Thursday, 8 January 2015


As a crude journal, Irish Blog can only conclude, that the attack on the Free Press in Paris yesterday, is further cofirmation once again, of the defeat of the Balaclava, by Kitsonian counter gangs. We need to look no further, than those who benefit the most, from this military attack on the Free Press, for it's origin. The first achievement of the French Republic in it's Revolution, was the Liberty of Free Speech from Censorship. If we are to defeat the censorious Fascists and Zealots, we must engage them, in the dialectic of free speech, which must be accorded them also, in order to engage them, despite the hatred in their content and language.

We must demonstrate to their would be recruits, that any idea, that relies on censorship or violence to sustain it, cannot itself be a good idea, that can live in the domain of either personal or communal freedom. This will require both patience and tolerance.We must ourselves come out, from behind our various masks and demonstrate, that the Truth will Set Us All Free.We must campaign and petition our injustice, before the International Criminal Court, to adjudicate and compensate, to enable the justice, that will facilitate forgivemess and reconciliation.

The PLO have just made and application to join the ICC, while others who portray themselves as warriors of  International Freedom, such as the UK & US are notable in their absenece. I am calling on the ICC, to bring Britain before the court, in the same way that Germany, was brought before the International Military Tribunal, for war crimes committed in the Jewish Holocaust. I hold the British Government, reponsible for even greater crimes, with even more victims, in the Irish Holocaust. I am also calling on militant resistance groups in Ireland, to do the same and help campaign, with all other commiited political parties, to do the same, without delay.

I want you, dear reader, whatever your current nationality, to take personal responsibility for this petition and campaign. I want you my fellow Irish to pit your heart and soul into this effort, to reclaim your birthright and full restitution for the harm done. If the Jewish people got 100 billion, then Ireland is entitled to 200 billion, with greater numbers and inflation. We can then sit down as equals, with the British Government, and intelligenttly work out a proper settlement, of issues affecting our islands, in a Spirit of Forgiveness and Co-operation.


Blowback In Paris
Armed Terrorists Kill 12 People

By Tony Cartalucci 

January 07, 2015 "
ICH" - "Land Destroyer"-   France, as part of a NATO-led coalition, has been arming, funding, aiding, and otherwise perpetuating Al Qaeda terrorists for years, beginning, on record in Libya with the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and continuing until today with NATO's arming, harboring, and backing of Al Qaeda terrorists including the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS) within and along Syria's borders.

With the recent attack in Paris likely the work of the very terrorists France has been arming and backing across North Africa and the Middle East, the French government itself stands responsible, guilty of the continued material support of a terrorist organization that has now killed French citizens, including two police officers, not only on French soil, but within the French capital itself.

In the New York Times article, "Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo Newspaper in Paris Kills 12," it was reported that:

Masked gunmen with automatic weapons opened fire in the offices of a French satirical newspaper on Wednesday in Paris, the police said, killing 12 people and then escaping in a car. 
President François Hollande said the attack on the weekly, Charlie Hebdo, was “without a doubt” an act of terrorism and raised the nationwide terror alert to its highest status. He said that several terrorist attacks had been thwarted in recent weeks.
However, despite Hollande's feigned concern and outrage over the attack, it was the French government who had advocated and presided over the arming of terrorist groups across the Arab World in the West's bid to overthrow nation after nation and reorder the entire region according to their own geopolitical and economic interests starting with the "Arab Spring" in 2011.

The Washington Post would report in 2011 in an article titled, "France sent arms to Libyan rebels," that:

Image: British-French leaders tour decimated Libya in wake of  2011 NATO
intervention on behalf of "rebels" composed primarily of Al Qaeda terrorists. 
French officials announced Wednesday that they had armed rebels in Libya, marking the first time a NATO country has said it was providing direct military aid to opponents of the government in a conflict that has lasted longer than many policymakers expected.
While Hollande's predecessor, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy would be the one to set foot in decimated Libya in the wake of NATO's intervention there - which included in addition to French arms sent to terrorists, French planes providing these terrorists air cover as they carried out atrocities and genocide - Hollande would continue policies enacted under Sarkozy, both in Libya, and currently in Syria.

Attack Was Carried Out By Professional "Gladio-Style" Operators 

Video that has emerged from the recent attack in Paris shows heavily armed militants expertly handling their military-grade weapons with precision and discipline - clearly the recipients of military training. Whichever flavor of "Al Qaeda" they hail from, they are a product of the global network of terrorism the West has purposefully created and perpetuates to this day in order to carry out a war of terror upon their own citizenry, as well as proxy wars against their enemies overseas.

French complicity in arming militants in Syria especially, has long been a point of contention and fear among critics who have for years warned about "blowback." However, it is unlikely that France, or its partners amongst this vast network of state sponsored global terror, did not anticipate such "blowback," and were somehow unable to prevent such attacks if desired. In other words, what the attacks in Paris appears to be, is another of NATO's "Operation Gladio" style attacks on the European people in an insidious bid to manipulate public perception as well as the regional political landscape.

Funded by the US, trained in Britain and maintained as paramilitary extremist groups throughout Europe during the Cold War, NATO's so-called "stay behind networks" were supposedly created to activate in the wake of a full-scale Soviet invasion of Western Europe. Instead, they were used to stage false-flag attacks, killing and maiming hundreds of Europeans with their atrocities blamed on the Soviet Union and their European sympathizers. The attacks and assassinations were used by NATO to manipulate public perception and reverse gains by political groups operating beyond NATO's control.
Image: French President Hollande in Saudi Arabia - among the most prolific
state-sponsors of global terrorism on Earth and an irreplaceable partner in
NATO's bid to reorder the Arab World.  
Likewise, Al Qaeda and its various franchises including its most recent and notorious, ISIS, is being used simultaneously as a domestic menace and a foreign expeditionary mercenary force.

Indeed, out of one side of President Hollande's mouth he would condemn the attacks in Paris, and out of the other, continue calling for the arming and backing of the very networks this attack originated from in order to continue the campaign of violence and terror in Syria.

Regardless of whatever investigation yields whatever conclusion, the fact that NATO has engineered such attacks in the past against the very people it claims to exist to protect, makes NATO and the various political leaders at the head of its respective member states prime suspects - both incapable of conducting an impartial investigation of the recent attack, and incapable of preventing another attack, likely engineered not from enemies beyond Europe's borders, but exceptionally dangerous enemies within them. 
Land (CC) 2009-2014

Charlie Hebdo - The Chickens Come Home To Roost

By Moon Of Alabama
January 07, 2015 "ICH" - "Moon Of Alabama"- Twelve people, including two police, were killed in France when unknown gunmen attacked the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo today.
Some forty people were killed in Saana, Yemen, today in a bomb attack on people who were hoping to enlist with the police. These forty people and the many more wounded in the attack will get much less headlines than those killed in France.
Videos (12) from the attack in Paris show the attackers in black clothing and behaving as if they had at least some military training. They were armed with automatic weapons and, according to the police, with a rocket launcher. At least two attackers are still on the run. We do not yet know the motive of the attackers, but I consider the following more likely than a false flag attack.
In 2011 the magazine Charlie Hebdo was one of those that printed the Mohammed caricatures, a crude and insulting attempt to smear the prophet and all Muslim as terrorists. In 2012 the magazine continued the campaign depicting the prophet Mohammed as naked, attention seeking gnome.
Unlike U.S. "liberals" most of the world does not consider free speech as an absolute right. Indeed like screaming "fire" in a filled theater, insulting the believe of other people is likely to get you hurt in most parts of the world. To claim such insults should not matter is itself an insult in that it declares one culture, that of absolute free speech rights, to be superior to other values. It is indecent.
That the Charlie Hebdo satire was indecent and insulting does not justify the murderous attack, but explains the probable motivation of the attackers. It is deeply wrong to kill people for their speech. But it is also wrong to insult others for no good reasons, be it profit or "free speech" worship.
The attackers in Paris are believed to be militants who pretend to be true Muslims fighting for their believes. The state of France under its presidents Sarkozy and Hollande has empowered and supported such pretenders in their attacks on the people and governments of Libya and Syria. In Syria Jihadi fighters of the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra are using U.S. supplied anti-tank missiles. A German air defense regiment is defending their areas of retreat in Turkey against Syrian government attacks. While it supports Jihadis in Syria France is now deploying an air craft carrier to the Persian Gulf to attack the Islamic State in Iraq. The last  point could also be the actual motive of today's attack.
The fundamentalists were cheered on by "western" politicians when they attacked civilians in Tripoli and Aleppo. When they attack in countries which cater to "western interests" or within "western" countries these attacks are seen as hostile and used to justify another lurch to the extreme right, to war and towards more totalitarian states.
Unless they push for saner, less aggressive policies the average people in the middle, no matter their believes, are the ones losing in this war.
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Comments (107)

Guest's avatar
Guest· 8 hours ago
If your belief is not strong enough to withstand a little ridicule, then it is not worth much. The size of the reaction is the measurement of one's uncertainty. As in the phrase from Shakespeare..."And why so great a no?" Making fun of one's imaginary playmate should not warrant much more than a frown. These bitter savages deserve no more respect than afforded your usual rabid dogs. Learning the truth about primitive brains can have sad consequences. Remember what Hannah Arendt said about the 'banality of evil.' Most evil springs from ignorance and stupidity. Tragic or not. All honor to the staff of Charlie. Je suis Charlie aussi. Telebob
1 reply · active 7 hours ago
wiggins's avatar
wiggins· 8 hours ago
Mon Dieu... Dieudonné M'bala M'bala's had better start making his peace with whoever his god is.
1 reply · active 2 hours ago
fbjle's avatar
fbjle· 7 hours ago
Love those hasbara trolls here at ich, trying to deflect and blame something else.Where not all that brainwahed.It's a conspiracy, yes people are conspiring to do evil it's just not who they want you to believe it is.
Jigsaw's avatar
Jigsaw· 7 hours ago
In France you cannot criticise zionism and the Jewish lobby (they class that as 'racism') but you can go ahead and throw whatever abuse on Islam you want, (they call that 'free speech'). 
RubyRenae's avatar
RubyRenae· 7 hours ago
Yes, it is a false flag--but the reasoning behind it is not exactly as these articles would have it, IMO. True, France has been supplying, funding, arming, and blowing up Syria and Iraq for to "weaken" the very entities they are guilty of perpetuating. However, it isn't "blowback", for that very reason. What's happening is that the Pentagon and the State Department is moving decisively to break up Syria and Iraq, to deprive Russia and Iran of key allies. Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon is speculated to have massive gas reserves, and the desperate French have completely thrown their lot in with McCain and his merry band of psychotics (who coincidentally along with high-ranking French politicians, violated Syria's territory in the same manner as the ol' demented sociopath did in Libya and Ukraine). Thus Hollande can openly support the partition of Syria, with French energy firms benefitting from the gas reserves owned by the Pentagon.
1 reply · active 6 hours ago
To paraphrase the philosopher Isiah Berlin, "One has the right to move ones fist in the direction of my nose. But that freedom ends at the point at which the fist in question makes contact with it."

In other words, freedom of unconditional expression is negated by the limits democracy places upon it.

Did Charlie Hebdo cross the line? Yes, I think they did.

I agree with Craig Murray's take on this issue:

"Let us assume the official narrative is true and the killings were by Muslims outraged at the magazine’s depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.

It is essential to free speech that it includes the freedom to offend. That must include the freedom to offend religious belief. Without such freedoms, the values of societies would freeze. Much social progress has caused real anguish and offence to some people. To have stopped Charlie Hebdo by law would have been wrong. To stop them by bullets is beyond any mitigation.

But that doesn’t make the unfortunate deceased heroes, and President Hollande was wrong to characterise them as such. Being murdered does not make you a hero. And being offensive is not necessarily noble. People who are persistently and vociferously offensive are often neither noble nor well-motivated.

Much of Charlie Hebdo‘s taunting of Muslims was really unpleasant. That they also had Christian and other targets did not make this any better. It is not Private Eye – it is a magazine with a much nastier edge. I defend the right of Charlie Hebdo to publish whatever it wants. But once the shock dies off, I do hope a more realistic assessment of whether Charlie Hebdo was entirely admirable or not may be possible. This in no way excuses the dreadful murders."
BRF's avatar
BRF· 6 hours ago
I dared use Victoria Nuland's epithet on E.U interference in the Empire's plans and so my comment was deleted. Hollande just a couple of days ago publicly spoke saying the sanctions against Russia should be ended if a peace plan could be implemented in the Ukraine. Those that suggest such policy changes of immense proportions against the Empire's implicit wishes always suffer almost immediate consequences for speaking out and this is what has happened in France. Hollande knows it as does Brennan and others of his ilk. This was also the probale cause of the two birds one stone MH17 mass murders. Blame for Russia and a clear demonstration of power as a clear warning to grumblings within the ranks of some European politicians.
Hammurabi's avatar
Hammurabi· 5 hours ago
The timing needs to be considered and what is going on in France.
The French have been trying to work things out with Putin- A very unAmerican Move. With this incident, the French populations will be dieing to stay under American protection. Their president will not dare to challenge that.
guest01's avatar
guest01· 5 hours ago
According to earlier reports, French authorities identified the attackers as "Yemen-based terrorist group".

This is the recent report with pictures:

One of 3 Paris gunman surrenders after attack on Charlie Hebdo
tael's avatar
tael· 1 hour ago
True, violence is oh so wrong. The Dutch Theo van Gogh was killed in the same construction. He called muslims 'goat f#ckers' on a daily basis. Your 'gut' has understanding for the effect this may have on someone who- in the same society where this is tolerated- feels treated as second hand only good for a cleaning job.
It's always infiltrated patsies who commit such actions and in the French case it plays in the hands of Sarlusconi in his comeback.
davinciclaude's avatar
davinciclaude· 9 minutes ago
France will do everything that the Gulf states want/demand
All they are interested in is selling products from their war industry.
Her involvement in Libya and her fanning the flames of war against Assad and Iran are explicitly with this one purpose in mind, they act as mercenaries for the Gulf states as barter for selling them weapons.
The murders at Charlie Hebdo are for the weapons industry collateral damage, the other-side of the coin is its good for business,
It makes the French people think that they are the good guys against the 'barbarians
while in reality they are the guilty ones that have facilitated the extremist groups together with their customers the Wahhabi Gulf states.'

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