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The blasphemous Orange Order ceremony, for all Orange Order initiates in British Occupied Ireland is described by a former Orange man as follows: "In the many initiations I observed as a senior Orangeman or in those that I actually took part in, I saw a lot of variations of this kind of fraternity. The common thing in the many disturbing Orange Order practices, was this business about every Orangeman in his initiation ceremony, riding the goat, which essentially involved placing his member in a Goat's anus, after it was suitably sanitized with cunnilingu,s by some traditional practices of orange maidens, discreetly off the the order's premises of course, for sanitary reasons, although on one occasion, when I raised the matter of safety, my concerns were at one stage aroused, by a fellow from Banbridge, who simply winked at me and said they'd only lost a couple of candidates in the last few years through death by violence, when the goats kicked some young women to death when excited, but he reassured me, by telling me I shouldn't worry and the Grand master sorted it out with the local authorities, including the RUC/PSNI paramilitary police, who were all secret brethern. It was he said just accidents, simply all done in the manner of a good-natured teasing."

It is interesting when one recalls Albert Pike's teaching about the he-goat of the witches' sabbat, and the way witches in the Middle Ages demonstrated their allegiance to Satan. They had to consent to sexual intercourse with 'the goat, often a high priest, disguised or rigged up with a goat's head, but often with a real demonic form, which looked goat-like. Or they performed the so-called osculum infamum (obscene kiss) which involved fellatio and kissing the goat's backside to show their fealty to Satan" (Beyond The Light p. 87). This is still a critical part of the initiation ceremonies of the Orange Order, which accounts for a very  high rate ofvenereal disease ,among the Loyalist community. Coupled with their fascism, it has created some bad press for the Orange Order, who are described in the modern Urban Dictionary as follows. It is also believed that Martin McGuinness has recently joined the Orange Order, as a cross community exercise and perhaps other reasons. Some argue that the Orange Order is a healthy outlet for latent bestial desires of the Loyalist community, who are sponsored by the British Government to rule Occupied Ireland with some token representatives of the natives.


inbred bigoted fat bowler hat wearing protestant bastards who beat their wives and childern. these cunts claim to be 'holy' and 'pious' when trutly they are no better than the KKK. these inbreds also love to insult and annoy the good catholic people in the occupied six counties of the north of ireland with their annual marching through catholic areas. they cling to a distant memory of the battle of the boyne where the protestant william of orange defeated the good catholic king james in 1690. grow up lads its 2006.

the orangeman hate catholics and are very similar to the KKK.

by boo hoo October 05, 2006

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see del monte

olsterrr saiis nooo!. I'm an orangemannn.

by John Ronane January 28, 2004

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inbred, protestant Ulsterman slightly to the right of the Ku Klux Klan with a propensity for the behinds of pimply faced schoolboys

"don't insult the bloody homos, he's a fuckin' orangeman"

by Ian Paisley Adams April 28, 2003

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a member of a secret women beating catholic killing society founded in the north of ireland to celebrate the battle of the boyne in 1690. all members are protestants and think they have the right to march where ever they want. celebration day is the 12th of july. they also dont watch tv, or go to the cinema and profess not to drink. the wife of an orangeman can be recognised by having a bruised face or a black eye and no teeth. also similar to the free masons the KKK and have strong links with terrorists and right wing racist organizations

mother fucking stinkin dirty orangeman bastards, i see they murdered another catholic child last night. i wish all them orange bastards would fuck off back to britain where they belong

by da origanal playa May 17, 2006

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Stupid Northern Irish protestants who can't spell the word families but insist on spelling it familys.

Orangemen remember the battle of the boyne, fought in 1690. They have marched on the 12th of July for many hundreds of years commemorating the victory of William of Orange, a protestant Dutch prince, over the catholic, Scottish King James.

The only time in recent memory they did not march was during the two World Wars. The reason for this was because they didn't want the Brits to see that they were all hiding in their houses and to afraid to go to war and fight for their country. Unlike the catholics who signed up in large numbers to fight the Germans.

See that usless pile of shite shaking in his boots, that's a typical orangeman.

by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010

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Dickhead who likes a dander with umbrella in hand, rain or shine. Doesn't believe in Evolution and ironically his existence poses a problem for the theory.

Speaks Ulstur-Skatch, or at least likes to think he does.

Got his arse felt at the Somme, and sat the next round out in the shipyards, not even marching in case someone noticed him and sent him to France.

He's permanently raging, and hates everyone who isn't of his ilk. In short, a fucknut.

No point trying to talk sense into him, he's an orangeman

by P O'Neil April 05, 2010

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Orange Man

A prejudiced person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his own.

A member of a sectarian and racist hate organisation known as the Orange Order, akin to the Klu Klux Klan.

A cunt.

An Orange Man was recently seen eating pies, being fat and acting the cunt. So nothing new then.

by DanDuff July 20, 2006

There is no greater proof of the corrupt nature of the Orange Order than the demeaning farce of its     initiation ceremony and the fact that many of their wives have attested to contracting AIDS as result of their husbands keeping it secret. Wives of Loyalists are strongly advised to insist their husband wear a condom or abstain entirely, because this is a matter of the utmost secrecy which husbands will not divulge. How anyone can interpret their ceremony, as anything other than an organised disgrace defies belief. One wonders how any Christian of any sort, could defend such an irreligious, barbaric sham and explain how it promotes holy, Christian living or respect for one's fellow man.It is worse than the threesomes conducted bt Mrs Robinson in East Belfast and clearly anti Christian. The Bible solemnly states: "be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the LORD" (Isaiah 52:11).

Describing the practices of the Orange Order one Grandmaster of the Grand Orange of Scotland asserted: "Viewed in relation to religion not only are they useless but profane and degrading, and the British Royla Family ought to restrain their own men who practice with them from laughing at the buffoonery of their Orange brethern in Occupied Ireland."

Another member in Belfast recently attested in private, under pain of death, that on April 27th that he was being initiated into an Orange Lodge, when he was blindfolded and tossed so violently in a net, that his spine was broken at the neck. He also gave evidence of how another, while being initiated at a local Orange hall in Belfast, was also blindfolded, and while in the act of mounting a table, he fell backwards and was killed, which was covered up by all officials in the area, who were all orangemen and covered for each other.

Such violence within the Orange Order had them previously banned as an illegal organization but the British Government lifted the ban, so that they could prevent a United Ireland with their tactic of divide and conquer with British mentored sectarian killing and fear mongering in British Occupied Ireland. Clearly it is time they were made illegal in the same way as the KKK in the USA but the British Monarchy and Queen provide them with protection so people will have to organize themselves to Disband the evil Orange Order once and for all otherwise these barbaric practice will continue for several more centuries.

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