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Lethal Allies

Farmers, shopkeepers, publicans and businessmen were slaughtered in a bloody decade of bombings and shootings in the counties of Tyrone and Armagh in the 1970s. Four families each lost three relatives; in other cases, children were left orphaned after both parents were murdered. For years there were claims that loyalists were helped and guided by members of the RUC and Ulster Defence Regiment. But, until now, there was no proof.

Drawing on 15 years of research, and using forensic and ballistic information never before published, this book includes official documents showing that the highest in the land knew of the collusion and names those whose fingers were on the trigger and who detonated the bombs. It draws on previously unpublished reports written by the PSNI's own Historical Enquiries Team. It also includes heartbreaking interviews with the bereaved families whose lives were shattered by this cold and calculated campaign.

About the Author

Anne Cadwallader is an experienced journalist, originally from London. She has worked for the BBC, RTÉ, The Irish Press, Independent Network News and Reuters, spending a large part of her time reporting from Northern Ireland. She is the author of 'Holy Cross – The Untold Story' (Brehon Press, 2004). In 2009 she gave up journalism to work for The Pat Finucane Centre for Human Rights in Armagh as an investigator and case worker.
5.0 out of 5 stars Incontrovertible evidence of British State Murder 25 Oct 2013
Even though I am well aware of the history of collusion, reading this book forced me to draw breath and recall just how subversive, murderous and immoral was the British state and its cheer leaders in unionism and its apologists in the media. Anne Cadwallader is a good writer, forensic in her approach. Like her last book, Holy Cross, she cuts through the propaganda, the excuses, the pretexts, and lays bare the incontrovertible evidence of the British state's involvement in murdering and in condoning the murders of its own citizens.

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Was a bit sceptical at first that there would be anything that was'nt already known as most people no there was state collusion that went to the top of government but maybe some day we might get the whole story not only in the border counties but in all the occupied counties as it was widespread through the north in general as the RUC towards the end of the conflict were FORCED to visit thousands of households across the north to inform republicans and nationalists that there personal details from security files had ended up in the hands of loyalists paramilitaries.but this book is by far the most detailed so far into state collusion
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5.0 out of 5 stars Planned callous murder by British Government 29 Oct 2013
I have read this book from cover to cover, and it has left me severely traumatised. 120 innocent people MURDERED by serving members of the RUC, those gallant holders of the military George Cross. Also assisting and perpetrating the murder of the innocents, the infamous UDR (ulster defence regiment) the regiment held in high regard by the right honourable Jeffrey Donaldson MP. The British government knew the UDR had been heavily infiltrated by loyalist paramilitaries, and done nothing about it. They did in fact use it to their advantage supplying intelligence and weapons to have people murdered at their direction and discretion. This book is a compelling read. The book and author does state that not ALL UDR/RUC were complicate, but certainly to many were involved to deem it"a few bad apples" The orchard is contaminated.
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