Amanda Kramer2 months ago

Flight 370 was remotely hijacked. The co-pilot attempted to make a call which briefly connected then cut off (confirmed). Plane was spotted over the madives. Diego Garcia reported that Flight 370 was on it's radar on March 9, reported subsequently pulled a day later. March 10, 2 people came out from Diego Garcia and said the plane had landed there, within hours, that article was quashed. There are people who've taken screen shots of that article. The plane never crashed in the Ocean or else it would have disconnected people's phone's from their social networks they were on. If they are submerged, they disconnect from these sites. Anyone whose ever dropped their phone and submerged it in water will tell you that.

The plane is either at Diego Garcia or it was there (might not be anymore).

There was never a "mass search" going on in the Indian Ocean as the plane was never there. They knew it, and it's too costly to fake something like that. Most of the families you see in the media are mostly paid actors (also confirmed).

Sci traveler Amanda Kramer3 days ago

Of course its not in the Indian ocean, The aliens got it!!!


Yes. It's really hard to find a crashed plane that "didn't crash".

If the plane really crashed into the sea and NO DEBRIS found, THIS WILL DEFY THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF PHYSICS.

Sue Bramley leob2 months ago

The ocean is still a very big place for a plane even if it's a commercial one. The worst fear of course is disintegration in mid air at a high altitude. It's like sprinkling a bit of saw dust into a swimming pool. Yes, things do float but they would drift apart even if they were placed side by side in the water. Imagine someone threw my suitcase into a 'whatever' ocean, it could take 100 years to find it.

Justme Sue Bramley10 days ago

You would think that debris, luggage or anything would be washed up anywhere after 14 weeks.

chris87654 Sue Bramley2 months ago

It didn't disintegrate at high altitude... though it flew on for 6-7 hours after hitting over 40000 feet for 23 minutes.

Smiley69ya leob3 days ago

Soft landing "ditch" just like the landing on the Hudson. The Indian ocean can be a smooth as glass at times. That's why no debris. A possibility perhaps

Real Deal2 months ago

Looking for it on land? That's a novel idea. It's just what everyone except the experts have been suggesting ever since MH370 disappeared. I wonder if they've even looked to see if it's sitting exactly where the Russian Secret Service say it is? Wherever they look next, hopefully it will be without the 'uncontroverted' assistance of Inmarsat!

G Augusto Real Deal2 months ago

Well, if it crashed on the vicinity of the Southern Ganges, we can most certainly be seeing debris in the area where GeoResonance is now claiming they found debris. If you are going to put theories out there; the most-plausible would then be that the plane got shot down by one of the Southeast Asian countries and everyone is engaging in a cover up.

Arlene harris Real Deal4 days ago

Where does the Russian Secret Service say it is?

simon Real Deal3 days ago

I've read that the Russians claim the plane is on the afghan/pakistan border.

Bob4132 months ago

The plane is not in the ocean, there is no search there for it currently. Everything you see on Tv and in the media is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. They aren't going to waste valuable resources and manpower looking for a plane in an area they know isn't there.

It's a sham, that plane is landed somewhere.

Martin351a month ago

Ask yourself this:

Do you really think the authorities are looking for a crashed plane in the ocean they know never crashed?

Nothing but a media circus. The plane is sitting at Diego Garcia, this was confirmed back on March 10th by 2 people from that based and the articles were posted online. Taken down in a few hours but screen shots were taken and can be found.

David Wakefielda month ago

It wasn't aliens or a freaken time travler. It's Lord Rothschild taking the Semi Conductor patent from the FREESCALE company who lost 24 top executives on the flight. The patent was owned by some of the executives who went missing, so the owner becomes Freescale Company (no people own it the company owns it). Freescale is owned by a company called Blackstone, which is in fact, a Rothchild's owned company..... Not that complicated people just follow the money as usual. Oh did I mention the patent is essentially priceless, because it is a tiny stand alone computer, worth billions if not trillions. You can use it for human bionics, war fare applications such as Friend or Foe targeting systems or communication devices, ect ect.

KhawarNehal2 months ago

Who are these "australian authorities" and why are they dismissing the bay of bengal ? What do they know that we don't. Since the governments who cannot be trusted to be transparent and truthful, then we have reason to believe that in the MH370 there is something fishy going on. If we alleged diego garcia, did any government or "authoriity" send any request to the US navy to allow a visit to dismiss the island ? If not then why are any claims being dismissed without any investigation especially if the "authorities" in charge have not been able to find the plane ?

Sue Deaunym2 months ago

All along, I've speculated that the plane landed in Malaysia, maybe at Langkawi, and was involved in some political malfeasance involving the Malaysian government that led them to put out constantly misleading and erroneous information. Probably, they removed the black boxes and had them dumped in the Indian Ocean to distract the international search teams and media.

Sk Sue Deaunym2 months ago

yes,the malaysian goverment did not want you to become the new prime

G Augusto2 months ago

LOL! So, if it is not in the official search zone, we are not going to look at the evidence... Instead of looking for scientific facts, we are going to stick to the evidence that supports our preferred technology until... Well; until people get tired of speculation and go along with the official version of things. Why not? People are still flying in spite all possible uncertainty; mourners will eventually "get over it;" and we can still pretend that our technology is infallible and (for many) that the Earth is the center of the universe. Just send ONE search vehicle to the new region, you idiots! Then you can REALLY talk about discounting that evidence so we can concentrate on your best speculation.

Lyn G Augusto2 months ago

I support your comment! The most irritating part of this whole MH370 coverage is - when any new lead comes up, it is just dismissed as 'false leads' because the experts are going by the calculations of their so called 'INMAR Satellite Data'. Why can't they just go and check out the leads? At least for the sake of the victims' relatives, and the rest of the world, who are patiently waiting to hear the long awaited news on this tragedy.... the mystery that has baffled everybody including experts and scientists. Sometimes, technology can fail us, it is not 100% accurate! In reality, we need to try and work out on all possibilities. Hope this mystery comes to an end, soon.

John G Augustoa month ago

It is not in Australia's capacity to search in another country territorial waters. A search outside of Australian territorial becomes another's responsibility.

Roger Rugotska • 2 months ago

Drop an active ELT in first known ping location. Take into consideration current at ocean bottom. Calculate findings .

Twinkle • 2 months ago

"The 'debris' is not in the search area so it cannot be the debris" - what a load of codswallop. No-one knows where the plane went down (if it did go down) so why not investigate credible leads instead of searching in an area that has to date produced no leads at all?

G Augusto Twinkle2 months ago

That is what I have been saying, Twinkle... Very scientific approach, n'est ce pas? LOL!

William Forbesa month ago

Was wondering. In the search of the pilot's computer, did any evidence even hint at "ground effects flight"? A very low level flight by a large aircraft greatly increases its range and a pilot trained in that technique can offer new options for destinations and or purposes. It also renders a large plane/jet virtually invisible, except for noise and at sea this is not a concern; although a slight seismic signature may be evident.

M • 3 days ago

Did the pilot THIS and did the pilot THAT...just stop fooling the people and the whole world! This is a clear case of a major blunder that the government wants to hide! Unless aliens really exist and they took away the plane into space, there is absolutely NO WAY that the plane CANNOT be found on the face of earth.

rubayah • 5 days ago

It is hard to understand why the Malaysian and Australian governments are convinced that the plane is in the South Indian Ocean . Inmarsat is not sure whether it is North or South Arcs The pings are not from MH370 . SO, what else do they know, to convince them that they are right to keep searching in the South Indian Ocean. Did they see or know who put it there? All other leads by human witnesses ,not machines so many of them, are being totally ignored Why were cargo not fully disclosed, why pilots audio edited? Why were so much evasion of the facts and changing statements?WHY??? Someone knows all the answers but they are not talking . So easy to blame on people who are not there to defend themselves and keep fooling us by searching in the wrong area.

Mylvaganam Mahendrana month ago


Seymour (Sy) Levinea month ago

Also, pilots should not be permitted to shut off power to he critical communication system. These systems can be made electrically and fire safe.

Anita •

Give GeoResonance change to analysis debris. Their founding make more sense that the search @ Indian Ocean where they are seeking at moment.

UnCL33 days ago

Another option...the pilot was going to kamikaze the plane into the US base on Diego Garcia, and it got zapped on the way in. Doesn't the US claim a rather large buffer security zone around Diego?

vered2 days ago

well, Maldive residents did see a Malaysian plane heading south. but where are the passengers? the pilots wouldn't agree to kill the passengers.

ORPHIAS DZVUKE vereda day ago

Why can't the Malaysian Government re-route their searches through Diego Garcia and Maldive to clear the world on unavailability of the fouled plane? The world is purely in utter suspense with regards to this flight's disappearance. Hook off the pilots as suspects and deal with the issue on the ground. We are sick and tired of being told lies and misleads. Stop touring the Indian Ocean and get seriously busy to relieve pressure on relatives, etc, of the missing people aboard the MH370 flight.

Worried Orphias Dzvuke


Dave Ebocha month ago

Japan is saying Israel and George Soros were behind it and Israel planned to steal a kinetic microchip that was just patented for defense contractor Freehold Conductors. Scientist from this company were on board flight MH370. Come to think of it a plane identical to this flight was found in a hanger in Tel Aviv.

Mylvaganam Mahendran2 months ago


Sunil Mylvaganam Mahendran2 months ago

Yes all theories are failed and man must think only Nature is great.

Karthik Sunila month ago

World scientists should immediately stop exploring the universe other than earth.. & all the funds should be enrouted to find MH 370 & the possible cause. A science which is not useful for mankind is a kind of terrorism.

Lyn Karthika month ago

Absolutely right! What is the use of science explorations going beyond our planet, when scientists cannot find what is lost on our planet? ....It is just waste of time, money and energy on something where humans may not even survive naturally elsewhere. The earth needs more exploration... here itself!

Soh Chai Lyn10 days ago

Agreed with Lyn very true...