Tuesday, 5 November 2013


On the 9th of July 2012, Judge Treacy ordered Martin Corey’s immediate release from political internment without trial, stating his human rights had been violated in British Occupied Ireland. This was overruled by the unelected English Viceroyal who ]ordered the internment of the Irishman, against whom there is no evidence of wrongdoing, that could possibly lead to charges in a court of law.
Their excuse is that there is secret evidence, that neither the defense nor the general public have a right to access. This evidence has been provided by the British secret service MI5,  who have been involved in gun running, the murder of Lawyer, Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson along with the torture of political prisoners, in other jurisdictions.
The message is plain and simple in the context of a so called Peace Process. there is no rule of law, it is overruled by an  unelected British Viceroyal. There is no right to a fair trial in the instance of Martin Corey. There is no due process, in fact there is no process at all, the British Viceroyal overrules any process, setting aside basic standards of universal justice. 
The Irish Peace Process simply does not have process, as in the many other instances, of the political internment of other Irish political activists, who are interned, as result of campaigning for human rights or the removal of the colonial British from Ireland. The British by removing due process, have calculatedly, set about dismantling the peace in Ireland once again. Political internment without trial, has always been regarded, since its introduction in every generation of British occupation and repression, as an act of war against the native Irish people. It's very nature, in the absence of due process, defies the term Peace Process and its obvious  injustice defies the term peace.
Political Internment without Trial is an instrument of war by the British Scum State on Human Rights.
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