved into a class of gombeens, who became involved in Irish politics, business, media and law, while the more physically gifted, often joined the police. The runt of the litter, sometimes joined the army. In this way the Gombeens of the Irish Holocaust, transformed Irish society, from what was traditionally a communal one, into a heartless exploitative one. So treachery, selling out their own people, their nation and national interests, became a way of life for many in Ireland, while becoming a considerable ciltural factor. It is ingrained in Irish public life today, in both parts of the island.

This is what the poet Joseph Campbell wrotel

"Behind a web of bottles, bales,

Tobacco, sugar, coffin nails

The gombeen like a spider sits,

Surfeited; and, for all his wits,

As meagre as the tally-board

On which his usuries are scored."

So the Gombeen businessman, who is always seeking a quick profit, from the misfortunate, often with bribery. The Irish word "gaimbĂ­n", meaning monetary interest is it's root word, referring originally, to a money-lender, becoming associated with shopkeepers, then merchants who exploited the starving, during the Irish Holocaust, selling life saving food and essentials on credit, at destructive interest rates, like Irish banksters. The bribed politicans, media, police, revisionist historians, pseudo-revolitionaries and legal profession, administer Ireland with bullying fear today.

When Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, with the help of the British, transformed, what originally was essentially a revolutionary organization, into a politcial reformist one, after the deaths of the 10 hunger strikers, their politcial entity, became inundated with gombeen men. I personally witnessed it, first hand. It became infested with these gombeen imbeciles, who would sell their own children. When they abandoned their own people of no property, they left behind a paramiltary infrastucture, as enforcers of their writ, who claim to be authentic Irish republicans but who, more often than not, are either drug dealers or muck merchants, scribbling with the blood of other people's wounds. They have suceeded in keeping Ireland pacified, with only one major operation, that made international headlines, since the Belfast Agreement was signed. It involved the execution of two British soldiers and one British paramilitary policeman.

Not much to show, after twenty years of revolution? but I will tell you what it has delivered, British Gaols, full of Irish political prosoners, who were idealistic enough, to go out and fight for their liberty and country, only to be sold out once again by the gomebeen warlords, with the key to their freedom thrown away and sold out, once again. It's enough to drive decent people, to insanity or drink, but I will not use this excuse, for my own past misdeeds, of drunkeness, talking shite in the DT's, after being arrested, after a robbery of the rich, thieving, lying, e.t.c., but I'll tell you one thing, I never robbed a poor man yet or uttered a word, that put a comrade down. I defy any of you to contradict me to my face, in a transparent manner. With the advent of the internet, transparency and the angry tide of the risen people in Ireland, your gombeen days are numbered sell outs, and it will take more than your censorshit, bullying, disinformation or bullets to stop us, motherphukers. Now you can stick your Pensive Quill, up your anally retentive, censorshit arse.

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