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The Irish Blog itself will not print such Blasphemy. It is simply time, to ban the Orange Order, they are a Fascist sectarian organization, that would be declared illegal n any civilized country.Whether a Catholic Church or a Mosque, this should not be allowed. Down with this sort of thing. This is what the loyalist Belfast Telegraph have shown.

Fury at pop video 'sex on the altar' in Belfast catholic church

Good Shepherd parishioners shell-shocked by X-rated DJ Wilkinson clip filmed on altar of chapel

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Sunday Life news exclusive - Wilkinson - Half LightGood Shepherd church
DJ Wilkinson's Half Light video - filmed at Good Shepherd Church on Belfast's Ormeau Road

Furious parishioners have spoken of their horror after discovering a raunchy music video was filmed in their Belfast church.

The video for London DJ Wilkinson's song Half Light depicts a young couple – played by Irish actors Joanna Nixon and Diarmuid Noyes – simulating a sex scene on the altar of Good Shepherd Catholic Church on south Belfast's Ormeau Road.
Most parishioners the Belfast Telegraph spoke to after Mass yesterday were shell-shocked.
Claire McKnight (19) said it was a "disgrace" and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.
"It's terrible... I don't even know what to say, I'm so shocked. To do that on the altar is horrific," she added.
A fellow parishioner said: "Well, hopefully the Church has learnt its lesson and won't allow things like this to happen again."
Peter Scullion jnr, who was on his way into the chapel for a family Christening, described the behaviour as "disgusting".
"This is a chapel, a house of God. Music videos shouldn't be allowed to be filmed in it, especially not filth like that," he said.
"Some might argue it is art – but at whose expense? It shows a complete lack of respect."
However, another man in the Christening party added: "I'm not particularly religious. It doesn't really shock or bother me. Worse things have gone on in the Church."

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The video shows the pair – portraying a Catholic and a Protestant – meeting on a night out in a club and enjoying a drink and drug-fuelled evening together.
The pair take in some of the sights of Belfast while drink-driving and having a hedonistic dance-off atop a mountain.
The man then carries the girl over his shoulder into the chapel where he proceeds to quench his thirst by drinking from the holy water font before blessing himself.
The pair then jump and slide across the pews before stripping off and having 'sex' on the altar. Local director Aoife McArdle was given permission to film in the church, but local priests Father Patrick McKenna and Father Robert Fullerton were horrified when they viewed the video's content and successfully got the illicit scenes removed.
Celebrating Mass on Sunday, Fr Fullerton waited until the end of the service to mention the incident and read out a section of a statement put out by the Down and Connor diocese.
The priests have both declined to comment further on the incident, but a Press officer for the diocese said the video had caused "most grievous distress" to it.
The statement from the Church said: "The behaviour in the video was a desecration of the church and caused most grievous distress to the parish priest."
Down and Connor diocese added: "If viewed by the parishioners, it would cause severe hurt and distress to the wider parish community.
"For these reasons, to protect the church and its parishioners, the Diocese of Down and Connor immediately brought these concerns to the attention of the distributors and creators of the material."
The diocese said it had not granted permission for a scene of that nature to be filmed in the place of worship.
"No permission was either sought or granted to film the interior of the parish church within the context of any conduct or activities that were not relating to prayer or homage and in accordance with the sanctity of the church," it said.
Neither the video director Ms McArdle nor Mark Wilkinson responded to attempts by the Belfast Telegraph to contact them yesterday.
Mark Wilkinson, aka Wilkinson, is a London-based drum and bass music producer and DJ.
His single Half Light reached number 25 in the UK Charts after its June 1 release. He is perhaps best known for his single Afterglow, which reached number 8 in 2013. The DJ has also produced music for top names such as Wretch 32 and Katy B. It is unclear why the video was shot in Northern Ireland, but the gritty street scenes are reminiscent of pop star Rihanna's We Found Love music video which was mostly filmed in the New Lodge area of Belfast. That video also created controversy.

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Instead of violating the sacred places of other people, maybe you should just stay at home and read about the famous atheists of the 20th century --- Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc and it will show you where society goes when it lives as if there is no God.

"The Catholic church allows child rape and they're shocked and disgusted by this?"
No, the Church has always said that such sin is deserving of eternal damnation. What about that do you not understand? Or not want to understand? 

Did they get a grant from Arlene's department like Game of Thrones.....it seems the more debase you get sexually the better it is for you here, and the more support you'll get with incentives and freebies. Who knows they could be in for a Tourism Award next year like HBO!!... as ambassadors for Northern Ireland  :-) 


I thought the Bible said Jesus was the son of God not that Jesus WAS God.  The whole Triumvirate things was stolen from another Religion anyway. 
I also know that our modern Bible has little resemblance to what was originally written, it has been edited so many times.  Did the Church not cut lumps out which confused the message they were trying to put across during the first millennia, you know like the bit where Saul/Paul gets a female disciple who goes around preaching with him, and she is then sent to Rome as an emissary.
Then of course various monarchs, most notably James, had changes made during translation one of the best being "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" when the word for witch can actually mean murder/ess.

Oh and when the church owns the establishments which corroborate their evidence it leads to all sorts of conflict of interests which in any other business would not be allowed.  And yes religion is a multi billion pound business.

I have no problem with what a person believes (their Faith) but Religions are designed to control how people think and to me that is wrong.

The Telly is participating in the blasphemy with its blatant prominent publication of the most offensive element. And to think that they would not reproduce the Muslim cartoons.

Aside from the insult to the Catholic church, the music is vacuous sh*te but no one seems to bother about that!

Love, the greatest offence of all to the catholic church.

People offended at any expression of love need to get a grip.

Offence in the catholic church for me is seeing a convicted murderer, fraudster, fuel launderer, terrorist attending mass in their Sunday best as if butter wouldn't melt. No that is offensive,

I have mixed feelings about this, firstly I think that the people responsible for the church should have been in attendance during the filming to ensure that nothing untoward happened.

Secondly the people making the video are bang out of order for doing this, I do not follow any religion but I still respect the sanctity of Holy places.

@antieverything I agree, like you I don't follow any religion but respect Holy Places.
I am very sorry for the parishoners but feel the Clergy have a lot to answer.
How much did the church receive for this and  why did the clergy not get full script?
The Bishop, in my opinion, should conduct a full enquiry into.

Fake outrage. Fake offence. Fake moral superiority. Fake disgust.

Everyone's mum and dad had sex, somewhere, you know.

The Catholic church allows child rape and they're shocked and disgusted by this?
Get your priorities right people. The Catholic church has been proved to be a criminal organisation covering up paedophile activity and letting the perpetrators go free. What shocks me is that people are still willing to support this organisation.

Hopefully prosecutions will follow as this was lewd behaviour in a public place (assuming the Tele's description is accurate).

These parishioners should be getting the final wake up call that their church is not what it seems.   This video is no mistake.  Leave the building and go to God.

My goodness, is this stuff still going on? Madonna really started it in 1989 with 'like a prayer', & that was 25 years ago! By the way, shouldn't the 'tele' have provided a link so we can see the video ourselves? :)

At least they were the age of consent, and willing participants, unlike many of the hidden abuse exposed of late in the RC church's less savory side.

@draculastongue That makes about as much sense as someone trashing your house because a small percentage of gays abuse children.

Give draculastongue a chance. He's still trying to figure out a way to blame it on Sinn Fein......That's two comments and he hasn't even mentioned them once.

Yawn....the young trying to be trendy and controversial - as if we haven't all seen it done before! Interesting though no-one from the church seems to have been present during the filming which strikes me as a bit rash and negligent to say the least.

@SodaFarl No-one from the church present? Ha. Do you believe that?

@draculastongue @SodaFarl  If you are not an RC and you despise them so much then why do you take an interest in what they do?Is that the Orange way of being a Christian ,insult as much as one can and then name call.Bear in mind you are only insulting the parishioners with your caustic comments who are not the church per se-so cut it out . 

ok Mr. Wilkinson you have used your artistic license a bit too much for some peoples liking, but I suppose you are entitled to your artistic license.....However.....when can we expect to see the raunchy scenes re-enacted in a Mosque or does your artistic license know CERTAIN boundaries.....or do I get a whiff of hypocrisy from Mr. Wilkinson's Artistic license?

People obsessed with money and fame will do just about anything to get the lifeblood of cheap publicity. Why go out of your way to upset so many people by your antics? Answer, because you can. 

This comment has been deleted

typical fleggers comment. Demands respect but shows nothing but contempt

@martyg Sorry, but I couldn't care less about *flegs*!    Just pointing out the church will do anything for $$$$?  Or did they break in??  Probably complain about this post too?  You really must get out more and stop believing the drivel you are subject to on a Sunday morn!

Your original, now removed post, had nothing to do with church profits. It was to do with the church being offended by the grown men, dressed like something out of a beatles video, playing hate filled songs outside their properties.
I didn't complain about any of your posts, I'd rather they remained on view for everyone to see.
How could you possibly know what I do on a sunday morning?

I gather in your hideous comment on the wine you are relating to the Holy Catholic Church's dogma on transubstantiation. Could you please further the floor your doubts on the subject in order to establish a worthwhile theological debate on the theme.

@ArthurM1 I apologise for bursting your bubble!  Nothing holy about the catholic church, as they themselves have proved over the last 20 years. You are quite entitled to believe in pixies, fairies, leprechauns, etc. As for theological debate, where do you start?

@merkelsmate @ArthurM1 it is not just the RC church who are the pixie believers .The ludicrous fairy tale of a book "the Bible" is followed in different ways by all other hate filled Christians.perhaps you should all reflect on your ignorant ways.

At last, a sensible utterance from the master of sarcasm. Well, the theme I have already related to will do for a start. What are your views on it and can you cite any substantial evidence to bolster your argument? 
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